Best Cat Food for Older Cats

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With recent development in cat food technology, more and more cats are living longer than ever before. But along with all the pride and happiness of a long-lasting human-pet relationship, old cats can demonstrate real worrying health problems. If your cats are not eating properly, you may have to search for the best cat urine remover because they will mess your house up.

So, it is important to buy best cat food for older cats for health’s sake and less cleaning hassle.

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Why Do Your Old Cats Need Their Special Food?

As cats get older, their overall health deteriorates and they encounter a lot of health issues like their human companions do. So, if you wish to have your beloved cat with you until your graduation or maybe forever, a change in diet is a must.

Below are some notable health problems old cats definitely face if not fed the right food.


Diabetes equals serious troubles for your cats. Without proper treatment, this disease can lead to severe weight loss, heavy vomiting, alarming dehydration, depression and ultimately, death. Diabetes has its roots from obesity. And obesity in old cats is caused by appetite problems and the body’s declining ability to balance everything. Food made especially for old cats can help with obesity by reducing the amount of calories and increasing protein.

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kidney Diseases

Kidneys play an extremely important role in cats’ lives. They help create more red blood cells, get rid of waste, control blood pressure and make hormones. For cats, kidneys get worse with the ravages of time. Without proper diet care from the beginning or without early diagnosis, kidney failure will be incurable. No cats deserve to live a life with that many miseries. Food for senior cats contains less phosphorus, which helps prevent kidney problems

Dental Diseases

Teeth problems are among the most common hazards cats of any ages are subject to, especially old cats. Generally, dental issues are caused by plaque build-up. During its lifetime, a cat uses his teeth to chew food a lot. Through the chewing process, bacteria accumulate and attack the whole mouth. Without teeth cleaning at home and a suitable diet, old cats are most likely to have plaque. Special diet for old cats is usually in wet and soft form so that they do not have to chew much.

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How to Choose the Best Cat Food for Older Cats?

Cats’ Ages

Cats at different stages of their life require different nutrition diets. Your cat is old, but how old? Is he 7 years old? Is he more than 10 years old? Or even older?

Health Profile

Different cats are affected by different diseases. Some get their diseases with age. Some are born with health problems. Some have urinary issues. Others have troubles with digestion. As they get older, owners should consider their special health issues when buying food.


Do not make the mistake of thinking that cats are happy to consume everything served to their mouths, especially old cats. Our finicky old friends are struggling with appetite problems which can cause a complete change in their favorite tastes. Owners should let their cats try different flavors to figure out the most suitable ones.

Best Cat Food for Older Cats Reviews

For Cats 11+ Years Old

IAMS Proactive Health Senior Adult Dry Cat Food

The first star in our review is this specially-designed food for senior cats ages 11 and upwards. IAMS is a well-established brand that specializes in cat supplies for all ages.

Real high-quality chicken is the 1st ingredient in this product with absolutely 0% fillers. The food enhances every aspect of aging cats. It has a special formula that focuses on increasing bone and joint strength. L-carnitine ensures that old cats stay in the healthy weight range. As cats age, they tend to have many problems with their hearts. Many essential nutrients found in this product do a wonderful job of maintaining a healthy functioning heart.

Also, the food is in kibble form that is very crunchy. This creates joy for your lifelong furry friends every time they eat and helps prevent plaque from building up. The number of antioxidants in this food is 2 times as many as other normal products for younger cats. This food is also packed with vitamin E. Both Vitamin E and antioxidants help ensure a healthy immune system, which is very crucial since old cats are more subject to diseases.

Another outstanding health benefit is the exclusive fiber blend from IAMS, along with prebiotics and beet pulp, boosts digestion as well as enhancing old cats’ ability to absorb nutrients. When you feed this to your cats, you can rest assured that they are receiving 100% balanced nutrition from one of the best cat food for older cats in the world.



  • thumbs-o-up​ 100% refund
  • thumbs-o-up​ Veterinarians recommend
  • thumbs-o-up​ Double antioxidants for healthy immune system
  • thumbs-o-up​ Exclusive fiber blend for healthy digestion
  • thumbs-o-up​ L-carnitine for weight management
  • thumbs-o-up​ Prevent other old cat problems: heart, bones, joints, teeth
  • times-rectangle​ The amount of food in 1 package is a lot and can get stale if not used up fast.
  • times-rectangle​ Kibble size is small so some cats may gobble up the food but then puke it out.

Hill’s Science Diet Age Defying Adult 11+ Dry Cat Food Bag

This product is brought to you by one of the most trusted pet food brands that have transformed animal lives and animal-human relationship since the mid-20th century – Hill’s Science.

This food is also specially tailored to the needs of cats ages 11 years and older. It offers all the key nutrients to ensure that cats in this senior stage of their lives have a healthy hearts and kidneys. The product also helps your cats to maintain bright eyes.

Many owners of old cats are bothered by the fact that their furry friends are no longer as playful as they used to be. This can cause serious stress for both cats at this stage and their human caretakers. Fortunately, this product has an exclusive blend of multivitamins that help senior cats stay alert, maintain their agility and playfulness.

The 1st ingredient of the product is really delicious chicken in the form of crunchy kibble that will entertain old cats in every meal. Hill’s Science says no completely to artificial preservatives or flavors. In this package, you will only find the most natural ingredients that give your cats a balanced diet to defy their aging.

Customers are pleased with the medium size of kibbles which are not too large but not too small. Those kibbles are great fun for senior cats as they can enjoy a crunchy dish without worrying about harming their teeth. The product is known to help cats with renal failures better than renal-focused food.



  • thumbs-o-up​ 100% refund 
  • thumbs-o-up​Veterinarians recommend
  • thumbs-o-up​ Exclusive multivitamins blend for maintaining energy in old cats
  • thumbs-o-up​ For healthy heart, kidneys, joints, eyes and immune system
  • times-rectangle​ Contain gluten 
  • times-rectangle​ May cause diarrhea for cats unfamiliar with the product.

For Cats 7+ Years Old

Purina Pro Plan Wet Cat Food

Most cat keepers are loyal fans of at least one product from Purina. From indoor cat food to treats and multiple other cat supplies, Purina has the best offers on the market.

If your cats are getting older, they are definitely struggling with weight issues because old cats tend to be less active. This special formula is not only for cats ages 7 years and older but also excellent for weight management. The secret is an optimal protein level that helps cats lose their fats rather than muscles.

Real turkey as 1st ingredient complemented with rice gives cats the best nutrients and tastes as well. Customers are happy that this product does not contain any chicken by-product, to which many cats are allergic. Verified buyers have also reported successful weight loss to normal size in a short space of 2 months. If your cats suffer from urinary crystals, this product can make a nice choice. A lot of positive feedback is about how easy to digest this food is to their picky cats with weight problems. It is hard to find wet food for weight management at a reasonable cost like this one.



  • thumbs-o-up​ 100% refund 
  • thumbs-o-up​ Enhance overall health with a focus on weight management 
  • thumbs-o-up​ Reasonable cost 
  • thumbs-o-up​ No chicken by-product, artificial chemicals 
  • times-rectangle​ Food may dry up fast.
  • times-rectangle​ Poor packaging has been reported.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Minced Cat Food

This is one of Hill’s Science best wet food for cats of 7 years old or older. Cats at this age are prone to organ deterioration if not fed the right food with essential nutrients. This product offers a balanced diet with regulated phosphorus levels to ensure kidney and vital organ health. The product also helps older cats to absorb nutrients better. This food has distinctly delectable savory juices and a smooth, soft texture that most cats are crazy about.

One verified customer has a cat diagnosed with urinary blockage that would not touch expensive prescription food. Cats like this one badly need good food for urinary problems which suit their tastes. This particular product has a low phosphorus level and an amazing flavor that has proven to be perfect for the customer’s cat. Since the introduction of Hill’s Science Diet Minced Cat Food, that cat has been enjoying her everyday life as if its health problems do not exist.

The product has also been known to do wonders for cats with chronic renal failure. Some very finicky eaters have been attracted by this minced cat treat to eat consistently on a daily basis. This wet food version is a little bit more watery than other wet food to aid cats’ digestion.

In other cases, cats with greasy fur problem also benefit from this product. It helps enhance coat health and returns a soft, good-looking fur for cats. Another desirable effect is reducing feces odor, which definitely pleases most cat owners who have to clean up for their furry friends.



  • thumbs-o-up​ Good for urinary health and immune system​​​
  • thumbs-o-up​ Help cats absorb nutrients better
  • thumbs-o-up​ Ease feces odor
  • thumbs-o-up​ Soft savory food that cats love
  • times-rectangle​ Contain corn and by-products
  • times-rectangle

    Food can dry up quickly.

Delectables Bisque Lickable Treat

Our final review is the kind of food that almost every cat loves – treats! We love to vary our reviews to suit our diverse customers’ needs.

Treat is not the main diet for cats. It is like a snack you feed your furry friends to spoil them. It is not always easy to find a treatment that suits your cats’ tastes like this one. This treat is a creamy blend of succulent tuna and chicken. It is made to spoil cats ages 10 years old or more. Although it is just a treat, it can provide additional essential nutrients. This particular treat supplies your old feline friends with crucial vitamins E and B. The food also smooths the digestive system and enhances kidney functions.

Treat manufacturers focus a little bit more on the taste aspect. This treat, in particular, is in the form of small wet flakes designed for old cats to lick it all up easily. The product is known to have high palatability because it whets the appetite of some of the pickiest felines.

Cats with sensitive stomach can feel free to gobble this whole treat up because customers have reported that it suits their cats who have digestive problems. A special real case is a customer with a 21-year-old cat whose health was fading in a worrying way. The cat did not feel excited about food, and most of her teeth were either weak or gone. Surprisingly, this treat succeeded in whetting her appetite, and she rushed to it every time it was in her sight. The old cat has been gaining weight, and the owner does not have to worry about parting with the beloved cat anymore.



  • thumbs-o-up​ Creamy blend of succulent tuna and chicken is great for cats’ appetite.
  • thumbs-o-up​ Supply vitamins E & B​​​
  • thumbs-o-up​ Aid digestive system
  • thumbs-o-up​ Promote kidney functions
  • thumbs-o-up​ Great for old cats with few teeth that have begun to get tired of eating
  • times-rectangle​ High price with a quite small amount of food.
  • times-rectangle​ The smell may be strange for some cats.
  • times-rectangle​ The package design makes it hard to pour food out without getting hands dirty.


We hope you enjoy reading our review of the best cat food for older cats. It is important to us that you are well-informed and feel confident making your buying choice. Feel free to share with friends for useful advice. We’d like to help by suggesting our best pick.

We would go for the IAMS Proactive Health Senior Adult Dry Cat Food. It is dry food, but the kibble form reduces dental disease risks. The product also enhances every important aspect of old cats with minimal drawbacks.

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