What Causes Stud Tail in Dogs?
It’s very important to keep your dog healthy, comfortable, and free of disease at all times. Have you noticed your dog having a patchy, discolored tail? If that’s the case then your pet dog may be suffering from stud tail or tail gland hyperplasia. What causes this condition and what can you do in case… (0 comment)

Taking Care of Older Dogs
Older Dogs Have Special Needs. So far in these lessons (see the list at the end of the article) we’ve addressed issues pertaining largely to the younger or new dogs. In fact, most people when they think of getting a dog think of young dogs, preferably puppies. But, most of the dogs found in shelters… (0 comment)

Snacks You Should Not Give Your Dog
Giving Your Dog a Treat For A Job Well Done is Great, But Be Careful About What You Feed It. I’ve mentioned before in these lessons the benefit of rewarding your dog with a treat when it does something well, for example during training exercises (for a complete list of lessons see the list at… (0 comment)

Why is My Dog Itching
Dogs scratch for many reasons, most scratching is a symptom of a larger problem. While most owners rush to treat the symptom few venture further and treat the actual cause of the itching. Knowing why a dog is scratching can help the owner make changes to have a healthier, and happier, pet.  Take the time… (0 comment)

Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons?
Does it sound like a silly question? But I know that you are curious enough to know the answer, and that is probably the reason you continue to read this article. “Do dogs have belly buttons” is one of the questions most of the pet owners ask themselves or to their friends and the answer… (0 comment)