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Best shock collars for small dog in 2017 reviews

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Before talking about best dog training collars , I want to make one thing clear. Usage of dog collars is one of those emotional and controversial topics. Most of the people have a misconception that all dog collars are shock collars, and their usage is cruelty to animals. This article would help you to understand about dog training collars, the purpose of using it and its method of using.

As with all methods, there are pros and cons for dog training collars also. In addition, there are a whole lot of various methods of behavioral modification. Finally, it is up to you to pick a suitable method, which works for your dog. Here, in this article, I will be providing you many facts, which will help you in making the right choice.

Top-ranked best dog training collars and reviews

Choosing a right dog-training collar for your dog can be a very confusing task. There are hundreds of different types of products and it might not be easy for you if you are not familiar with training collars at all. Therefore, in this article, we are introducing three best dog training collar which will help you to train and control your dog without having a tough time with your pets.

#1.Dogtra 300M and 302M Element Training Collar Solutions

Dogtra 300 M and 302 M training collars are easy to use dog collars designed for smaller dog breeds. It has 100 correction levels and has half-mile operational range. The featured 100 corrections levels are the best part of the collar because you get much precision and need not jump into the less precise level as in the case of other products.

There is a dial on the top of the device, which helps you to adjust the correction levels. It has a button, which produces light as an indication that you have pressed the control. The device works in vibration mode and comes with nick, constant and non-stimulating modes. Nick button facility is for making an instantaneous correction and a constant button, which makes the device continue in the vibration mode until you release the button. It comes with rechargeable Ni-MH batteries and is suitable for two dogs.

Most of the users are happy with the dog collars and reported that these products work amazing for two dogs. One of the users has said that it worked well for their deaf dog, and he responds well than their other dogs, which has no hearing issues.

Dogtra300 M and 302 M training collar are easy to use collar device, which always finds a place in most of the dog training collar reviews. If you are looking for a user-friendly and affordable dog collar, which has a plenty of features, this one is for you.

#2.SportDOG Field Trainer A-Series 500 Yard Remote Trainer

The SportDOG Field Trainer A-Series 500 Yard Remote Trainer is a great dog-training collar, which offers you a range up to 500 yards. As it has an extensive range, you can train your dog in a wide-open space. The collar also has 7 different levels of low-medium stimulation along with tone and vibration mode. The device is waterproof and comes with rechargeable lithium ion batteries. The batteries are powerful enough to last for good 5 years. It is compatible to use for three dogs and offers advanced features for an affordable price.

The users swear by its performance and water resistant feature. Even if your dog chooses to roll in mud water, you do not need to worry about the collar getting wet. All the pet owners who have used the device on their dogs assure that it is a great product, and it helped to change the behavior of their dogs.

It is a great dog collar, which is of high quality and is reliable as it comes from a well-known brand like SportDOG. It is not for using high levels of training, but you can use it for the domestic dog. You can rely on its quality and durability.

#3.Petsafe Yard & Park Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

The Petsafe Yard & Park Rechargeable Dog Training Collar is an electronic collar, which has 8 different intensity levels for behavioral correction of your dog. It also has a beep level and a range of 400 yards, which is great because it works well in outdoors also. You can easily train up to three dogs if you purchase additional collars separately. It also features a positive and negative tone button for rewarding and changing a negative behavior of the dog. It is rechargeable, so you do not have to buy replacements.

Many of the users have reported that the product is great and the owner’s manual, which comes along with the device, has been of great help. It includes information about different training methods, which you can use along with the collar for behavioral correction. Petsafe also has an excellent customer care service, and they are available on chat and phone 6 days a week.

If you are struggling to teach your dog about boundary training or any other things, Petsafe dog collar can be of great help. The device makes use of low-intensity electric signals so that you can manage the misbehavior of your dog easily.

What are Dog training collars?

Dog's training collars are useful tools, which help in solving your pet’s behavioral problems. It will be helpful while teaching your dog the basic commands and in any tie of training. The whole idea of using dog collars for training is not to punish your dog but to correct the behavior of your pet. If you try to use it as a punishment method, it will only destroy the relationship with the dog you train. A nagging correction will not do much help because it does not involve any love or affection towards the dog. Simple food and toys rewards will work for a dog which undergoes basic training, but that is not always the case with higher-level training. Dogs that go through higher-level training sessions face more intense distractions and collar corrections are required to change their behaviors.

How does it work?

Let me begin by bursting the most popular myth “All dog training collars are shock collars" which is not true. There are different types of collars, and shock collar is just one among them. The collars are available in various modes. The main modes are the beep, vibration, and shock mode. There are many varieties of collars like spray collars. Spray collars will blast some foul smell, which is not tolerable to dogs. All electric collars can as shock collars, but they also have vibration and beep functionalities.

best dog training collars
  • Beep mode:

Whenever the dog-training collar is in beep mode, it will produce a beep tone when you press the collar controller.


In vibration mode, the collar releases vibration signals when you press the controller. You can also purchase unique vibrating collars where vibration mode is the supreme mode of behavioral correction. The limit of distance where you can operate the collar varies with the type of collars. Unlike shock mode, vibration is not very strong; it is just subtle enough to alert the dog.

  • Shock mode

In this mode, the electronic collar will pass a low-intensity electric current to the dog’s body which will cause slight discomfort and pain. The idea is to give a psychological alert, and it is similar to the small punishments you give to your dogs when they misbehave. You can set the intensity and duration of the electric current. The intensity of pain the dog feels will also depend on its fur type, size, and other physical characteristics.

Like humans, some dogs are more sensitive to pain. Most of the shock collars have the facility to set the level of electric shock you want. Good quality shock collars will not do any lasting harm to your dog. Some of the collars also have the setting to alarm you with a vibration before actually giving the shock.

Are They Safe?

Some people blindly categorize dog-training collars as torture devices without getting into the depth of the concept. It is a training tool, which is secure and efficient at the same time. Nevertheless, it is true that if not used correctly, it can become torture device for dogs. In that way, even a leash can be a torture device if you do not use it in the right way.

As every dog has a different sensitive level, you need to find out the right intensity, which works for your dog. You can have many models in the market, you can experiment with different settings, and shock mode is just among them. Shock collars if used in the proper way will not cause any permanent harm to your dog.

dog training collar are safe?

What kind of training required using dog-training collars?

Dog training collars can be used to train your for absolutely anything because every dog needs training. Be it boundary training or to control excessive barking or to train for some specialized jobs, dog training collar will help you to do the behavioral correction of the dog. You have to give right training for your dog so that he responds according to your voice commands.

If you are giving any boundary training to your dog, and when it try to cross the area then you can trigger the shock or vibration so that the dog knows exactly how far they can go. You must take your own time to learn how to use dog-training collars properly so that you can get best out of them.

Benefits of Dog Training Collar

  • Quick results

Most of the dog trainers and pet owners had reported that it does not take a long time to change the behavior of the dog when they trained with the support of dog collars. Shock collars are very efficient, most of the time one or two times of shock training is enough, and afterward a beep warning will do the trick. Nevertheless, it again depends on your dog as some dogs are incredibly stubborn, and it might take more time to correct them.

  • Remote control

Most of the shock collars, especially the ones to use for chronic barking control, do not require your presence to work. You can operate it even when you are away from home. It does not mean that you can leave your dog unsupervised for an extended period.

An automatic collar comes with many risks. The main risk, which comes along with it, is bad timing, which can lead to the development of fear in your dog that is not desirable. You do not want to train your dog by fearing him.

Unnecessary shocking them is more dangerous than you can ever imagine. Your absence will only worsen the situation. However, in certain cases, when you are away due to some emergencies, ability to control the collar remotely goes a long way.

    Ability to control intensity

Most of the dog training collars you get in the market are flexible as you can control the intensity. Modern shock collars come with more facilities like vibration and beep mode and adjustable intensity levels, which are convenient to most of the people. This types of control features are very helpful because the sensation of pain is different in dogs and one common setting will not help in that case. At times, you might need to continue in a particular intensity when you feel like having subsequent corrections. Alternatively, if your dog changes fast, you might just need a vibration alert. Therefore, it all depends on your dog, and not on the intensity of the shock, you give.

  • The source is not known

Unlike other modes of behavioral corrections, the source of stimulus is not clear in the case of dog training collars. As you are not directly involved in the scene, the dog will not associate you with it and hence you can avoid a fight or make sure that it will not ruin your relationship with the dog.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Training Collars

1.How much range is enough?

The signal range you require entirely depends on the area you are planning to train the dog. Any obstacles like metal separators will reduce the range of the signal, so you have to keep such things in your mind while buying a dog collar. It is advisable to go for a collar that offers you a long range so that you need not worry about it later.

2.Types of dog training Collars

Pronged collars

​Pronged collars made in such a way that when you pull the leash, it will cause pain to your dog. They are for very naughty dogs, but you should not use it frequently.

Shock collars

Electronic collars or shock collars are the ones, which pass electric shock on to your dog’s body as part of the behavioral correction. Though there are many justifications, it is always considered as a type of negative reinforcement and can be used a last resort.

Spray collars

Spray collars are devices, which spray a foul scent to catch the attention of your dog and stop doing what he was doing. It is one of the soft methods and works well for puppies but not for stubborn dogs.

Ultrasonic collars

They are new types of dog training collars, which emit an ultrasonic sound that is audible to dogs. Dogs can listen to ultrasonic sounds but humans cannot. Therefore, even if you do not hear anything, your dog will respond accordingly.

Halter collars

Halter collars designed in such way that it fits tight around the head, nose, and the neck area so that you can have full control over your dog. The leash fits exactly below your dog’s chin and pulling it will result in discomfort.

3.Types of Stimulation

Dog training collars allow you to make use of multiple stimulation levels. It is always better to start with a low level of stimulation first because in most of the case that is enough to change your dog’s behavior. By watching the response of your dog, you will know which stimulation level is right for him. Electrical stimulation will help to make your dog unpleasant when it exhibits a bad behavior, but it will not harm the dog. There are two different ways to deliver electrical stimulations to your dog and they are:

Continuous stimulation

Continuous stimulation is a pulsating stimulation, which will last until you release the button of the controller. Most of the collars will automatically shut off the device within 10 seconds, and it will stop working even if you continue to press the button.

Momentary stimulation

Momentary stimulation as the name suggests will only last for less than a second regardless of how long you press the control. It will feel same as that of pain you get when an insect bites.

Size and Disposition

For choosing the right size of dog collar for your dog, you need to consider your dog’s size too. If you are the owner of a medium sized breed, you will have many options to choose.

When you are buying dog collars for small or larger size breeds, you need to be extra careful because most of the collars are available in regular size. There are some collars, which will not specify the size, so you need to clear it up.

It is always better to choose one by checking dog training collars reviews as you probably can get tips from pet owners who have the same breed as you.

4.Different brands of dog training collars


SportDOG is a popular brand, which manufactures the most affordable and the best dog training collars. They make dog-training collars of all size, shapes and requirement. You will most likely find the one, which suits your needs from their wide range of collections.


PetSafe is another famous brand, which offers you training and lifestyle solutions for your pets. The US-based brand is one of the leading manufacturers of most efficient dog training collars.


Dogtra is another renowned brand that offers you dog training collars for different breeds of dogs. The California-based brand focuses in manufacturing dog collars, which are user-friendly so that you do not require any training to use them

Battery Types Available

There are dog collars that run on both chargeable and non-chargeable batteries but never buy one with a non-rechargeable battery. Buying a non-rechargeable battery will cost you more as you need to buy a new set of batteries once the using batteries exhaust. Most of the devices come with rechargeable batteries that are more convenient.


As there are many different varieties of dog training collars, choosing a right collar for your dog can always be overwhelming. Depending on your requirements, breed type of your dog and many other factors you might want to consider, you need to choose the right dog collar.


Can I train my dog without a shock collar?

Yes, you can! If you know how to train your dog without a shock collar, you will be able to do much better with a shock collar. Before the introduction of shock collars, the tool used to train dogs was a long leash. You can train your dog for field works or boundary training without a shock collar. Many professional trainers can accomplish this by not using any dog training collars. Reward dog training is one of the common and safe methods that will work correctly for even stubborn dogs.

Will my relationship with my dog destroyed if I use a shock collar?

Maybe and it will if you do not know how to use it on your dog. Any training method using dog-training collars can be a disaster if you do not do with a positive intention. Most of the people use shock collars to train hunting dogs. For the hunting to be a success, you need to get the full co-operation of your dog. Most of the hunting dogs actively participate with the owner to make the hunt a successful one although they got good training by using shock collars. I hope it explains everything.

How tight the collar should be on the dog’s neck

You can tie the dog-training collars in such a way that it touches your dog’s neck and at the same time, your dog must feel comfortable. It should not be very tight and loose. If it is loose, then the stimulation will be not proper. Whenever you tighten the collar, if your dog breathes with by producing a hoarse sound, you need to loosen up it a little bit. Never leave the collar on your dog’s neck for more than 6-8 hours a day.

Will the device burn him?

The shock collar devices are not capable of burning your dog because they cannot produce such high amount of electricity that can cause a burn. Nevertheless, collar burns can occur from an improper fit of the collar, chafing and too much of pulling. Make sure that you inspect your dog each time he wore a collar to check for any irritation signs. If your dog exhibits any irritation, it can be due to the irritation from the probes rubbing his neck. If the collar is very loose, it can rub against his neck and cause soreness or irritation, and if it is very tight, it can injure his neck.


I again want to stress on the point that dog training collars especially the shock collars is not a method of punishment or a way to torture a dog. It is a product using to correct behavioral issues or to change an undesirable behavior of a dog. If you want to train your family dog to stay within your premises or want to change their stubborn behavior or to stop excessive barking, then dog training collars are for you. They are perfect for training a deaf dog, which cannot hear your voice commands. These best dog training collar  are effective and safe and will help to keep your dog safe by correcting their behaviors while giving them adequate freedom. A word of caution, I would not recommend shock collars for dogs, if you can reduce the usage or do perfect without it then that would be better.


1: Can I use it for my chihuahua,

she is 5 pounds it fits for dogs from 15-100 pounds only

2: is it easy to use?

Yes, it has instructions and video if you need it

3: Can I use 220v for it?

No, it is only 110v

4: How long the charger last? 1 week

5:Can I use the collar for cat?

Sure, you can try if you want

6: If my dog is underground, does the collar work?

No, because it has no underground wire

7:is the collar water resistant?

Yes, it is waterproof

8: Can I buy a second remote for the same collar?

yes, you can

9: Can I buy another remote?

The old one was broken down yes you can

10: Does it turn off automatically after 5 minutes of non use?

It will turn off automatically after 20 minutes of non-use

11: Can I use the collar for human?

No you cannot

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