Cat food conversations littered with intense discussion concerning the nutritional value, are often successful in confusing the cat owners. Whether the particular cat food has the optimum carb content that would suit their pet, whether they should go for wet food for better hydration of their pet or should they opt for dry food for… (1 comment)

Many questions need answers when it comes to choosing the best cat food supplies for your cat. Choosing the right ones can make your cat happier. Organic and natural foods are always best for your pets. Trader Joe’s pet foods are one of the best choices available online meeting all the quality requirements to keep… (3 comments)

What is in Your Cat’s Food?
All pet foods tell you they are the best. How is an owner really to know? Is there really a difference when you pay more? What is in that food, anyhow? Cats are carnivores. They require good quality meat in their food. However, many commercially available cat foods use a lot of filler. As a… (0 comment)

free online veterinarian help
Many people, in effort to save money, often turn to the Internet for free veterinary advice. You will often see the comment in forums “I cannot afford to take my pet to the veterinarian…. Please help.”. My immediate response is “If you can afford a computer and Internet, you can afford to go to a… (0 comment)

The 8 Unique Cat Breeds
Although all cats are special, these breeds were formed because of something unique in each of them. Some are very easy to spot, a genetic mutation that marks the cat as being “different”. Scottish Fold Photo of a Scottish Fold, from Wikimedia. I really don’t think they make cats cuter looking than this. He is… (0 comment)

Cats and Dogs: Mortal Enemies or Indifferent?
When I got a cat for my shy golden retriever, I thought they would either love or hate each other. I was wrong. What’s the opposite of dog?”  Most people will answer, “Cat.”  In reality, there is no opposite to dog.  There are many things out there which are far more different from a dog… (0 comment)