Can Dogs Eat Mandarin Oranges? Not A Simple Answer!
Dogs have been a close friend of humans for a very long time. Some people let their dogs sleep, do other activities and even eat with them. They believe that dogs can digest every human food because they are an omnivore. In fact, some foods like chocolate, almonds and onions are obviously poisonous to dogs,… (0 comment)

Why My Cat Has Swollen Lip? And What Are Treatments?
Some skin diseases are very complex and difficult to treat. Although they are not as lethal as other types of illness, they leave many health complications, affecting your pet’s normal life.Cats are susceptible to skin infections, parasites, allergies, and many other conditions that are common in humans. If your cat is anorexic or frequently scratches… (0 comment)

If you decide to raise a pet, it's a good idea to equip your home with a pet gate to keep track on your pets’ movement and keep them safe in where you want they are. Cats are very active, they often require a tall cat gate with a door so that they can comfortably… (0 comment)

Frontline vs Advantix: Which Is Better?
Ticks, fleas often nest on pets, bringing concerns to the pet lovers. Not only do they harm the pets, but they also have the potential to cause illness and contaminate our home. Consequently, dog worm treatment has always been a solution to resolve this dilemma. And again, we rely on medicine to do that!For flea-and-tick… (0 comment)

How Long Can You Leave A Cat Alone?
Cats play alone if they are equipped with the necessary stuff. But they still need to interact with humans to a certain degree.People often say: the best thing about cats is that they have no concept of time. So, they will never stare at the clock and say, "where's my owner?” If you think it's… (0 comment)

Can There Be A Flea Poop But No Fleas?
As a dog owner, you might get used to itchy, troublesome stuff like fleas or ticks. Today, we won’t talk about fleas, but we learn flea poop. Some people easily mistake these two parasites because they look very similar, while the others wonder if it’s possible for their pets to have flea poop but no fleas… (0 comment)