Build an Easy Hen House and Chicken Coop
A hen house, also know as a chicken coop is built specifically to provide shelter for chickens. If you are planning to keep chickens or already own some, ensure that your hen house is secure enough to protect your chickens from predators and provides a comfortable environment for the chickens to lay eggs and rest.… (0 comment)

Fish Profile: Oscar
Information about this Amazon River cichlid. The Oscar (astronotus ocellatus) is a member of a family of fish called cichlids.  Also called velvet cichlids, marble cichlids or tiger Oscars, in nature they are primarily found along the Amazon River Basin.  The Oscar is native to several countries in South America, including Peru and Brazil, though… (0 comment)

The 9 Unique Horse Breeds
A horse is a horse, of course, but check out these unusual breeds of horses and find out what makes them different. 1.Appaloosa This breed is best known for its’ unusual coloring. There are many spotted patterns, shown is an Appaloosa with blanket pattern, the photo is from Wikimdia. Appaloosas generally also have thin manes… (0 comment)

Fishkeeping needn’t be problematic and frustrating, as long as good methods and practice are followed from the start. Here are five all too common fishkeeping errors and how to avoid them. Keeping fish properly is really not difficult when the correct methods and techniques are observed. But neither are fish the simple, instant, low maintenance… (0 comment)

Keeping Plecostomus (Sucker Fish)
The main reason most fish owners keep sucker fish is because they clean the sides of their tank. But plecostomus are interesting pets in their own right. Plecostomus are the algae eating sucker fish you see clinging to the sides of aquariums. The main reason most fish owners keep them is to have them clean… (0 comment)

Fishful Thinking
A very basic guide to the dos and don’ts of fish keeping. It’s interesting to realise that, as a society, we have come to the conclusion that the iconic goldfish (and all its fishy friends) are quite content to live in a bowl not much larger than themselves, and the eventual death is surely due to… (0 comment)

African Cichlids
Planning to get African Cichlids for your aquarium??? These tips might help… African Cichlids are subtropical and tropical fresh water fishes belonging to the family Cichlidae. These are quite admired as aquarium fish and consist of a number of the most vibrant fish one can get. These fish inhabit three lakes in Africa namely, Lake… (0 comment)