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Best Brooms for Pet Hair – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Having many furry friends is very fun, but sometimes, you may feel it’s quite annoying because there would be lots of pieces of hair on the floor. Keeping your house free of pet hair isn’t easy at all. You need the proper technique and the right tool.

Talking about tools for removing pet hair, a broom is considered as a traditional, simple, yet highly efficient piece of product. If it is what you’re going to buy for your lovely friends, then you ought to check a look at our roundup of best brooms for pet hair. These suggestions will sweep pet hair away and keep the floor of your house always clean at the same time.

Our Reviews of Best Brooms for Pet Hair

1, Bissell 1778 Smart Details Brushwares Pet Hair Broom

If your dogs shed a lot, then Bissell 1778 would be a great broom for many reasons that we’re going to show you right below.

This broom has two layers: the outside is short but thick, while the inside is longer but thinner. The outer layer holds all pieces of fur. So, when you do another pass, the pet fur will be stuck on it and not fly away. Meanwhile, the inner layer will do the cleaning dust task in every kind of floor. Thanks to this feature, the broom does well not only at keeping your house clean from dirt but also the pet fur.

Another good feature of Bissell 1778 is its adjustable length. In other words, you can lengthen or shorten the broom so that it’s suitable for your height. As a result, you will feel convenient when using it and easier when storing it. Moreover, this broom is used both for removing pet hair and dust.

Unfortunately, because the broomstick is made of metal, its weight is quite heavy. This makes some people feel tired after using it for a long time. On the other hand, the broom is still not designed for special angles which are used in small corners in the house.


  • Can combine with removing dust
  • Can adjust the height
  • Easy to store
  • Affordable price
  • Works well even on carpet
  • Scratch-free


  • Quite heavy
  • No angled for corner
  • Can scratch the floor

2, Evriholder FURemover Broom

If you’re looking for a broom whose material is soft so that your luxurious floor will not be affected, the the Evriholder FURemover Broom will be a great choice.

This product is quite lightweight because it’s made of rubber, from the broomstick to the bristles. Interestingly, the bristles are completely made of natural rubber, making it very easy to clean pet hair on the floor and carpet. Especially, this broom works better than others on the carpet. After a few passes, you can see the clear result that the majority of pet hair has already been removed.

In addition, the rubber bristles don’t harm the floor like other kinds of brooms. The bristles are very soft and have no sharp edge, so they will not scratch your couch.

But sadly, this broom is specially designed for removing pet hair, so it doesn’t have normal functions of usual brooms. As a consequence, pet owners need at least 2 brooms at home, one for removing dust and the other for removing pet hair. Besides, the Evriholder FURemover Broom doesn’t have the adjust-height function, which is quite inconvenient for some people.


  • Natural rubber
  • Large head
  • Affordable price
  • Long lasting
  • Works very well on carpet
  • Scratch-free


  • Can’t combine with removing dust
  • Can’t adjust the height

3, GLOYY Push Broom

This is another broom that can do well at both removing dirt and pet hair in your house. The GLOYY Push Broom is pretty similar to the Bissell 1778 in terms of functions, but it has one rubber layer only.

All of the bristles are made of rubber, which are long-lasting and work well on the hard floor. Moreover, they are soft and won’t create scratches on the floor. So, you don’t need to worry about whether it will affect the beauty of your house or not.

More beneficially, this broom helps you do both cleaning tasks, sweeping your house and removing pet hair, without needing to change the brush like most other products. Bissell 1778 also does a great job at cleaning water or foam in your department.

Unfortunately, although Bissell 1778 is advertised ‘thicker handle than others’, it doesn’t like it seems. There are too many customer reports of the poorly-made handle which is quite weak and easy to break. The handle’s length is another problem which is quite short to some users though it is adjustable.


  • Multiple-task brush
  • Comes with a dog brush
  • Can adjust the length
  • Scratch-free
  • Simple design
  • Lightweight


  • Weak and short handle

4, Ravmag Silicone-Rubber Broom

This broom is made of an unfamiliar material: the silicon-rubber. At first glance, it seems that nothing special about this one, but you must experience it to see the differences.

Firstly, it is the joint. Normally, the broom’s handle and the brush stick together through a permanent joint in the vertical position, and it can’t move freely. However, Ravmag made a significant change. Its adjustable joint allows its handle to move flexibly from right to left at 180o. As a result, you can remove all pet hair and dirt easily even in the underneath of your sofa or bed.

Another advantage of Ravmag Silicone-Rubber Broom is its length. With a 55-inch handle, users can totally feel comfortable when using. Unlike other brooms, this has been the most improved part recently.

However, the sad news is that we can’t split the broom’s handle and the brush out. If there’re some problems with one of them, we have to get a brand new one. This makes the broom not an economical choice, not to mention its pretty high price compared to other brooms for pet hair.


Adjustable joint


Comfortable length

Unique material

Multiple-task brush


Quite expensive

Can’t split the brush

5, Pet Buddies PB5579 FurStatic Pet Hair Broom

This broom is preferred by its simple design, but it still works pretty well at keeping the house clean from pet hair.

What makes it better than others stays in the bristles. They are specially made of TPR (a kind of rubber). This material seems not to be so unique, but it does the difference. Whenever the bristles and the floor surface rub together, an electrostatic charge will be created. As a consequence, that electrostatic charge will attract hair and many tiny particles of dust on its way.

Furthermore, the Pet Buddies PB5579 FurStatic has an adjustable joint. With the length from 29 up to 51", users can easily adjust it until finding the length that best suits their height. So, adults and children can use it effectively. Besides, the broom looks very simple that can save plenty of spaces for storage.

On the other hand, what disappointed me is that the broom doesn’t work on carpet or sofa. As you know, dogs and cats love lying on the carpet and sofa to take a nap, resulting in a huge amount of pet hair in those places.


Adjustable length

Attracts hair and dust effectively

Special material



Doesn’t work well on carpet

Not cheap

Weak handle

6,Push Broom with Soft Rubber Bristles Squeegee Edge

The next product comes from the LandHope company, which has received many compliments from users.

With soft rubber bristles, the broom is able to remove pet hair, dirt and spills. Also, it works well on all kinds of floors, even in your garden, patio or swimming pool. In addition, the Push Broom can help you clean your windows effectively.

One more good thing for the users, as its weight is lighter accompany to the soft material. And you can save up to 50% efforts on cleaning your house compared to most brooms out there which only reduces your effort by around 30%.

Besides, the broom’s maximum length has already expanded up to 55 inches, which is much longer than others. This helps users clean not only on the floor but also in the ceiling.

Sadly, despite being advertised with high-quality rubber, it seems that it’s not true. As so many people see, the real material is plastic, which is not expensive or high-quality at all. It will not be a problem if the price is low, in contrast, this broom costs more than it should be.


Save 50% efforts

Expanded length

Can be used for all kinds of floors

Can clean the windows



Cheap plastic material

Can’t come to small corners

Not cheap

7,MEIBEI Floor Squeegee

This broom for pet hair is quite different from others: It is actually a cleaning-house broom, but its special design allows it to remove pet hair very well.

Unlike other brooms, the MEIBEI Floor Squeegee doesn’t have any bristle, but a blade squeegee instead. Because of having no blank spaces in the blade squeegee, there will no hair or debris can escape from it. Consequently, you can remove all of the hair in just a single or a couple of sweeps. Besides, thanks to the blade squeegee, you don’t need to spend time on eliminating hair or something else that is stuck in the broom.

As this broom isn’t designed for removing pet hair, of course, it is able to do other chores in your house such as cleaning dust, foam, spills, trash, etc. Especially, you can use it to clean many water droplets in the glass or windows. One more useful feature is that its handle can rotate up to 180 degrees. So, users will find it so convenient that they can clean some places like underneath the sofa or beds.

Nevertheless, some people say that this broom ought to have adjustable joint because with this length, not all of them can suit with. On the other hand, the blade squeegee seems to works well only at moving hair and trash into a certain place; it can’t stop them from flying away whenever there’s a breeze.


Comes with 2 lovely colors

Unique design


Solve all chores in the house


Can’t adjust the length

Pet hair can fly away easily.

8, FUR BUSTER Rubber Broom

This FUR BUSTER Rubber Broom can do better than other pet brooms. With natural rubber material, its bristles are so soft and smooth that it can move with ease from soft floor to hard floor without leaving any scratch. Moreover, its head is a difference with the elbow corner that helps the broom can go to many corners of your house to remove all of the pet hair.

In addition, thanks to the extendable length, users are able to use FUR BUSTER Rubber Broom to clean pet hair in high areas. Another nice feature is that is works effectively on carpets, rugs and sofas. Not many pet brooms can really do this well.

The only bad thing about this product is the problem with the handle. Most complaints from users say that the handle is very weak. Some of them break just after the fifth use, and the percentage also increases whenever it is extended.


Affordable price

Multiple-task brush

Adjustable length


Can work in high areas


Very weak handle

Tips to Choose the Best Broom for Pet Hair

So far, there’ve been thousands of brooms for pet hair, so it is necessary to know how we can pick the best one. Although all brooms for pet hair are produced with the same purpose, they have some differences depending on the producers. Now, we will show you some small things that you should check before getting one home.


Focus on the material at first. A well-made broom can not only do very well at keeping your house clean from dog fur but also help you save money for a long time.

Normally, it is suggested that you should buy a broom produced by high-quality rubber due to its longer use than others. Especially with the bristles, being made of good rubber is the key that helps you avoid scratching many types of surface.

Furthermore, the broom handle needs to be made of really good material. You won’t want to buy a broom that good at the brush, but its handle is the most terrible. On the other hand, a weak handle can be broken easily and can give you a scratch on your hands whenever you aren’t careful.

Broom Head

When purchasing a new pet hair broom, you should get the one with a head. When you sweep the floor, many pieces of pet hair will be kept inside bristles, and thanks to the broom head, all of the pet hair cannot fly away when you do another pass.

Most of pet hair brooms are produced without a head, but you can see how important this part is. It really decides your broom work well or not.


Thanks to these 8 best brooms for pet hair, you can say goodbye to the heavy vacuum cleaner. In my opinion, although this kind of broom is produced only for removing pet hair, I still recommend you to buy one which can not only remove pet hair but also do other house chores. Besides, when purchasing any pet broom, remember to buy pet lint rollers to remove pet hair on your clothes as well.

After all, we came up with two best brooms for pet hair that you must try: the Silicone-Rubber Broom and the Evriholder FURemover Broom. They both have received more compliments from the customers than any other pet brooms.

Hopefully, you now know which pet broom is the best for you. If you have anything to ask, don’t hesitate to leave it below. Thank you for reading!

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