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10 Best Carpet Cleaner for Old Pet Urine

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Are you a crazy animal lover who is a parent of some adorable yet naughty pets? If so, you are certainly among the kind-hearted population on this planet who are brave enough to provide shelter, care and love for animals. But the good is not always treated right, especially when it comes to your beloved pets’ urination accidents.

We understand your struggle. That’s why we are happy to present our reviews of best carpet cleaner for old pet urine as well as some tips on how to make the best decision when buying this kind of cleaner.

Benefits of a Carpet Cleaner for Pet Urine

We know this section may be a little bit unnecessary for some people, but hey, not everyone is th​​​​​​​​e experienced pet owner. Our goal here is to be as informative as we can to cover all of our readers’ needs.

So, why should you consider buying a carpet cleaner for pet urine?

Pet Urine Can Be Serious Contamination

In other words, pet pee can seriously harm the health of you and your family. The first danger is the bacteria living in pet urine. They are microbes that can hazardously affect small children with developing immune system. For adults, exposure to large amounts of pet urine is like bathing in a contaminated river, waiting to catch a serious disease.

The second issue is the smell of pet urine. Removing the stains is not enough because the odors are a source of illnesses, too. Children are subject to eye and skin issues when exposed to only a fair amount of urine odor. For adults, small amounts of urine smell can cause discomfort and a feeling of

burning throat. High exposure to urine smell leads to a light headache, eye and skin irritation and eventually permanent eye damages.

Untreated Pet Urine Invites Pets to Remark the Same Area

Your furry friends are obsessed with marking their territories so that they feel secure and empowered. It is just nature, not their fault. And they tend to come back and contaminate the same areas where they can still track their own scents. If you don’t want your pets to continuously pee on expensive sofas, carpets or your entire house, you have to use specially made pet cleaners to eliminate their marking scents.

How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaner for Old Pet Urine?

Below are some crucial factors when it comes to buying a carpet cleaner for old pet urine. Consider them first before making your own decision:

Remove Both Stains and Odors

As mentioned earlier, both stains and odors are sources of illness for you and your beloved ones. A good carpet cleaner should be able to clear stains and odors, leaving your furniture clean and fresh-smelling. So, look for products that can get rid of stains and odors!

Safety for Use

Most of cleaning products of any kind contain chemicals. So, it is a matter of finding safe products that do not have harmful ingredients to your children and pets. Of course, “safe” chemicals here do not mean that they can be drunk without harm. No cleaning chemicals can be consumed. “Safe” here means they do not pose any risks in contact with human skin or pets’ skin.

Enzyme Solution

We have done research and found out that the enzyme solution is by far the most effective method of removing not just pet urine but also other contamination kinds from carpets and other surfaces such as upholstery and wood. This technology takes advantage of live bacteria that eat away molecules in stains and odors. Results show that the bacteria won’t stop their work until every stain and odor has been wiped out.


It is relatively easy for a con brand to put some kind of cheap liquid into a bottle, label it “best carpet cleaner for old pet urine”, fuel advertising by money and fool uninformed customers. Products of small sizes like this can be faked easily. Therefore, you should go for well-known brands whose quality has been confirmed by real purchasers. Moreover, when you buy from large brands, you get a lot of benefits like great customer service, refund, etc.

Our Reviews of the Best Carpet Cleaner for Old Pet Urine

When other cleaners just mask problems by creating temporary fragrance smell, this product actually solves problems at their deepest roots using the latest technology called Bio-Enzymatic formula.

This formula is all about enzymatic bacteria which become active in contact with the stains or odors left behind by your beloved pets. The bacteria eliminate stains and rid of odors all by themselves without any of your intervention. They will destroy even the smallest and oldest stains until there is absolutely none left. When their job is finished, they will dry themselves up and disappear as quickly as they kill stains and odors (in minutes). At that point, your carpet or any surface will look as clean and bright as new.

Did we say any surface? Yes! This miracle cleaner works perfectly for hardwood, leather, tile, cars, litter boxes, upholstery, carpets and anything you can think of. Buy this, and you no longer have to load your kitchen up with multiple types of cleaners.

Also, this product does not contain harmful ingredients to your children, pets and the environment. In fact, the brand prides itself on absolutely no animal cruelty for their products. When you buy from Sunny & Honey, a part of your money will go to animal shelters. Now, how about that charity! You will also be refunded 100% if you’re dissatisfied. 

This cleaning solution is an effective quick solution for both pet and people accidents. It has a special enzyme that gets deep into the fabric of your carpets and terminates any stains or odors completely. You can also spray on numerous other surfaces such as wood, tile, litter boxes, beds, upholstery. It is easy to use. Just spray it and leave it. Your pets won’t come back for marking again.

A special feature of it is the black light included in one purchase. You just have to put batteries in, turn it on and scan your place for any pet accident leftover. If you find some, just spray Urine Gone on and let the chemical do its job in minutes.

Customers are pleased with the convenience of the included black light, which allows them to easily detect pet stains and verify the effectiveness of the product. Many buyers are very happy that the product does not affect their sofas’ colors as other cleaners do. They can spray as much as they like without bleaching their precious furniture.

One important bonus is that this product actually prevents your pets from remarking in the same areas. One day, you won’t have to worry about stains or odors in your house anymore because your pets will avoid the sprayed areas and take care of their business outside.

Most brands have their own formulas of the enzyme, and so does Biokleen! This product brings to the table something unique. The enzyme mixture contains special bacteria, extracts of citrus and oils that pull off the job of eliminating all kinds of stains and odors every single time.

What makes this product different from others in this review is that it can be used for beverage and food stains, and organic waste, not just for pets. Most customers are pleased with its versatility because they don’t have to buy so many products for different purposes anymore.

This is also one of the few brands that employ Earth-friendly technology. They minimize the resources they have to use from the beginning of production to the transporting stage. Much less water is needed for this one amazing cleaner compared to other brands. Thanks to the compact design, the manufacturers have been able to reduce shipping costs and energy. Their profits partly go to research for renewable energy.

Customers can use the product safely around children and pets. Many people are surprised at the cleaning power of this product as it handles cat pee (the worst kind of pee) and baby poop very well.

We thought it would be great to introduce something different to our review for diversity. This product is in shampoo form, not spray form. It is still very easy to use as there are clear instructions for exactly how much you need to apply for different kinds of stains or odors.

One special feature about this product is that it does not just remove stains and odors effectively. It also restores the strength of carpet fibers, makes carpets last longer, gives old carpets a brighter look by improving colors. Also, the product works almost flawlessly on multiple surfaces such as rugs and upholstery. This kind of shampoo is designed to fit any cleaning machines including Bissell and Hoover. But you should consult the company before using it in your cleaning machine at home.

Many customers have shown gratitude that the product prevented them from throwing away their beloved carpets. When other cleaners do not work for heavily stained carpets, Bubbas comes in to save the day. The fresh smell satisfies many customers, too. One even compared it to chewing gum while cleaning. Pet remarking is not a problem anymore because this product discourages your furry friends from marking in the same areas. It also contains no harmful chemicals for use around the house.

The last product in our review list is not in the spray form, either. Instead, the liquid inside the bottle is mixed with water for use. There are clear instructions that customers can easily follow to clean their carpets effectively. But not just carpets, the product works great on multiple surfaces and fabric, including upholstery, wood, cement, tile, bedding, clothing, etc.

The product uses a special kind of live bacteria that attack molecules causing odor until they are all completely gone. Customers have praised that the product works well even for areas heavily contaminated with cat urine. Not only does the product remove odors but it also prevents pets from remarking in the same areas.


We hope you have been fully informed to choose the best carpet cleaner for old pet urine. We would highly recommend product number 1 as our ultimate pick. It satisfies all the factors to consider when buying a carpet cleaner for pet urine and has a host of additional benefits: 100% refund, cruelty-free, charity. Its cons simply cannot compare with the pros.

The final decision is yours, anyway, so read the reviews carefully, take notes and share with friends for advice. Enjoy taking care of your furry children!

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