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9 Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaner in 2017- Reviews

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It could be a nightmare when your lovely pets have left behind their hairs around your furniture in your home. In the previous time, you took your hand to remove these hairs all the time. Then, you did not have enough to do this job and you needed to have a tool for helping.

The greatest solution to undertake this situation is buying a pet hair vacuum. However, you should find out some factors in the pet hair vacuums and select the best bagged vacuum for pet hair.

Top 8 Best Bagged vacuum Reviews

Because vacuum cleaner products are one of the most popular items that are selling in the mark

et, especially the cleaners for pet hair( check out pet clipper for a pet ). You will be confused about selecting the best vacuum for pet hair but this could not be a big problem anymore within vacuums as below.

1. WindTunnel Rewind Plus Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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The Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel is a perfect choice for those who want to have the best high – quality performance with the great bagless model, but they do not have much money to upgrade an expensive vacuum for pet hair.

In this vacuum, it has the three channels of the suction technology and the attachments which are well – organized and progressive with high – quality materials to compete with other expensive cleaners.

The vacuum has a brush roller that offers the double – cleaning feature, so you do not spend much time to do this task again. On the one hand, the product also has other tools such as the central – shaft dusting, the Turbo, the telescoping addition and the crack equipment.

When you want to clean many rooms or other spaces, you are able to move the machine quickly because it has 40 foot – cord length without reinserting.

When running, the noise of this machine could be loud but it still works well on the hardwood floor or the linoleum surface, so you should not worry about this point.

Furthermore, the Hoover has several features which connect together to make certain the quality and you could not apologize for this machine after purchasing.


  • It is very easy to use as the power cord is naturally retractable.
  • The machine is flexible because you are able to use the adjustment dial to change the height appropriately (when you have to clean other sides of the floors).
  • The vacuum is lightweight so that users could carry on it in a few hours.
  • It works well when it comes out of the box.


  • The front brush has never moved.
  • The engine is insubstantial and the belt is also burned promptly.
  • Though the machine has a great suction technology, it could not clean well in the corner or the edge of the floor.

2. Best bagged Upright Vacuum

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With a button boosts the canister and a flexible brush from the lift – away feature, then you could clean all of the pet hair in the box as quickly as you can, no matter how hard the areas are.

Large debris, dust and pet hair will be removed smoothly in the surface or other furniture components due to the two removable microfiber pads.

The machine also has the complete seal technology and one HEPA filter to find and catch the dust and other allergic substances like pet hair to the vacuum.

On the one hand, the product enables to control the steering and the moving around the furniture by itself to prevent the touching between the machine and the furniture.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum is one of the most economical upright vacuums, and it also pointed out that the best vacuum for pet hair in the market today. Because it has a tremendous suction engine with strong cleaning technology while users still spend not much money.

The product is still inbuilt extra attachments like handy attachments, microfiber pads, etc. although it does not have the bells and whistles like other line items. ( Check Price on Amazon )


  • The machine is flexible to clean all of the floors and surfaces.
  • It is lightweight to bring and move it whenever you want to move the product.
  • It is easy for use even if you are the new user.
  • It also has a large dust cup to make certain the number of containing – box is kept in the machine to help you do not have to throw them away instantly while cleaning.


  • The vacuum is still heavy and bulky in the top through the structure is lightweight as it has an extra – large containing box. Therefore, you should watch out the large cup when you stand near it.
  • The Lift – Away feature could be bulky for using, especially when you want to clean in the small areas or the corner.
  • The motor could be exhausted when it has to run a long period of time without resting. And the motor could get burn after that.

3. Best bagged Canister Vacuum

For those who have lavish carpets and you are very careful about the vacuum cleaners, then you should consider the Electrolux EL4335A Corded Ultra Flex.

The brush has the button with the three-level height adjustment to wipe debris, dust and pet hair from the surfaces to the carpets smoothly.

Moreover, the clean – brush technology gives the self – cleaning model will eliminate the muddles from the brush roll to the touch of one button.

The large rear wheels with a low of gravity center could offer the smooth steering to absorb the pet hair and change its position around the furniture easily.

You are able to switch the suction engine to secure the electricity and estimate the level of cleaning in the fabric and curtains in the vacuum.

Though the Electrolux EL4335A Corded Ultra Flex is not a flexible vacuum pet hair, the product still has a strong motor with one self – cleaning brush roll in all of the areas.

In addition, the product has a HEPA filter to kick out of the allergic substances and dust in your home. (Check Price on Amazon)


  • When running, the power is not loud to annoy everyone.
  • The suction technology in the power works very well with much more powerful.
  • The HEPA filter could easily resemble and wash.
  • You are able to bring the vacuum in travel easily as it is lightweight.


  • The price is quite expensive.
  • The engine cord is shorter than the Dyson model, so this is a big problem for those who want to clean in the large space.
  • The machine has suddenly stopped in a few minutes without clearing problem.


4.Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum With Pet Attachments

The Eureka Mighty Mite Canister is really a worth canister vacuum and it is rated one of the best vacuum for pet hair in the current market.

The product has the Arm & Hammer – a kind of dust ba

g to diminish the bad odor and remove the allergic substances from the pet hair.

This canister vacuum also has some extra tools for pets such as the telescoping wand and the crack.

The vacuum has a HEPA filter to remove the allergic substances, dust, chair covers and tough debris (99.7 percent) in your home due to the suction power. Thus, you enable to remove all the pet hair which block up the carpets and other paddings.

With 20 – foot cord, you enable to put it in a larger space or more rooms to clean and this feature will help you save your time so much.

The machine does not only have one canister with a revolving brush in order to get a deep clean, but also it has a beater bar to take out pet hair leaving on your carpets or the weddings.( Check Price on Amazon )


  • The vacuum has one – year limited guaranty.
  • It is lightweight to bring anywhere (under 9 pounds) instead of wheeling like a normal vacuum cleaner.
  • It has an effective performance with a deep clean.
  • It totally tackles the hardwoods and the carpeted stairs.


  • The product is very hot to the touch when using it within hours.
  • The hose length is very thin.
  • The engine has been burned out after one – year using.


5. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

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Despite the uncommon pet hair vacuum cleaner, the Bissell Per Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum still has an incredible performance with reasonable price for the best handheld vacuum.

With the carpets, this canister would remove all of the pet hairs and other tough debris due to the rubber nozzle combine to the Cyclonic Cleaning System appeal those substances easily.

Moreover, the product works well on the hardwood floors due to the suction power technology to compete to other expensive vacuums in the stores. This is an amazing chance for those who do not have much time to buy a fancy machine.

The vacuum has the three – stage filter system with many filters in its place, and it also has a dirt cup and one poster engine to throw dust, hard debris, pet hairs and allergic elements away from your floors as well as the air at your home.

All of the filters could take in and take out easily for washing as well as you are able to follow the instruction. To save the environment, you ought to reuse these filters in the upcoming time.

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser could become one of the best bagged vacuum for pet hair in your home.


  • The price is affordable for most of the customers.
  • The length of the cord is 16 feet, it is easy to take the rubber nozzle to digest many debris and pet hairs.
  • The machine work effective on its job as it is very powerful in the engine.
  • You could control the machine easily.


  • With long pet hairs, the product sometimes could vacuum quite well, so buyers need to use the sticky rollers and their hands.
  • The product has a fan which might blow any dust and pet hairs to the air.
  • The vacuum is not suitable for cleaning in a car.

6.Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vacuum

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The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vacuum is pointed out one of the best hand vacuum for pet hair with a powerful cordless motor. It also has the Twister Cyclonic Technology to push the capacity of the suction power significantly whilst cleaning.

The power uses the 18V Battery with the charging stand or the wall mount depending on the period of producing time.

With the TruePet Motorized – a kind of pet hair brush to collect all of their hairs as well as other debris in the surfaces. On the flip side, you are able to get the dusting brush and a fissure tool attachments included for improved adaptability.

After cleaning the pet hairs in your furniture, you need to wipe the filter in the vacuum cleaner. It is easy to get the filter out of the box and shake the filter in the trash only. Then, you return the old place for the filter and close the cleaning process. Do not forget to push the front button to release the top collector.

To replace the battery, you should take the batteries for sv75z unit. Before replacing, you should check the number of batteries at your home. If you do not have ones, then you could check them in the website: Electrolux


  • The product is not heavy and bulky as it weighs 4.354 pounds only.
  • The machine will help you reduce the cleaning time, especially the time to clean pet hairs in your furniture.
  • The filers could be washed and reusable.
  • The suction power is sturdy to clean the pet hairs and other allergic substances due to the great brush.


  • The product is not endurable after a few months using. The power has burned out and the battery does not charge automatically.
  • The head of the vacuum could not stay on the captivating attachments.
  • The product does not have the guaranty.

7.Best bagged vacuum for hardwood floors


The Shark Rocket With DuoClean is rated one of the best vacuum for pet hair in the top seller about the stick vacuum cleaner.

Because it has the two brush roll with one head to deal with the pet hairs and three categories of dirt in the carpets as well as the hard floors – large, small and stuck-on pieces. So, we also called this feature is the Triple Particle Cleaning.

With 4.6 pounds only, the machine is very lightweight and a hand vac for you to bring on anywhere you might want to (even if you want to get it in your traveling). The product has also a LED lights which are inbuilt on the hand vac and the nozzle to start the task and keeps for the maintenance time.

The suction power seems not to feel tired when cleaning all the time. The vacuum cleaner could work on several times to do its mission.

You might be surprised that the machine does not only deal with the pet hairs, but also it could clean the human hairs in all of the surfaces.

Once you have received the vacuum, you should check the filter system immediately. If the filters are dirty, then you should rinse them with warm water only. Then, you could use the blanket to remove the water in the filters, but pay attention to the material in this blanket as it could stick on the filters.( Buy it now on Amazon )


  • The product is easy for set up and use for a while. All you need to do is following the instruction.
  • The machine might tackle in all of the floors from the hardwoods to the laminate floors.
  • You enable to change the attachments smoothly for your own requirements while cleaning.
  • The filters are easy for changing and cleaning.


  • You are able to use the cord in the canister vacuum only.
  • The product does not have an automatic cord spooler.
  • After a few months of using, it does not work well to clean all of the pet hairs.

8.Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum


The Dyson V8 Absolute Cord has also pointed out the best seller about the stick vacuum in the latest market because of its unique features. ( View on Amazon )

With the Dyson V8 Absolute Cord, you do not need to use the cord once starting the cleaning process. The suction power could run more than 30 minutes (with more than 20 minutes floor -equipment motorized) without problems.

The battery is used for beginning the cleaning procedure only. Please keep in mind that you should charge the V8 battery at least four hours for being practical before starting the cleaning task.

Thanks to the pet brush, the vacuum might clean all of the pet hairs and other debris strongly than the Dyson V6 version.

The head cleaner handles the machine deeply in the carpets to kick out of the pet hairs as well as other debris. Amazingly, this cleaning process could offer from seven to ten minutes only.

How about the attachments in the Dyson V8 model? The carpet cleaning head, the crack cleaner, one dusting brush, one cleaning bare floors, and other combination head ones (the animal hair cleaner).

Before making a purchasing, you should estimate the space between of this product and the space in your room to put it economically (the height of this product is 2-1/2 inch).


  • The motor is rated the most powerful one for the stick vacuum cleaner due to the V8 engine.
  • The machine is lightweight and portable whenever you might want to.
  • The charging time of the V8 version is shorter than older models of the Dyson.
  • The price is affordable for most of the users.


  • The wall rack could not hold all the tools.
  • The battery could work 15 minutes only.
  • Some consumers complain that the box lacks the parts in the vacuum and attachments.

Types of the vacuum cleaner for pet hair

The upright vacuums

The upright vacuums are one of the most powerful products in the market due to the suction power. With this element, most of the users would want to get because they might save their time for cleaning the dust, especially the pet hairs.

This is also a perfect option for cleaning the carpets, but if you want to remove the dirt in the hardwoods or other surfaces, then you could use a brush roll. The brush roll could be closed in the hardwood floors while the brush does its job.

A negative point in this product is the vacuums are heavy, especially in the head. Thus, it is very hard to clean in the corner of the spaces.

The canister vacuums

With the canister vacuums, you completely clean all of the substances, dust, and debris. Once you want to wipe the pet hairs in the corners from the rooms to the couches, the canister vacuums might say “absolutely”.

The largest disadvantage of this item is you have to pull it behind you.

The handheld vacuums

Like the canister vacuums, the handheld ones could deal with the pet hairs in the tight corners and other furniture in your home.

On the one hand, you enable to clean the dust and pet hairs on your car after your pets had a seat in it and given their hairs in the seats or the curtains.

You must not pull the vacuum behind you, but you need to take it on your hand for a few hours or less than one hour relying on your situation. Your hand will feel uncomfortable after closing the process.

The stick vacuums

The stick vacuums is a combination product of the handheld, the upright and the canister. They are easy for using with lightweight and portable to bring anywhere.

Furthermore, they will do their job shortly within minutes that you might not expect. With corners and other challenging surfaces to clean the pet hairs, the stick vacuums significantly could tackle.

Some handy attachments in the vacuums for pet hair

  • The crevice equipment

The crevice one will grovel dirt and dust from tight points due to its narrow and the angled shapes. It also supports for the radiators, the sofa cushions, and the baseboards.

  • The upholstery equipment

The upholstery one will help your vacuums clean the furniture and the fabric case with its wide which is designed for attracting the dust.

  • The extension equipment

It is also called a telescopic wand shaped to offer you control the pipe and reach the target smoothly in the corners, ceilings, etc.

  • The dusting equipment

This equipment will help you clean the dust in the collecting dust like the book shelters, windowsills, etc.

  • The power brush (the power nozzle or the motorized brush head tool)

This tool is often inbuilt with the canister vacuum and helps you remove pet hairs from rugs and carpets like the upright vacuums. Small models could support you to wipe the stairs, car seats, upholstery, the fabrics.

  • The brush roll (the beater bar brush)

Normally, the brush roll will be enclosed in the upright vacuums to increase the level of cleaning in the carpets, the hardwood surfaces, etc.

The difference between the corded and the cordless

The corded

With the corded, you do not need to get the battery in the motor of the machine. An engine is much more robust than the cordless because the engine connects to the machine and other parts instantly. This model is suitable for large spaces and for those who want to have a deep clean in the big suction.

The cordless

For those who have smaller space, they prefer using the cordless. On the flip side, they also want to have the model which is flexible and portable.

With the cordless, they do not have to unplug or insert again while cleaning many spaces in their house as well as in their car.

However, the cordless need to charge the battery routinely to make certain it has enough power to finish the cleaning process. In addition, the cordless is heavier than the corded versions.

Some considerations of the vacuum you need to think beforehand

The kinds of the vacuum

As mentioned above, the best vacuum for pet hair has several types which are selling in the market today. It depends on your situation and your requirements to make your own choice.

The power

The power is the main part of a vacuum product, so it is crucial to draw attention to this point. If you do not have many experiences about choosing the power, then you could watch the wattage of a product to select. The higher will be the sturdier.

The attachments

If you have different floors and surfaces, then the vacuum will need the extra attachments to support the machine.

The filters

In fact, the HEPA filters are the best choice for the pet hair vacuum. It will remove more than 90 percent of the pet hairs as well as other allergic substances.

The durability

Absolutely, no one to buy a product which promptly breaks within a short period of time. Therefore, you need to read the reviews from other buyers on the reviewing webs and asking your friends or families if they know the product quite well.

The guaranty policies

When looking up a product, you should not miss out the guaranty policies from the seller for that product.

The price tag

Some machines are too expensive while others are cheaper. Nonetheless, some cheaper ones still have its worth features. Consider the price tag to estimate your budget.


After all, choosing the best vacuum for pet hair is not awkward than you might think. You just need to spend a little time to discover some factors and features firstly. Then, you will find the best product depending on your needs and wants.

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