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Tips For Helping Your Dogs Get The Most Out Of Toys

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You’re thinking of gifting your precious pooches something to play with? And do you know how to get the most out of dog toys? We’ll help you!


Dog toys can be exploited in many aspects. But all in all, it’s for the ultimate goal of bringing a joyful life to our furry friends. To take full advantage of dog toys, you must think of how they can be best used. Let’s take a look at some helpful tips for helping your dogs get the most out of toys.

What Can Dog Toys Be Used For?

The Happy Charms

It is unimaginable that any pet’s or pet owner’s life sans of toys. These colorful things are both the dog’s companions and the owner’s savior during busy hours. In other words, toys multiple the fun when you play with your dog, and they also help keep your dog busy, happy, and out of trouble.

Make the little bundle of energy do repeating tasks like fetching (use a fetch machine or manually throw), or play hide-and-seek with toys. It works like a charm and your dog’s pent-up energy and stress resulted from being bored will be reduced significantly. Remember, a busy and exhausted dog is a good dog.

Strengthen the Bond

This much is obvious: you spend time with your dog, make him happy, and your bond will be naturally enhanced. Dogs are inherently affectionate creatures. They love being in the company of their owner, no matter what.

Now, you two will be closer and more interactive with some toys involved in the play time.

Learning Materials

Have you any idea how effective your dog’s entertaining objects can be when it comes to teaching him new tricks? For example, toys and tasty treats make a perfect dual to teach your young pup chores (like pick up and bring certain items to the owner, help clean up objects on the floors, etc.)


When growing up, all pups need to learn to socialize and to play gently with humans and other animals. This can be achieved with the help of some toys, as he’ll learn how to get and ask for it appropriately, no growling or aggressive behaviors.

For example, with a rope toy, you can teach your dog commands like “Let’s tug” to start the game, and “Out” (or “Give”) to end the game. Because this is a lesson, remember never to let him begin or stop the game without your signal phrase.

Toys as Merit Awards

The enthusiastic pup will be even more motivated as he plays with you and gets the treat-toys afterward. Your food-orientated puppy can benefit from his favorite toys (the edible ones). Other dogs simply love to be rewarded with their squeaky balls.

Either way, just remember to use such items to reward your “good boy” for good behavior or during a training session.

Toys for Comfort

The pup you newly brought home may get scared. This may be because he has a traumatic past with the previous owner, or simply he doesn’t feel familiar with his new home.

In such case, you can give him your belongings, like a used blanket or an old T-shirt. Or you can transform these things to some handmade toys for the restless pup. Such kind of toys can work wonderfully to give him some comfort and time to get to know you, as they have your smell on them.

What To Consider When Buying Toys For Your Dog?

One of the most important tips for helping your dogs get the most out of toys is to understand your beloved pooch. This process includes answering the questions of your dog’s breed, size, habits, and characteristics.

  • Breed: This question will help you determine what type of toys might suit the breed’s characteristics. For example, Beagles tend to live a Frisbee because of their hunting trait, while some chew toys are ideal for German Shepherds’ mouthing habit. Visit pettoyspro.com for reliable reviews of pet toys.
  • Size:  Small toys can trigger swallowing or choking hazard to big dogs. By contrast, too big toys will become useless if your small dog can’t play with them.
  • Mouthing style: You can give your little chewer some edible toys. But it’s important to figure out whether he is a nibbler, gulper, or depredator so that you can choose the right kind of toys that can be both safe for him and can be used for other purposes (games, training sessions, etc.).

Even humans love to be entertained by toys, so why not gift your precious pooch something to play with, too? Hope that our article is helpful.

Thank you for reading!

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