10 Benefits of Using A Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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Self-cleaning litter boxes can be very helpful for people who have cats, especially if you’re not overly fond of the waste removal process that comes with being a pet owner. That being said, a high quality self-cleaning litter box can be a bit of an investment, especially if you’re on a budget. So to help you decide whether or not such a product might be right for your household, we’ve compiled this quick list of ten notable benefits you’ll get from owning and utilizing a self-cleaning litter box.

1.You Don’t Have to Scoop the Poop Yourself.

The most obvious benefit of a self-cleaning litter box is that you no longer have to handle your pet’s waste yourself; instead, the automated waste removal system in the litter box (typically a rake that sifts through the litter to remove waste) will take care of the poop for you. All you’ll need to do is throw away the sealed waste container periodically, a much easier task than clearing out the litter box yourself.

2.Fewer Stinky Smells

With ordinary litter boxes, there’s almost always that lingering stinky smell from your pet’s waste. This nasty aroma can be avoided with a self-cleaning litter box, since the waste is cleaned out of the litter right away and deposited into a sealed compartment that traps in both the waste and the smells it produces.

3.Easier, Faster, and Safer Waste Disposal.

Handling your pet’s poop, even if you use a plastic scoop and trash bags, can still put you at risk for contamination and picking up germs (also it’s a fairly disgusting chore that most of us would like to avoid whenever possible). As mentioned previously, your pet’s poop will be collected together via the self-cleaning litter box’s automated cleaning mechanism. It’s then (depending upon the design of the litter box) deposited into either a sealed bag or tray; this sealed container can be thrown out and replaced quite easily, making for a much faster cleaning and waste disposal process overall. You won’t need to handle plastic bags of pet waste and risk cross contamination; instead, you simply throw out the waste container and replace it with a fresh one.

4.Litter Remains Clean Longer and Lasts for a Longer Period of Time.

Because self-cleaning litter boxes remove pet waste from the litter box almost immediately after your pet defecates, the remaining unsoiled litter will last longer and not be contaminated by the soiled litter. Another way to help this is to use a clumping cat litter that helps pet waste to congeal and not spread throughout the litter box.

5.Minimal Maintenance is Needed.

By and large, a self-cleaning litter box takes care of itself. It activates automatically once your cat finishes their business and leaves the litter box, and unless the waste rake becomes jammed in some way you will almost never have to do anything with your self-cleaning litter box other than switch out the waste accumulation tray.

6.Cats Prefer It.

It’s true that when you first set up a self-cleaning litter box, some cats might be hesitant to use it because it is unfamiliar. But once they realize how it works and see that it is safe for them to use, they will have no problem using it like a regular litter box; some cats even seem to prefer self-cleaning litter boxes because they are cleaner than ordinary litter boxes due to a lack of waste build-up in the box.

7.It’s More Sanitary.

Since the poop is raked into a sealed bag or container, you don’t need to worry about touching it and spreading germs and contaminants around; additionally, you don’t need to worry about your cat stepping in the waste the next time they use the box and then tracking that waste all throughout your house (thereby spreading those fecal germs around your own living environment).

8.You’ll Save Money on Litter.

 Since the self-cleaning litter box will only remove the soiled litter, you will be wasting less litter overall with an automated box (using a regular litter box, by comparison, can waste a lot of litter since you’ll be tossing out everything that gets collected in your scoop). Therefore, a self-cleaning litter box will help you waste less litter and therefore save money on replacing it.

8.You Can Go Out of Town for a Few Days without Worrying about the Litter Box.

Unlike with an ordinary litter box that needs to be cleaned frequently, a self-cleaning litter box looks after itself and doesn’t need daily cleanings from you. This autonomy can allow you to take a long weekend without needing to worry about changing the litter (you will, of course, still need to make sure your pet has enough food and water).

10.Great if You Have More Than One Cat.

If you have multiple cats and a regular litter box, you’re going to be scooping a lot of poop if you want to keep that litter box clean. And not only will that be using up a lot of your free time that could be spent on other things, it’s also an unpleasant chore just in general (and certainly not any more fun the more often you do it!). Self-cleaning litter boxes can be a great help in this regard, since you will go from needing to manually scoop up poop multiple times a day to only needing to throw out a sealed plastic bag every other day or so.


As you can see, there are quite a few great benefits to be gained from purchasing and using a self-cleaning litter box. In any case, we hope that you’ve found this list informative and helpful; if you have any additional questions or concerns (or if you’d like to share your own self-cleaning litter box advice with us), feel free to leave us a message in the comments section below.

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