Best automatic cat feeder wet food- cat mate c3000 review

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Pets can be fun and this is the main reason why many people love to keep cats. As you and your pet get more comfy together a bond is formed that could leave you feeling really down especially when you left the little kitty unattended.

If you are in the process of getting a cat or kitten for your home you should begin investigating useful products that will help you keep her safe and happy.

Your cat depends on you for everything including food, water, shelter and health. Though cats do act cocky and independent they do very poorly outdoors and risk being attacked by dogs and stray cats. Contrary to what many people say, cats can adapt and get all the exercise they need living entirely indoors.

With just a few easy to use modern accessories you will soon be worrying les about your pet whenever away from home.

What is an Automatic Cat Feeder ?

As the name suggests this is simple device that ensures your cat get the right amount of food in a clean and sanitary vessel.

This simple device can be a life saver. With this in place and stocked you can run around all day and all night if you need to without worrying about feeding your pet. They come in varied designs all aiming to solve specific objectives.

Types and Benefits of Various cat Feeders

Access to reliable DC power

Reviews of the 10 best automatic cat feeders

#1.Pet Safe 12 Meal Auto Feeder 

If you are seeking a pet feeder that can be used for relatively long stretches then Pet Safe has the product for you. It is well designed and will sit well in a neat corner of your home.

The easy to use Pet Safe product has a programmable LCD panel to manage the feeding schedule – serving up to 12 meals daily in portions of ¼ cup to 4 cups. Buyers of this product include pet owners who spend long durations away from home; pet owners with small to medium sized dogs.

Pet safe is designed with your pet’s nature in mind and has a slow feeding mode for meals in portions larger than 1/8 cup. This will keep your pet from gulping down food and vomiting in your house. The unit is pet proof and will keep prying claws away from the storage container.

It is very hygienic and easy to clean serving food in an easy to clean stainless steel bowl. The unit comes apart easily and has dishwasher safe components for fast cleaning. He translucent storage unit makes it easy to detect when food levels drop.

​Our Rating: 4.5/5

Multiple feeding modes

#2.Arf pets Automatic Feeder

For pet owners worrying about feeding can be very tiring and an automatic feeder may be just what you need. There are various models today and the Arf Pets automatic feeder is one of the most used options.

With this modern device you can be sure you will maintain healthy and well fed pets without having to make any significant sacrifices. The blue LCD control panel can be used easily in the dark and will ensure you and the pet can remain healthy with minimal stress. The device is designed with pet eating in mind and will restrict the portions served in each meal to ensure they do not gorge themselves. Unrestricted eating can contribute to your pets stuffing themselves and eventually vomiting. Each meal can also have an alert programmed that your pet will grow accustomed to in time.

This feeder looks very stylish making a great addition to your home. The Arf pet feeder is designed to cater for both cats and dogs with preset portions that match the health needs of each pet. Many of the buyers love the option to use D batteries or DC cord for power – no one wants to keep checking the batteries. It makes great buy and includes a free gift for your pet, and a valuable dietary schedule for your pet.

​Our Rating: 4.1/5


  • Programmable feeding schedule
  • Works with Batteries and DC power
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Large storage container


  • The plastic feeding bowl is not very durable

#3.GemPet Smart Feeder

If there is one thing many of us are getting to love it’s the number of devices that can be controlled remotely. Technology is advancing and today many home appliances including this feeder can be controlled using a Smart Phone.

GemPet automatic feeder is technology at is best and is backed by the free Petwant app. It can do a lot more than just feed and allows you to keep a smart eye on your pet and feeding by video calling. There is no denying that this feeder can make a great ice breaker while on the train to or from work.

Like many other competing brand sit allows you to program a feeding schedule that keeps your pets healthy while you are busy away from home. It allows you to set an alert and even record your own feeding alert (10 seconds long). It’s a bit of a drag that such an intuitively designed product only allows you fixed food portions of 24 ml. Portions can be partitioned though to facilitate up to 10 portions of each meal. It can use 32 GB SD memory for longer videos and is powered by batteries or DC. At the very least GemPet auto feeder is innovatively designed and looks a lot like tomorrow.

​Our Rating: 4.9/5

Only suitable for use with dry food


#4.Lusmo Auto Pet Feeder

Many pet feeders are designed for use – some customers have complained of the plain look much like an office printer.

The Lusmo automatic pet feeder is just as handy with joyously playful coloring. It has a programmable schedule with portions that range from 1/16 of a cup to 1 cup. The small portions when dispensing food are especially useful if you have more than one pet. The small portions also ensure your pets will not gorge themselves while feeding – this leads to vomiting.

It is very easy to assemble or dismantle and clean making it perfect for use on trips away from home. The design is pet sensitive and has a wide base that cannot be tipped over and keeps prying claws from causing damage.

Using the easy to use LCD panel you can set the feeding schedule to deliver three meals a day. The schedule can be scrapped and reset with minimum effort. With a large 2700 cc storage container this machine can guarantee food on time for 10-14 days. It has a neat manual feeding button convenient for snacks when you are home. The feeding tray is a little small though and will only work properly with pet feed 15mm in length or shorter.

​Our Rating: 4.5/5


  • Programmable feeding schedule

  • Easy to assemble and dismantle

  • Attractive playful colors

  • Pet safe design that prevents tipping over and prying claws

    •  Feeds both cats and small to medium dogs


  • Battery operated

    • Only suitable for dry food
    • Small opening restricts dry foods to 15mm to prevent jamming

​#5.Cat mate C3000 Auto Pet Feeder

Cat Mate c3000 is one of the smaller and less costly models on the market today. It is ideal for cat owners who do not spend too long away from home but still need something to keep the pets fed. The food portions begin 10g upwards – smaller portion generally work better and keep pets from vomiting. Cats especially kittens tend to gorge each time food is served – by nature. Feeding schedules help training them to slow down.

This neat little device is not power hungry and only uses 4 batteries to remain operational for 6-9 months. It has a decent sized storage container capable of carrying approximately 6.5 pounds of dry food. Like many competing brand sit is programmable – just use the LCD panel to enter the most ideal settings. It has a snap locking lid that is pet proof and will sit quite well in any corner of your house. Cat Mate C3000 is low maintenance fitted with several feeding parts that are dishwasher safe.

Do not hesitate to buy one because scheduled feeding is highly recommended by vets – it keeps pets healthy and helps keep obesity and other diseases at bay.

​Our Rating: 4.4/5


  • Small size
  • Consumes very little batter power (last 6-9 months)
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • Reasonable and easy to adjust feeding schedule


  • Feeder nozzle is a bit too wide promotes clawing

#6.Cat Mate C50 Auto Feeder

The futuristic looking Cat Mate C50 is the perfect cat feeding appliance you need to relieve yourself from the hassle of keeping a cat. Scheduled feeding of pets can be difficult especially if you love and enjoy dotting on your kitty. Auto feeders are often purchased for this reason alone – to maintain portions and timing. Without a feeding schedule you are likely to end up with disease prone obese kitty.

Cat Mate C50 is easy to use and will ensure you can serve up to 5 meals daily at specific times. The futuristic design may be good for some – a lot like a futuristic pressure cooker. Looks aside it works perfectly and even has an ice box to keep the food temperature down avoiding decay. The unit is low maintenance with several dishwasher safe components.

Unlike many competing brands buyers are very comfortable with the meal time settings on this feeder. It is not too complicated and is clearly explained in the product manual. Unlike the soda dispenser type feeders this machine uses a rotating lid and timer to serve food – you should know how to place required portions in each feeding tray to ensure your pet eats right.

​Our Rating: 4.2/5


  • Extra stable design prevents it from tipping over
  • Easy to clean dishwasher safe components
  • Easy to set meal timer
  • Low battery consumption


  • Not ideal for feeding over 48 hours

#7.Pet Safe 5 Meal Auto Pet Feeder

Pet Safe is an established name in manufacture of pet appliances – with many feeders on the market you can trust the name and product quality. The 5 meal auto feeder is probably the simplest and most affordable feeder on the market today. Its rugged design ensures that this product will keep your pets happy and healthy for years to come.

The sandwich toaster like design uses rotating feeding compartments to store and serve food. For buyers who do not want to spend too much – using it just for a weekend this is the perfect product. That is not forgetting that this feeder has very easy to clean dishwasher safe components.

It simple and has 5 compartments each with capacity of holding 1 cup of dry food. It is pet safe with a secure latch locking lid and an easy to use timer. It is also ideal for pet sitting when you do not want to spend too much buying a feeder you may never use again. The sturdy design also makes it ideal for patio/outdoor use given it is difficult to tip over and it size does not draw too much attention.

​Our Rating: 4.7/5


  • ​Sturdy design

    • Easy to clean
    • Easily adjustable timer
    • Durable


  • Fixed portions may encourage gorging and vomiting especially where kittens are concerned

#8.PetSafe SlimCat meal Dispensing Toy 

Many pet owners love and use larger programmable feeders. Many of these have the option of manual feeding for snacks. As a pet owner you probably love to spend time with your pet and love to dote on her with snacks and affection.

If you fit the above description then the PetSafe feeder and dispensing toy is just what you need for the quality moments at home. This toy and small meal feeder comes in many attractive colors blue, red, yellow and orange. Kittens and cats alike love to play and are easily attracted by bright colored balls – the PetSafe toy and feeder should bring you many laughs with your loved pets.

It is the perfect gift for a pet owner as it gives your pet treats while ensuring the kitty receives enough valuable exercise. It has small openings that challenge your kitty to reach the food. It is easy to clean and will give you kitty treats during playtime making her less of a distraction. In addition to the products PetSafe support will be available 24/7 to answer your questions on pet care and behavior. For pet owners struggling with obese or almost obese pets this may be one of the best solutions to improving the kitty’s health and prolonging its lifespan.

​Our Rating: 4.5/5


  • Easy to clean
  • Great for exercise
  • DurableEasy to clean
  • Adjustable food release openings


  • Too much fun can promote unhealthy eating

#9.Automatic Car Feeder CSF – 3XL

if you are seeking a medium size feeder that works like a charm this could just be the product for you. Many feeders come with designs that can hamper the flow of kibbles from the storage container to feeding tray – not this model. It has an inverted chute design that will keep feed and kibbles from getting stuck in the system

The CSF -3XL auto cat feeder can carry up to 5 pounds of dry food and will cater for your kitty for a number of days before you need to restock. It has an advanced portioning system that will serve in small quantities – this keeps kitty from gorging and regurgitating quickly gobbled food. Healthy schedules can be programmed using the digital timer that will relieve you from worry. The 1.5 gallon design ensures your kitty has enough to eat at all times. The tough polycarbonate exterior also ensures that the unit will not get damaged easily. Like many super feeder products it has a Wi-Fi extension for iPhone. This innovative pet feeder can be fastened to the wall to make it 100% pet safe.

​Our Rating: 4.8/5


  • Easy to use
  • Tough polycarbonate components increase durability
  • Wall fasteningEasy to use digital timer
  • Smart meal portioning mechanism for better pet health


  • Can only be used where Dc power is available

#10.Crown Majestic Diamond Automatic Feeder

Cats/ Dogs are very sensitive and can succumb to disease simply due to poor diet. For instance consumption of excess dry food and lack of water causes irritable bowel disease (IRB). Symptoms of this disease include vomiting and diarrhea. Crown Majestic is one of few automatic cat feeders that are designed with a water bottle just to ensure your kitty remains healthy –especially useful if you will be away for a period of time.

The feeder dispenses food in portions ranging from ¼, ½, and ¾ all the way 2 cups. This is great when you consider that the gulping of food served at once is the reasons kittens end up vomiting. It has a durable and easy to clean stainless steel feeding tray. Many of the removable components are dish washer safe. It is fitted with an easy to use LCD panel that displays number of meals dispensed and the time. The food storage container can stock just over 4 pounds of food ideal for at least 3 days feeding. The dual power option that allows you to use batteries as a backup ensures your pet will never go hungry when you are away.

​Our Rating: 4.5/5


  • Dishwasher safe components
  • Durable stainless steel feeding tray
  • Easy to use LCD to determine meal times and portions
  • Dual power options
  • Handy water bottle


  • Cheap looking plastic finish

Select models that match your lifestyle


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