7 Plants to Keep Your Kitty Smiling And Healthy

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Love is when your kitty purrs next you every time you come home. Dickens aptly quoted, “What greater gift than the love of a cat.” Indeed, these words are entirely convincing if you have ever lived with a cat.

When cats come home, anxiety and stress go away. So, how can anyone ignore these lovely creatures? Even dog lovers can’t deny the beauty of these elegant creatures. So, if your cat brings so much love and craziness in your life, you have some responsibilities towards it too.

Taking good care of felines is vital to ensure their well-being. Meaning, you have to be very careful about making your home pet-friendly. Anything can harm a cat’s mental as well as emotional and physical health. So, it’s essential to keep a check on everything in the house, just to make sure nothing causes them any harm.

Plants also make an important part of our environment. And cats love to play with them. But here’s the catch: sometimes they may end up ingesting the leaves by mistake and this can’t get dangerous. You will be surprised to know that several common household plants can be poisonous for cats — for instance, tomato, aloe vera, gooseberry, snake plant, etc.

Although cats are relatively low maintenance, you must make sure to keep their environment toxin-free. After all, they can’t really re-decorate instead of you. You may relocate to a beautiful home in a no-pet zone with your cat with an ESA letter. But, sadly the plant’s that you live with may not make your life so hasslefree. Good thing is, we have it all sorted out for you. Read along to learn more about common plants that are cat-friendly.

Gloxinia(Gift Plant)

The most usual pick of every potential grower is this gift plant. Women love the scent and color of these flowers. This is one of the grounds that this plant's flowers are the most popular choice for Valentine's day. The happy news is that these flowers are excellent for your felines too. So, you don't have to overlook them or eliminate them from your garden. Cats love to play with gloxinia as they take the pink flowers as soft toys. Wherever you pot this tiny beautiful plant, you can find your cat near it. Nailed the photo bomb i’d say!

Spider Plant

Cats love to hide. It gives them a feeling of security. And for this very reason, I always encourage cat-owners to create more hideouts for their fur babies. Spider plants are love for cats. The long-soft leaves of this plant produce an umbrella-like cover, and felines love to wear that kind of shield. If you come home and you don't find your kitty jumping in, then go and look beneath the leaves of the spider plant. The smile you'll see on your furry's face will surely melt your heart. As per the vets, the spider plant is non-toxic. It means while playing if your kitty accidentally chews its leaves, there's nothing to worry about. This chlorophytum is a popular pick for a kitchen or living room. Just relax, as your cat is in the company of the right green partner.

Parlor Palm

Palm trees are large and found mostly in large open areas. But, parlor palm is a bit different than a natural palm plant. This scrub is ideal for cats and dogs. People mostly choose it as it doesn't demand a lot of care. One can water it weekly, and still, it doesn't die. In a house of cats, we all know the cat is the one who receives most of the attention. In that case, this plant helps in infusing beauty and health under your cat-friendly roof.

Staghorn Fern

Kittens love to sit high. They adore it when they're able to explore and watch everything in their surroundings. Sometimes cats even perform a lot of tricks to make their masters happy. In such cases, Staghorn Fern plants come as a very good option. The plant is fixable to planks and great for hanging. So, your cat can jump over them and can enjoy them.

Money Tree

Another one on the non-toxic list, the money tree is an absolute plant choice for your house partner. If you're a cat parent, then a money plant should be there in your house. The bonus is, this plant will grow big and strong without your care. It keeps your home pest free. And the tree serves as a beautiful medium where your cat can purr loudly. Additionally, the stems of this bonny tree are strong, making it the fact that felines won't damage them while hopping over.

Asparagus Fern

Play hide and seek with your purr-fect buddy in the shadow of asparagus fern plants. The non-spiky fragments of this bush feel like cotton balls to kittens. And so cats like to sit near these plants making it all the more cat-oriented. Some people believe that this plant improves a cat’s eyesight. How? We are still not sure yet, but this just means you are good to go by planting some asparagus ferns in your house.

Bamboo Palm

The bamboo palm plant infuses a tropical vibe in your home. There's something magical in the plant. Somehow cats can stare at them for hours. So, in short, it’s good to agree that they probably find this plant very intriguing. A bamboo palm plant can be definitely found in one out of every five pet-friendly homes. Besides, it's also useful for purifying the air.

So, to purr it up, the plant’s always don’t harm your cat. You just need to figure out what goes best in your garden and home. It’s always good to take your cat out for a walk in the garden and have them socialize with your neighbors. If you have an emotional support cat and a nosy landlord, My ESA Doctor can help you find a pet-friendly apartment without having to pay any hefty fees or deposits.

Plants are very good for your house and cat. Choose wisely and make a purr friendly apartment for your cat. Interestingly, they love to be around greenery. And slowly, so will you.

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