How To Choose Tall Baby Gates For Cats

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Having a human child and a feline child in the same house can be great fun. Both will have their unforgettable adventures and memories with each other and with the entire family. It is also beneficial for a baby to bridge a connection with animals at an early age through playing.

But sometimes it is not a good idea to let these little creatures be in the same space. The reason may be the baby’s illnesses or health complications. Or perhaps your cat is sick and you don’t want to let him play with your baby.

Whatever the reasons are, you may need some tall baby gates for cats. We are here to show you exactly how to choose products that perfectly fit your demands.

Benefits of Baby Gates for Cats 

Keep Cats Out

Cats are curious animals. They want to explore and mark their territories as widely as possible. Most cat owners have gone through the ordeal of coming home to a complete mess caused by their little furry friends. A gate acts as a barrier to keep the cats out of unwanted places such as the kitchen where they can steal food or consume poisonous substances or the bathroom where they’d like to have some fun tearing apart the toilet paper.

Protect Cats

Gates for cats are commonly used to prevent old or sick cats from falling down the stairs, which can cause them fatal injuries. For household with multiple felines, fights can be a nagging issue. In this case, a gate helps to separate aggressive cats from others so that blood won’t be shed and bad energy won’t be spread.

Keep Babies In

Many people do not want their little babies to come in contact with a feline too soon. They either worry about allergic problems, hygiene, cats’ unpredictable behaviors or cats’ feces. Most cat owners know that cat feces contain extremely harmful bacteria that can make a person, especially young babies with weak immune system, really sick.

Types of Baby Gates for Cats

Gates Mounted by Pressure

These pressure-mounted gates are usually installed in doorways or any openings that are wide enough. The pressure is exerted into the walls or the frames of the doors. There is no need for special gadgets, so these gates do not have much strength.

There are 2 popular kinds of pressure-mounted gates:

Portable Gates

These gates are for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on products that they know little about or those who prioritize portability. Most portable gates are conveniently designed with two panels that can slide and be adjusted according to your opening.

There is also a locking feature that helps to hold the gate firmly in position. You can either remove the gate completely to make your way through or just simply slide the panels. Portable gates do not make much demand on your pocket and they are great for traveling with cats when you want to install and remove gates easily.

Walk Through Gates

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They always have a door that can be swung open whenever you want to go through. This way, you don’t have to remove the whole gate and reinstall all the time. That’s why this kind of gate for cat is recommended for areas where you use frequently. Metal or wood is the primary material of these gates. They may also come with some tools to increase the gate’s strength.

Gates Mounted by Hardware

These are gates that are installed to your walls or doorframes permanently. They require special tools for the installation. It takes much more effort and time to remove these gates compared to pressure mounted gates.

There are 2 kinds of hardware mounted gates:

Threshold Gates

They have a threshold to step over and a swinging door convenient for going through. But you need to install the gate in a large or opening space that might require a lot of effort.

No Threshold Gates

These gates have a swinging door but no threshold to step over. This kind is most suitable for the stairs’ top opening.

Stand-Alone Fence

Pet yard” is another name for this kind of gates. You do not need to install these gates into your walls or anything. They can be erected anywhere and form a circle space to keep the people or pets inside and separated from the outside.

How to Buy the Best Tall Baby Gates for Cats

Consider The Gate’s Location

As shown before, different gates are made for different areas in the house. If you wish to have a gate to separate the hallway from rooms or in the middle of a hallway, consider the pressure mounted kind. They are easy to install and remove. You can buy one and put it in different places as you’d like. Use a walk through gate for areas that have a lot of traffic during the day.

If you wish to block your cat from a wide area permanently or for a long time, choose hardware mounted gates or standalone fences because they can cover a much larger area than pressure mounted gates. In addition, choose a hardware mounted gate if you want to fix it there for a long time or standalone gates or pet yards if you’d like some flexibility.

If you wish to block the top of the stairs, choose only hardware mounted gates. They offer better security and strength than the other kinds. It is recommended that you go for strongly-built gates without threshold. And you must remember to choose only gates that can swing open one direction – the opposite direction to the stairs. No one wants to see their pets or babies accidentally fall off the stairs because the gate door swings that way.

If you are outdoor with your cats and wish to contain them in a certain area, consider standalone fences or pet yards. They can be folded up for easy travel. They take little effort to erect. And they will give your family and your cats a safe space to play.

Must Have a Cat Door

Our feline friends love to sneak their way through small opening spaces to get a feeling of privacy and adventure. Plus, you need to leave a small cat door for your cat to enter when you want him to. The door should be in a size that fits your cat only and prevents other pets from using. 

Easy Passing

No one wants to deal with the hurdle of having to use both hands to open a gate’s door while carrying something. Choose gates that are easy to open or slide. The gate should be tall enough to prevent your cat but also short enough for you to step over if needed.


By now we hope you have found the information needed to purchase the best tall baby gates for cats. Since cat gates are not like cat food or litter boxes whose quality is judged mostly by your picky and unpredictable cats, it is generally easier to find a good gate. You just need to consider the above factors and make your own choice.

Leave your questions below if you have anything to ask us. Thank you!

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