How To Eliminate Urine Odor – Easy Tips for Thorough Cleaning

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This must be the most frequently asked question in cat owner’s world since people made cats domestic. Fortunately, there have been numerous creative and useful solutions to this question.

Today we want to show new cat parents some easy and quick guides on how to eliminate urine odor. For those who are experts in this field, the information may be too familiar to you but it’s still worth a look to see if you have missed something.

Things You Should Know About Cat Urine

It Is Not Just Smelly

Many people think that the smell is just a nasty by-product of cats’ urine stains and do not harm human health. In fact, the stain’s odors are made up of extremely small particles that can only be seen with a microscope. These particles are the same components of cats’ urine stains. When you breathe in the smell, you breathe in the urine as well. So, cat urine odors can be harmful to you and your family.

Respiratory Problems


Cat urine is made up of high ammonia concentrations. Actually, ammonia is just a natural mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen. A low dose does not cause any significant harms to a normal person’s lungs. However, when cat urine is left to last for a long time, it can make great impacts on people’s health.

High concentrations of cat urine are known to cause irritation in the respiratory system. This makes people feel very uncomfortable when breathing. They do not take in as much air as they usually do. And when people do not breathe properly, their brains do not work properly, either. Symptoms such as headaches, nausea, tiredness, etc. will ensue.

For babies with a respiratory system still in the early stage of development and those who suffer from asthma or COPD, cat urine can definitely worsen the symptoms and damage respiratory health.

Mood Problems

Science has proven that scents can greatly affect one’s mood. Every day, our moods change according to environments and the smells of those environments without our conscious knowledge. You don’t want to house the nasty odor of cat urine because it will give you negative feelings all day. Even though those negative influences are small and undetectable, they can exacerbate your stress and eventually make you go mad.

It Needs to Be Cleaned Fast

Removing cat urine odor is a tough task. It takes research, time and patience. And often, your cat does not kindly notify you in advance that the incident will take place. Those are the main reasons why people react slowly to cat urine incident. Of course, most of us will know how to wipe the surface clean and apply odor neutralizing substances. But we do not clean everything thoroughly to the roots. We often just clean the surface and wait several days until we have time to solve the problem entirely.

This is exactly how cat urine gets even more concentrated. The smell gets nastier, and the urine penetrates deeply any surfaces. By now, it is much harder for you to remove the urine. But it is much easier for your cat to track back to the spot and urinate outside the litter box again.

It Is Not to Be Cleaned with Ammonia

This is probably the most important thing you must know and remember about your cat’s urine. Do not ever use cleaners whose ingredients contain ammonia. This sounds like a ridiculous advice at first, but many cat parents still make the mistake of using cleaners containing ammonia without their knowledge. Be sure to double check the ingredients when you buy any cat urine cleaners if you don’t want to worsen the smell and invite your cat to spray again.

It Indicates Cats’ Problems

When a cat urinates out of the cat litter box, it may be trying to communicate something to you. Some cats try to tell their parents that they have medical issues by not urinating where they are supposed to. Those medical issues can be urinary tract illnesses, kidney diseases or diabetes.

Another reason accounting for cats’ bad habit of urinating is closely connected with behaviors. Some cats develop behavioral complications as they grow up. Maybe they are upset with an object in their environment, with the way they are treated or with the food they eat. It is important for owners to pinpoint their cats’ behavioral problems because they can affect cats’ health to a great extent.

How to Eliminate Urine Odor

Use Enzymatic Cleaners

Many people believe enzymatic cleaners that are widely available at pet stores make the best substance in dealing with cat urine. They have good reasons for their belief. The special enzymes in commercial enzyme cleaners break down the odor particles, removing odors and stains at the same time without much intervention from users. They even help to prevent bacteria from developing.

Clean Carpets with Enzyme Cleaners

As you have learned from the previous section, cat urine needs to be cleaned fast. The first thing you should do is to locate the urine stain and apply a clean cloth to blot up as much urine as you possibly can. This will make your work much easier later.

After blotting the stained area up, you should rinse it using clean water. Then, dry the area with the help of a vacuum. Remember NOT to use steam cleaners to dry the area because heat only works to bring the stain back.

You can spray the stained area as instructed by cleaner manufacturers. But only spraying a little bit usually does not work to solve the urine problem for good. Instead, you should consider pouring a lot more of the cleaning liquid onto the stained area.

After that, just leave the cleaning substance there to work magic for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, blot the wet area up as much as possible using a clean cloth.

Clean Linens and Clothing with Enzyme Cleaners

After rinsing the urine spot with cool water, you should put your clothing or lining into a washing machine. Remember to use detergent as well as baking soda (a cup) or cider vinegar (a quarter of a cup).

For some lucky people, the second step is enough to do the cleaning job, but if you are not happy or sure about the stained area, feel free to apply your trusted enzyme cleaner to the spot. Remember to follow closely manufacturer’s instructions. Some cleaners are not recommended for clothes. After applying the cleaner, you can let the washing machine do its job again.

You must NOT use bleach. When bleach is blended with urine and ammonia, deadly gases can be created. Also remember to air dry your linens to best eliminate urine odor. If this step does not work, try repeating it over and over several times.

Use Vinegar

    Step 1: Create the vinegar solution by mixing equal proportions of white vinegar with water.

    Step 2: Apply the solution to the stained area. In this step, you should use a bristle brush to rub the solution until the stained area is thoroughly soaked.

    Step 3: Dry the area

Remember to use a clean cloth to blot the area up as much as you possibly can. After this, you should leave the area to air dry.


Now you have our complete guide on how to eliminate urine odor with both enzyme cleaners and the vinegar solution. We hope this article has helped to save your valuable time. If you’re looking to remove odor specifically from carpets, we have a comprehensive review on the bestcarpet cleaners for you.

Good luck and see you later!

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