How Much Are Maine Coon Cats?

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Maine Coon (also known as Snowshoe, Coon Cat, American Longhair, Gentle Giants, etc.) is a cat breed. Despite being domesticated hundreds of years ago, they remain the look and remarkable hunting skill of their wild ancestors which belong to one of the oldest cat races in North America.

This cat breed is very famous for its beautiful appearance and big body. That might be the reason why Maine Coon is very costly. However, before finding the answer to the question “How much are Maine Coon cats?”, let’s take a look at the Maine cats’ unique traits to see if they are truly worth the classy price.

Characteristics of Maine Coon

Majestic Appearance

Maine Coon cats are rectangular in shape and muscular in build. Especially, they are reckoned to be one of the biggest domesticated cat breeds with a huge, solid bone structure, a broad chest, and a squarish head.

Because these mighty animals inhabit in the Northeast where the climate is harsh, their 3-layered fur is thick and covers all over their body, from ears to paws to tail. The fur is especially longer around the strong neck – making it look like a mane, serves as the cat’s regal scarf.

That’s why Maine Coon is also called Snowshoe, indicating their tufted paw pads that are immensely helpful when they have to move on snowy surfaces.

Maine cats’ distinct ears, also adorned with downy tufts, are large and have these trademark "lynx tips" on the top. Other than that, Maine cats’ bushy, tapering tail is rather long and has a similar looking to that of the raccoons.

Gorgeous Color Combinations

The patterns and colors are diverse, ranging from the most common Classic brown tabby to rarer shades, such as white, red, black, or bi-color (blue-white, red-white), and patterns like calico and tortoiseshell.

Other hypnotizing traits of Maine Coon cats are their large, glassy pair of eyes which can be green, greenish-gold, gold, or copper. Meanwhile, less common hue like azure blue or odd eyes can be seen in bi-colored or white Maine cats.

Impressive Measurements

As one of the largest domesticated felines, male Maine Coon cats can weigh from 15 – 25 lbs, while their female counterparts’ measurements fluctuate between 10 and 15 lbs. Adult cats can reach 10 – 16 inches in height and 40 inches in length, and their tail can reach 14 inches in length.

Stewie, a purebred Maine Coon, was reckoned the longest cat by Guinness World Records in 2010. The impressive figure taken was up to 485 inches from nose tip to tail tip.

Pleasant Temperament

Similar to one of the biggest dog breeds - the Great Dane, Maine Coon cats are also lovingly called the Gentle Giants due to their friendly characteristic that is inversely proportional to their size.

Despite the kingly appearance, they are by no means aggressive cats. Instead, Main Coon cats are happy to cohabit with other pets or with young children in the household.

This cat breed isn’t overly needy or clingy. Instead, they are quite independent with their owner and can take care of themselves well – a useful trait inherited from their ancestors’ wild nature.

How Much Are Maine Coon Cats?

Alright, to answer this question, you must first have a list of what to be expected when taking care of a Maine Coon. It is not simply just the money paid to afford one, but it must include the amount spent to attend to his needs also.

The list starts with the fees to adopt or purchase him, his foods, supplies (toys, feather wand, collar, etc.) to periodic veterinary expenditures. Now let’s have a look at their price tags?

Magnificent Value

Inherently, Maine Coon cats are aristocratic felines, so any one of this breed can easily take a considerable chunk off of your saving. And depending on the breeding status and the external appearance, the cost will be even higher than it already is.

If your passion and financial status allow, you can expect to spend about $500 – $2,000. The lowest prices under $1,000 are for the half-breed, crossbreed cats. Whereas, a purebred Maine Coon kitty costs about $1,200 - $2,000 (licensing), and an adult usually starts from $1,500.

Supplies Expenses

Cursorily, it would be approximately $20/month for canned food and $30/month for dry food. If you want to bring a better health to your beloved feline friend, you might consider certain organic or nutrient cat treats.

Moreover, to maintain Maine Coon cats’ mental health, you’ll need various kinds of toy, such as rubber balls, scratching post, collar, feather wand, etc. The total cost can be $50 – $500.

And don’t forget to bath your cats with specific shampoos and keep the litter box clean, which will add roughly $13/month for the purchase of sand or clay to the total cost.

Grooming and Training Courses

In comparison with other cat breeds, the Maine Coon doesn’t require much grooming. However, it’s advisable to schedule a regular grooming time (ideally twice a week) so that their coat won’t get all tangled up and the loose hairs are got rid of. The cost for this beneficial exercise is about $200 - $500 a time.

You can send your feline friends to cat training classes ($550 per section) so that they can be taught new tricks or be more obedient. What you want your cats to learn is optional. But if you wish to have them trained for assistant purposes, you will have to pay even more.

Veterinary Costs Entailed

According to SPCA, cats and dogs should have a check-over at the clinic at least once a year. The most shots are required in kittens’ first year (starts when he reaches 6-week old), so that’s going to be one of the most expensive years in his life. The recurring medical can be $410 - $650, excluding deworming and vaccination (about $220 – $350).

Though the Maine Coon is generally a healthy breed (its average longevity is up to 15 years), but just to be sure, you should bring your Maine kitty to the vet yearly to be thoroughly tested.

Moreover, because Maine kitties reach puberty at 6-12 months old, you should put expenses for spaying or neutering (about $200) into consideration as well. This minor surgery is beneficial to the cat as it reduces aggressive behaviors (in both sexes), as well as the risk of uterus-related diseases (in female), and the territorial habit of spraying urinate (and pungent scent – in male cats) all over your house.


In 2015, the Maine Coon breed is ranked ‘top 3 most popular cat breed’ in a USA’s survey. By now, their popularity probably answers your puzzlement as to how much Maine Coon cats are.

Yes, it is expensive! But to Maine cat owners, spending such considerable amount of money in exchange for their valuable feline’s affections and loyalty is totally worth it. Besides, the Maine Coon is prone to “talk” – including meowing, chirping, chattering, and even “talking back” to their owner. That’s why you can never get bored living with them.

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