How Much Is a Male Calico Cat Worth? Some Clues May Tell You That

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Male Calico Cats or Calico Cats have been well known as the beautiful cats regardless of their ages or their breeds. With this remarkable rare and color, male calico cats are hunted and purchased at extremely high price from countries around the world. 

Three different colors appeared in a Calico cat

In fact, the distinctive color pattern is the most virtuous trading worth for this cat species, but a shortage of masculine gender boosts the value in the highest price from $1000 to $2000 for one male calico cat at average. So, we are here to help you know how much a male Calico cat worth is right now.

A glance of the Calicos

In fact, Calico is an American term that described the cat fur has some certain colors and the tortoiseshell. Calicos have been discovered in Egypt for the first time, and they have immigrated to Europe and Asia continents. These Calicos in two regions are considered guarders of saints and pharaohs.

Some people believe that Calicos give them many luck and help them prevent lots of dangers as Calicos are rare with their unique patterns.

A male Calico cat

Some Calico cats also have the brown, black, orange, red, and blue, especially some cats have a mixture of three colors in their coats. Calico cats could be purebred or random bred cats like other plain cats.

More specially, you might be surprised that some Calico cats have six different colors in their fur, but once you see three different colors only, you could recognize that he is a Calico cat or not.

People these days have Calicos for exhibition only as they have to narrow down their budget for luxurious expenses because of the recession. And they prefer paying the male calico breed cats than female Calico cats.

The reason for the male Calico cats are quite rare

As male Calico cats are born among other 3000 cases of female, and the ratio of a male calico is equal 0, 0003 percent.

Each Calico cat is born with three chromosomes deciding the fur color which are two X chromosomes from their mothers and one Y from their fathers.

Calico cats are born fortuitously by a combination of X and Y chromosomes from their parents irrespective of breeds, and the occurrence may happen to any case.

In fact, Calicos grow up with tricolor or more appearance is not any under synthetic process produces them distinctive and exceptional to natural as well.

In the case of incomplete division, inadequately separated chromosomes including the third color will connect to another pair which fortunately is a pair of male cat and this pair could join another chromosome.

Most of the Calicos have the Klinefelter's symptom included some other confusions which make them sterile as well as sick all the time.

How much is a male Calico cat worth?

To know the exact price of a male Calico cat is a tough task because many bad guys always increase the trade price for this kind. I have already made my small survey for finding the true fact about the proper price, from asking many friends to several people in my region, I finally know the right worth.

The percentage of this cat might be higher than you may think. In general, a handsome and good appearance of a Calico cat could be worth from $1000 to $2000. The price sometimes could be higher or lower depending on the right persons you make a deal with them.

The value of this cat also relies on how big or small of a wallet the buyer has. The price increased if a male Calico cat is purebred.

More specially, a male Calico cat is fertile could be worth up to $2000, but this is extremely rare to find.

In other words, the true value of a Calico cat would rely on whether he is random-bred or purebred. The fur colors do not influence on the worth of a male Calico cat even if he has five or six different colors.

On the one hand, random bred cats are almost worthless while purebred cats could be traded between $500 and $1500 relying on the cat’s quality. Additionally, if a male Calico cat comes from Russian or Savanah, the price will be much expensive. 


In a nutshell, male Calico cats may worth up to thousands of your bucks, but how much is a male Calico cat worth is not a difficult question for cat breeders if they understand little felines of this cat in the cat genes. For your situation, you need to look for the breeds to assess the right value of a feline rather than the color paten only.

Feeding a male Calico cat is also another crucial part that you should pay close attention to. You could use the cat feeder for the Calicos, but you should observe how your cat reacts for the first time. When your cat is liking the cat feeder, you enable to free up your time and do other tasks at the same time. 

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  • I am unsure if the one male kitten we have is considered to be calico or not. He is mostly black but has white stripes and hints of orange.

    • Author

      According to research, about 81% of orange cats are male. Therefore, not all of male Calico cats have an orange coat.
      The color of cats’ coat is a sex-linked feature, which means their physical trait is related to their gender. The gene that determines orange fur is on the X chromosome, so both male and female Calico can be black or orange.
      In particular, because the females have two X, they can display both colors on one body. On the other hand, the males normally carry only one X, so they display either orange or black. If he is orange, then the black is usually expressed in a striped or tabby pattern. Otherwise, if he is black, then the orange is usually expressed in a striped or tabby pattern.

  • I just rescued and hand raised 2 calico kittens that were abandoned in a road to be hit. when I got them I stated that one was a male and it was not doing well and I didnt think I would be able to save it. but I did and then I looked again and thought ‘no I must be looking wrong as it MUST be a female’ however I have others tell me I was correct in the first place. so how do I find out IF it is sterile or not? and how IF he is not to find people that would like to breed him IF I choose to do so?

    • Author

      Calico males are almost always sterile. But by only looking at the coat colors, we cannot tell if the cat is sterile or not for sure. So, I think the best way is to take your cat to the vet.

  • My cat had kittens 10 days ago one of the kittens is calico and I’m pretty sure it’s male

  • carolyn I know that you cant tell from the colors. When he is old enough I will take him to our vet. However he is just to young at this time.

  • I have a rescue litter of kittens one definitely male calico and one orange tabby male with dark stripes forming and female orange tabby so according to this thread I have 3 possible rare kittens? all I know is they need homes because my townhouse is not as big as my heart

  • In 2005 my family relocated from LA to Sac and my son and daughter found a long hair calico tabby and managed to bring it home. It was about 3 to 4 months old, not completely wild but not very friendly either so I only had a few seconds to see if a boy or girl and looked to be a boy and looked so much like a lion it had to be a male but Leo turned out to be a Lea. She would stay inside and sleep in bed with the kids for nights free to come and go whenever she liked but when she would go back outside she would go right back to her hiding spot, not coming out until my kids would go get her and bring her back inside. A year later we ended up with Princess a overly loving female grey short hair tabby who is now 13 and Lea past away last year after 13 happy years that she wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t made her become part of our family. I moved to Clipper Mills, CA 2 months ago with Princess and got the surprise of my life a month ago when 2 beautiful kittens showed up on my door step, a grey tabby girl and a calico tabby that wouldn’t come near me but I assumed was a girl. I had named them Lavern and Sheryl and I swear they are Lea and Princess’s identical twins, even personality wise is the same. Its taken the calico a month to finally warm up to me and climbed in my lap last week and guess what I have another imposter she is a HE so they are now Jack and Sally. I’ll be getting them both fixed next month but I guess I’d better see if he’s sterile and if by some miracle he isn’t I might have to reconsider fixing him even though we don’t need any more unwanted animals in this world and I’m big on getting my animals spayed and neuter as yearly in their lives as possible plus I think it makes better pets out of them! I wanted to include pics of the 4 of them but I haven’t figured out how to do that or if we even can so if someone knows let me know please thanks!

  • My cat named CALi (because she is smoky calico} had 4 kittens 3 weeks ago. One is a black orange and white Calico. We think its a male, How much can I sell him for?

  • I have a male calico kitten I get him next week he will be winged and the person giving him to me isn’t into all this she has a lot of cats! So I had already chosen him before- and so when I went to visit him today I was shocked because I was naming him precious !!! And when I looked and I realized I can’t call him precious! And that he was alil male I was shocked!! He is the white , apricot and black he’s so sweet. And I am worried and excited at the same time -!I cried because I read how they all had health problems and I already love him!! But I’m worried because I can’t afford vet bills I live in public housing I can barely afford the shots! And all that! Idk what to do I want him to be takin care of and what if he developed diabetes, how much is that going to be for what he will need ? I’m so upset , I don’t know what to do , cause he’s definitely comin home next week w me, and I love animals more then I even like humans! And have always felt a real connection and love for all animals since I can remember and I don’t wanna have to let him go to a better family w better means to get the treatment he most def proby will have to have if I get to much more close to him what am I going to do


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