How to Deal with Mobility Problems in Cats

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The number of cats that suffer from mobility problems is higher than you might think, with 80% of felines over the age of 12 coping with arthritis. Joint problems occur when the cartilage within them begins to wear down faster than it can be restored. And when the cartilage begins to disappear joints swell and become painful, making it difficult for the animal to move about.

Signs of Issues With Mobility

If your cat begins to suffer from issues with his or her mobility, you may notice that they sleep more than they used to, and interact with you less than they may have before. You may also see the cat shy away from activities that were enjoyed before, such as climbing stairs, jumping, and running about. It may also be hard for the animal to use the litter box. In general, your cat may just not have the liveliness that he or she enjoyed previously.

What Contributes to Joint Problems in Felines?

- Age. While young cats are not immune from developing joint issues, it is far more common in older cats. As the animal ages, cartilage changes are more likely to begin.

- Genetics/Breed. When it comes to joint issues in felines, some breeds are more prone to suffering. Persian cats, Siamese cats, and Himalayas are more likely to develop hip dysplasia, for example.

- Too much weight. According to Senior Cat Wellness, cats who have excess weight on their frames may develop problems with their joints faster due to the fact that their weight creates more strain on the joints.Check out the cat food for weight loss

- Sustained injury. Cats are agile creatures that are not only built for jumping and climbing but very much enjoy these activities. However, the movements that are normal for cats can still create strain on the joints that can lead to injury and damage due to the deterioration of cartilage.

- Other factors. Contributors such as inflammation and infection in the joints, as well as fractures of bone, can cause joint problems in felines.


If you notice that your cat seems to be suffering from decreased mobility you may want to take them to the veterinarian for medicine that can make them more comfortable. You could also be asked to place them on a special diet. Speak with your veterinarian about any concerns or questions you have in order to get your cat enjoying life to the fullest.

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