How to keep your cat busy and your furniture intact while you’re away   

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 Keeping a cat busy can be rather tricky, as they are ingenious and intelligent creatures. But, this is required when you have to leave the house for several hours in a row, as your cat may get bored and get down to destructive habits. Thus, if you want to keep your furniture, curtains, and other items intact when you return home, you need to make sure that your cat has everything it needs to be entertained while you are gone. So, here are some of the best tips and ideas to make sure that your feline companion is busy enough to stay away from doing damages inside the house.

  • Puzzles that involve food or treats

Because cats have an excellent sense of smell, you can keep them busy for hours with the help of special puzzles and toys that involve food or their favorite snack. This kind of items are available in every pet store and all you need to do is find one you will consider interesting enough for your cat. Practically, what these items do is to keep the cat busy while it finds a way to get food out of the puzzle or toy. The cat will sense that there is food trapped on the inside and because it is a perseverant creature, will spend hours to get it out. Of course, the food will be released in a gradual manner, so that with every bite the cat will be even more motivated to continue.

  • Give the cat a new cardboard box

It is still hard to explain why cats have such a big attraction for cardboard boxes, but they do and they have a lot of fun playing and hiding in them. Plus no one gets upset if the cardboard box is scratched and destroyed in the end. So, don’t throw away these boxes when you buy something or if you don’t have one you can always ask a friend or local store to give you a box. Your cat may very well be fascinated by it.

  • Paper bags or balls made out of paper

It’s the same thing as with cardboard boxes, so your cat will love having fun with it and it is also very cheap to replace. Maybe they like the sounds made by paper bags when they “catch” them or jump on them. It doesn’t really matter why they like paper bags as long as they are busy with something. Plus paper bags won’t represent a danger if they are broken into little pieces. Just do make sure to remove the handles of the paper bag, to remove any choking risks if the cat gets carried away in its fun activity.

  • Get something the cat can actually scratch

No matter what you do, a cat will want to scratch a surface and it will do it. This behavior is in the cat’s nature, so if you want to make your cat happy, you need to allow it to manifest itself as it desires. Of course, your curtain or favorite couch can be destroyed by such a behavior, so it is best to get special cat furniture that your feline can scratch in peace. Thus, go shopping for cat trees, scratching posts or benches. Again, you can easily find a wide array in pet stores, so it is up to the available space and budget when choosing such a piece of furniture. But, in order to convince the cat to use it, make sure to place the cat’s furniture in a place where it likes spending most of the day. Installing it in a remote corner of the house won’t do the trick. Also, buy some catnip; sprays with catnip can be very effective, as the scent of this plant will attract the cat to its new scratching post if you use it on its surface. Although cats love scratching, they will need to learn to use the new object you just bought, so using catnip will get you there faster.

  • A new friend for your cat

If you have the room, budget, and disposition to get a new cat, offering your feline companion a friend can be a good solution to keeping it away from getting bored and destructive. Of course, you need to think about this well, as a second cat means more responsibility in your hands. If, after a lot of thinking, the solution still seems good to you, the seriously consider adopting a cat. Visiting a cat shelter will give you the chance to see a wide array of cats with various personalities, so you will have bigger chances at finding a cat that will be a match for your cat. Just do have in mind that they will need a bit of time to get used to each other, so don’t expect them to start playing right away. Cats are a bit more sophisticated than dogs.

  • Get a secured fish tank

Fish tanks can be mesmerizing for a cat, as the feline will spend hours looking at the fish and thinking how to get its claws on them. So, make sure that there’s no way the cat can reach the fish. Thus, a fish tank places in a safe corner and with a secure lid on its top is the best solution in this case. Besides, you will both benefit from the presence of the fish tank in your home, as it is relaxing for you to watch and it is a pleasant touch to your home.

  • Create a special play area

Cats need to have fun, but that doesn’t mean that they can rampage the entire area. So, make sure to set up a special play area for your kitty, where all its toys should be located. Again, don’t isolate the cat, as it will want to be where you are. Just make sure that it has a corner dedicated to fun activities, where it can find entertainment each time it gets bored. This way, the cat will always go to that particular part of the house instead of getting into trouble. Just make sure to provide interesting activities and toys to your cat.

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