How Long Can You Leave A Cat Alone?

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Cats play alone if they are equipped with the necessary stuff. But they still need to interact with humans to a certain degree.

People often say: the best thing about cats is that they have no concept of time. So, they will never stare at the clock and say, "where's my owner?” If you think it's okay to leave your cat alone at home for hours every day without anyone or any animal interacting with, it's a misconception. Keep reading to know more about how long can you leave a cat alone!

How Long Cats Need Your Presence

Most experts say that owners should not leave their cat alone for more than an overnight stay without anyone looking at them. Pets like cats need stimulation and interaction. There are still many cases of cats with behavioral problems because they were left at home for a long day without any interaction with any other person or animal. So, you can easy to understand that why won’t my cat leave me alone.

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Some reasons are considered as below:

Firstly, your cat is afraid or anxious. Cats tend to feel dependent on you because they feel unable to defend themselves, and therefore, they believe that you can keep them safe. This may also involve in domestication, and it seems you as a provider of good, safe cat food and water.

Secondly, cats express emotions when felt dissatisfied or unhappy in many ways. They may feel lonely, bored, scared, or stressed. They exhibit stress in a variety of ways, from screaming to tooling indiscriminately. By taking the time to observe, you may find patterns in cats' behavior. They hope you understand and take care of them more.

In addition, they’re an attended member of your family. In the like manner, if your pet is new to your space, he may feel close to you because of your belief and affection! When your cat is accustomed to the new surroundings, he may feel unsafe without you.

When you have to go out and let a loving cat stay alone all day long, you must find ways to prevent him from falling into the fear of separation.

How to Keep a Cat from the Fear of Separation

Create a Recreation Space

When your cat is ready to play round tricks, arranging a special space for kittens to make jokes is important. Even if you do not have room to create a cat's paradise, just one corner of the room or window area is enough.

For example, set up a beautiful tree for climbing exercises or an interesting place with toys for the cat to grind its claws. Highly visible seating can keep the cat's eyes on the tree for hours, even if it seems to be a tad bit of fun.

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If possible, you can set up an extra rack with a simple frame or buy a ready-made item from the pet store and put him next to the window. Then, pick a branch or place a shelf outside the window, so the cat can move in and out to make it fun, enjoying for hours. (However, there are times when this method is not feasible.)

What’s more? When cats are home alone, there are many ways to get them out, having a comfortable viewing position around them. But you need to put the careful hedges (avoid getting too far away and getting lost). This is another method you can make yourself or buy ready for self-assembly. Just start by hanging some toys in different places, so your cat can play and put on the floor the balls with a bell inside or a dummy. These items will make them enjoyable to chase around the room and play the game of bait-catching.

Find Them a Friend

If you go somewhere for a few days like a short trip, find them a friend. Let's make a commercial service with the closest and most trusted person. Ask a neighbor or family member to schedule a visit to your cat every day. A frequent visitor will keep the cat's intact life by ensuring a healthy food source and clean housing. In addition, more or less social interactions inform him of that you will return soon. You will also have peace of mind since everything at home is okay.

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Another way, if your lovely cat is the only pet in the house, you should consider adopting another one. However, reconciling a new cat with a family can be a challenge, especially when your cat is old and keeps a center position in the house. If the two cats are happy and harmonious, the time between them will be very interesting. They can create new jokes even when you are not at home to look at them.

Hire a Cat Sister

If you’re going to take a long trip, hire a professional Cat Sister with the assurance that she looks after them daily. Pet caretaker is responsible for providing food and water, cleaning dishes, and watering plants.

In both cases, leave a note on the amount of required cat food, litter box maintenance instruction, sleeping area, number of meals, veterinary contact information, dosage of medicines, and the emergency phone. In particular, for senior cats, caretaker needs know what to do in life-threatening medical emergencies. With a letter with clear instructions, the pet's caretaker can handle it if she cannot come up with a good idea.

Don’t Put Your Cat in Another Place for Overnight

The fact is that cats don’t look at clocks or wear watches, but they have a memory of the concept of time inside. So, cats will get used to the activities that happen at the same time. That's one of the ways they estimate time. Cats know the daily schedule such as when you wake up, when you feed them, when you clean the toilet tray, and when to sleep or play, etc. Consistency is important to cats because regular interaction with humans or other animals is an important part of their world.

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They can be stressed when brought to a different environment depending on the individuals and the different situations. Taking a cat to another place for overnight is not a good option if there are other animals there. Moreover, many cats are not well adapted to the new environment. Mature cats will continue to thrive when moving to different locations as they adapt to changing habitats as kittens.

Travel with Your Cats

Some cats are travelers. If you’re lucky enough to live with one, consider taking him along. However, the procedures for doing this are rather complex. Typically, dogs often travel more than cats, you need pet permission of the hotel and plane rules for pets in the cabin. Do not give cats a sedative when traveling because it will make you breathless and threaten your life.

In short, let the cat feel safe and close as well as you feel comfortable. Make a detailed plan for both you and your lovely friend.


Now you no more have to feel guilty when letting your cat be home alone to enjoy the holiday. In nature, your cat can be very independent, but that does not mean he will not remember you when you are away. Believe it or not, there are still a few ways to help you make your cat comfortable at home alone.

Time will pass faster when you have fun, and this is also true for cats. Make sure you do not leave them at home too long! Thanks for reading!

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