Main Features of Tall Cat Gate You Should Know

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If you decide to raise a pet, it's a good idea to equip your home with a pet gate to keep track on your pets’ movement and keep them safe in where you want they are. Cats are very active, they often require a tall cat gate with a door so that they can comfortably walk in your room, outdoors or upstairs without bothering others by their activities.

But before buying any product, you should have an understanding of their features, right! Keep reading to learn more about cat gate!

Tall Cat Gate – Benefits, Installation and Materials

Due to the natural instincts, cats enjoy climbing and jumping that might cause chaos in some cases. A tall cat gate indoor, for that reason, will not only deter your friend from visiting some rooms like your closet but also prevent them from some dangers like tearing furniture, knocking over items or canine allergies.

The installation of a cat gate is very easy. It only takes a few minutes you to fit up and conveniently remove this gate to store or install another doorway. These may be configured for a left- or right-hand opening.

When it comes to choosing materials of cat gates, there are three choices for you: metal, heavy plastic, and wood. If your cat likes chewing and sabotaging, choose metal. In terms of colors, you have many options such as white, burnished bronze, beige, and much more. If you want a wood gate, you will have a variety of different color choices from white to natural.

Some Kinds of Pet Gate

Tall Cat Gate

Cats usually don’t jump over objects with a single leap. Instead, they prefer surfing on a flat surface to jump down as they want to see the ground before jumping. For that reason, most tall cat gates do not feature a flat surface to prevent the cat from jumping.

Besides, the vertical bars are closely designed or covered with mesh to stop cats from entering in between them. Some gates also include an additional cat flap with desired versatility in order to control big and small pets around. The whole gap is reasonably calculated in distance to prevent pets from being scratched, got in stuck, or easy to clean but still make sure there is no chance for pets to pass through.

Extra Tall Cat Gate

Pets are very dick. Some may find their way out or jump over normally sized barriers. If you have a large cat with high jumping ability, it is important to choose an extra tall cat gate over a criteria height. Most standard pet gates are 26-32 inches in height and feature a door less than 20 inches.

But some might be even bigger. For example, the Carlson Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is up to 41 inches in height. It can be installed in the corridors and the doorways from 29 to 34 inches and expanded by using additional panels to cover bigger openings. The door can only be turned in one direction, which is an essential feature to open it at the top of the stairs for increased safety. It also features a large U-shaped component and spring system having a consistent mechanism of locks and unlocks without issue.

Freestanding Cat Gates

A freestanding pet gate is made in order to set extra wide barriers. Some models can spread up to 72 inches. This kind of gate doesn't require a wall and is easy to move around to wherever you need for a long time. It is also used for locking doors, and even propped against a wall to make a small contained playpen thanks to some smart designed freestanding gates.

This is the good choice for indoor pets (or check on cat food for indoor cats if you also care about choosing the best nutrition source for your indoor cat) or for the convenience of sunbathing in the park or garden. Your cat will be more interested in playing in the area reserved for himself.

Retractable Pet Gates

These types are becoming more and more popular in modern homes, or where the owner would like to have a minimal approach to safety barriers. A variety of models is made of mesh fabric in an elegant style.

However, their disadvantage is that they may occasionally wiggle under the mesh when not be installed properly, leading to some spaces at the bottom where your small pet might escape. In addition, mesh fabric is more prone to wear and tear by large pets than other materials like metal or wood.

Cat Carrier for Doorway

If you cannot keep an eye on your beloved cat, perhaps you should consider buying a cat carrier for doorway to keep them in place. These gates help to keep your cat in limited areas where you can conveniently observe or train them (for how long you should leave your cat alone, check this post).

Cat carrier for doorway

are made from a variety of movable metal materials such as stainless steel, plastic and fiberglass. Although you can use a stainless steel barrier, lightweight plastic or glass fibers will be a more secure option for your cat to move.

Most of the carriers do not need to be drilled into the wooden doorway, handrail or any clevis hole on the wall. Instead, the product is designed with some screws, close to the wall to create strong and aesthetic protection for your cat.


Owning a tall cat gate helps your life and your cat much more comfortable. You will freely do your daily tasks without worrying about your naughty, active companion. These gates are very popular on the market with a variety of models. Highlights are strong, durable, rust-free, clean, and convenient for cleaning.

Hopefully, we have brought you the useful information about cat gates. Thanks for reading!

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