How To Make Gravy For Cat Food?

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Toshiro going to great lengths to lap up some wet food gravy

Recently, there have been hundreds of cat food brand on the market and this number has never been as huge as this before. This may be a good thing to pet owners because they have no longer to worry about what to feed their furry balls.

However, lots of people don’t want their feline friends to eat that premade food because of safety reasons. That’s quite understandable! In this article, we will show you how to make gravy for cat food. Let’s get started!

Types of Homemade Cat Food

Homemade cat food is divided into 3 segments: wet food, dry food and raw food. In general, although raw food has many benefits, wet food and dry food are more recommended to be prepared due to safety reasons. Here we choose the chicken gravy recipe to prepare for your cats.

In wet food, the gravy is the most important part. Some cats have the habit of just licking the gravy and leaving the meat behind. So, it’s not wrong to say that gravy is the tastiest part. Luckily, it is very easy to make.

Chicken Gravy Recipe


  • check
    2 cups of chicken broth
  • check
    2 tablespoon of flour
  • check
    1 tablespoon of fish scraps


  • Step 1: Mix chicken broth and flour.
  • Step 2: Pour the mixture into a pan. Turn on the heat and put the mixture in until it boils. Now turn the heat down and continuously stir the boiled mixture to make it thicker. Remember to keep stirring the gravy because it can be burned easily.​​​​
  • Step 3: You can add more ingredients like carrots or more chicken parts
  • Step 4: Let it cool down. Just wait!
  • Step 5: Add this gravy to ca​​​​t wet food

If your cat doesn’t like chicken, you can change the ingredient chicken to beef, pork, or salmon. This totally depends on your cats’ appetite. Most of the cats love fish, some love meat, but they’re both great sources of protein and vitamins. So, we recommend you to change the recipe regularly so that your cat can get more nutrients and won’t get bored with a certain dish.

One more thing, some people like to add a little of salt to the gravy. However, this is not necessary. Furthermore, too much salt can make your cats’ hair shed.

Should We Make Homemade Cat Food?

People usually feed their cats dry food which lasts longer. They believe that dry food provides more minerals and vitamin than homemade food. Well, this is not a completely wrong thinking. Dry food, in fact, does provide enough essential nutrition for cats. However, it doesn’t mean that homemade food can’t do that. You can prepare a nutritious meal for your cats.

Photo credit: LuvMuskHunySukl 

Also, feeding your furry friends homemade food brings lots of benefits:

Save Your Budget

You may not care about this, but the cost of cat food accounts your budget a lot. Why don’t you stop buying food in the store and try to feed your furry friends with the food that you make? Or you can share your meal with them. Instead of spending a certain amount of money every month, you can now save it for other purposes. Besides, fresh foods are always better and tastier than fabricated foods. Your cats may enjoy it more than the food in the bag.

Improve Cats’ Health

Although cat food contains enough nutrients for your feline friends and many products are specially made for a certain purpose (like cat food for hairballs, cat food for weight loss or cat food for urinary health), we still don’t know how they produce that product, I mean the making food process. Definitely, the producers have to add chemicals to their products in order to create an attractive taste and preserve the food longer.

Plenty of chemicals getting into the body can cause many negative effects not only on humans but also on animals like cats. Cancer is a deadly disease and the main reason for this disease is toxic chemicals we put into our body.

As a result, cat food is not a safe choice recently. Due to the brutal competitive environment, lots of enterprises have added more chemicals to their products to reduce the price, which makes their food no longer safe. One more thing, many pet food is not controlled by any groups or associations, so we completely don’t know about the safety of it.

Some Notes When Making Homemade Food for Your Cats

With the same purpose, but cat food bought from the store is considered to be better for your cats because they provide more essential minerals than homemade food. That’s why when having an intention of making homemade food, you must know what nutrients your cats need and don’t need.

In general, cats require:

  • Fat
  • Fiber​​​​
  • Minerals
  • Water​​​
  • Vitamins
  • Amino acids

Unlike humans, cats don’t need carbohydrates, which are usually found in grain. When grain gets into the cat’s body, it’s broken down into sugar. Cats don’t need any sugar. On the contrary, some studies have found that sugar is the main reason that leads cats to several serious diseases such as obesity or even cancer.

You should pay attention to the basic need of nutrients and try to provide all of them to your cats. This will give your cats a healthy life with longer expectancy and less illness.


In conclusion, making gravy for your cats is pretty easy. You can take advantage of your leftover to make a new meal for your cats. Of course, everything has two sides, so does homemade cat food.

Preparing homemade food for your cats every day takes a lot of time and sometimes you can’t know whether your cats are provided enough vitamins or minerals. So, our advice is that you should combine homemade food and dry food or change the recipe reguarly. This will not only help your cats change the appetite but also have a stable healthy life.

Hopefully, you now know to make gravy for cat food. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below, we will answer them as soon as we can. Thank you for reading!

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  • “Unlike humans, cats don’t need carbohydrates,”

    Actually, it turns out that humans don’t need carbohydrates either. Fats are essential, protein is essential, but carbs are completely unnecessary. Their only function is to help put on fat just before winter. That’s why carbs are so plentiful in late summer, just when prehistoric people needed to put on fat to tide them through the winter.

    Carbs are still doing their job, just in all four seasons, leading to obesity instead of lifesaving food storage.

  • can you mix this gravy with freeze dried cat food ? how long will it keep in fridge after mixed?


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