Pretty litter cat litter reviews

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It can be quite messy to clean a pet’s dirty business; Pretty litter is an American litter product which helps one to get rid of the waste of their feline conveniently. It was introduced in the year 2015 by a group of veterinary experts. The product is manufacturing by high-quality silica gel which has very low water content appears in reddish orange flecks and comes in a neat packing. It does not contain any harmful artificial chemicals and uses only natural ingredients which make it safe for use. Reading further on Pretty Litter review will get you understand more about the product.

The product aims in assisting the customers in easily getting rid of the waste. Helps to eliminate the urine, all that you need to do is to remove the left-out poop. From the health point of view, you should remove the feces every day and thoroughly mix the litter to avoid saturation. It is dust free, lightweight and eco-friendly. You can find many cat litters in the market, but this one comes with excellent moisture absorption qualities and color-coded features. Its unique color code feature helps the owner to keep a tab on the health of the feline by noticing the change in the color of the litter. If there are any abnormalities, then the color changes.

Some of the best features offered by Pretty Litter:

It is easier to use as its absorbent crystals do not clump up with each other; instead, they absorb the moisture and makes sure that no odor is left behind. Since it is very dry, it does not support the bacteria or any germs to grow and prevents any possibility of getting your cat sick.
Its formula is such that it makes it last longer, a single 4-pound bag will be enough for a month. The Pretty litter does not contain any chemicals. As it is made up of natural ingredients only, it is biodegradable and eco-friendly, which makes it much safer to use. Since it uses harmless silica gel for making the stool, it is not hazardous to health if ingested. Even if ingested, it will it will become fine powder and moved out along with the bowl easily.
You can easily use the product to make sure that the health of your cat is in good condition. No other products give you the kind of ease and peace as this product does. It is quite hard to know otherwise if there is any problem with your pet. The color changing feature helps the owner as the litter observes the urine and changes color accordingly if there is an issue.

The indicative health problem warning with different colors are as follows:

Blue: The color blue represents alkaline. It helps the user to know about certain types of urinary tract infections from which the cat might be suffering. High urinary pH can cause problems and can lead to stone formation.

Green: The green color tuned to want the acidity content in the faces.  Low urinary pH can lead to Calcium Oxalate hence if you see this color pop up then you can contact a vet to avoid serious problems.

Red: You won’t surprise for what the color red stands for, of course, it is for blood. If the color changes to red then it can be signed for bladder Stones, urinary tract infection, bladder inflammation.

Most of the Pretty Litter reviews carries positive remarks, as it contains no artificial ingredients that can harm the health of your pet animal. Also, it does not include any imported substance. The product uses only home grown ingredients for making the litter.
Let us check what the pros and cons are and how beneficial is it.


  • Makes your work much easier as it eliminates the urine.
  • Saves your money as it lasts longer than average litters.
  • Biodegradable and free from chemicals hence is safe for the feline even if ingested.
  • Color-coded litter, changes help to monitor the health of the cat.
  • The odor control is commendable.
  • Excellent absorption abilities.
  • No cluttering and easy to scoop.
  • None dusty and hence won’t spread all around.
  • Odorless.
  • Eco-friendly.


  • Some people sand based litter than silica based. We can say this could be a personal

preference. Considering the utility and scooping easiness, it has a better edge than sand based litters.

  • The odor neutralizer can improve bit more.


Even though Pretty Litter is a relatively new product, it has established its position in the feline litter market as one of the best products. The features are innumerable while comparing the user-friendliness. The litter won’t clump making it difficult to scoop. For every owner, the health of the pet is significant, and hence this is the perfect choice for them since it comes with color code features which can give advance warning about the health condition of the cat.
Knowing exactly about the health condition of your feline gives a great sense of relief and satisfaction. You will not regret investing in this product as it will deliver more than what you will ever expect. The product is one of its kind, and we suggest you read litter reviews mainly Petty Litter reviews to understand more about the product and how you can use litters efficiently.

Alternative products:
In the event, if you are unable to find Pretty Litter, the following cat litters are also very effective.

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2.Nullodor USA Health Meter Cat Litter
3.PESTELL PET PRODUCTS Lifemate Scoopable Cat Litter
4.Garfield Cat Litter, Flushable, Instant Clumping, Natural
5.Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Easy Care Crystal Litter
6.Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System Starter Kit

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Comments (6)

  • The colour change feature is nice but nothing beats the convenience and cost savings of permanent litter systems like Tidy Cat Breeze or the Cat-illac Cat Toilet.

  • The litter may be great by changing color, but the customer service of the Pretty litter company leaves a lot to be desired… Why they leave you a phone number to call, I don’t even know because no one ever answers the phone, you always have to leave a message with no call back for days… There hours of operation start at 8am pst and I called at 8am on the dot and already got an answering maching saying that they line was full and to leave a message…no one is ever there to answer any questions… I cancelled my very first order 2-3 minutes after I ordered it and never could get intouch with anyone… this is how companies “rope” you in to order and if you have any second thoughts, too bad…they make sure there is no one for your to talk to until your order is already processed… and then it is too late… I wouldn’t have any dealings with this company ever… The average person with more than one cat couldn’t afford this litter at $40 for 2 cats!!

  • I agree they won’t answer your calls I tried to cancel my order before it shipped they took my money and shipped it anyway never answered my emails or phone calls as long as they can get your money they won’t deal with you don’t order more than you expect to try!!

  • This litter is NOT dustless. In fact, I thought it was MORE dustier than most. We went thru 2 orders and numerous calls to work it out. If you have a jumbo litter box and 2 cats, then you need 3 bags of litter to make it as effective as they claim to give you the 3 inch depth. Advertising NEVER claimed this. Being a little pricey enough needing 2 bags per 2 cats…then you get your order and surprise you need 3! Irritating. Thwy do not have enough call center reps at all. So many times I had to call back or leave a message because all of the reps were with other customers. Good concept of litter, but misleading advertising and poor overall quality of product.

  • This review states its made in America but the Pretty Litter FAQ states its made in China. If that little fact is gotten wrong in the review, what else does the review have wrong?

  • I haven’t recieved my order yet, but I found the customer service VERY helpful! I used the online chat on their website and someone answered me right away. I had mistyped my email when I ordered and the rep quickly found my account, fixed the problem and confirmed my order’s arrival date very courteously.
    I’ll update when I try the product


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