Things you need to know before buying a cat shock collar ?

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Being a flurry animal, cats has been domesticated for centuries. People adore cats not just because of their hunting abilities, but they are a good companion too. Though they are a fluffy ball of goodness, no animal is as moody and temperamental as cats. Cats can be the cutest animal you’ve ever seen, and the worst you’ve ever met. Cats just prance around in your place, as if they are the owner of that place.

Sometimes, cats know how to ruin your mood and get into your personal space. Many times, this arrogant animal doesn’t listen to you. They create a problem for you by jumping here and there, not letting you work.

They not just get you into trouble, but sometimes, they also get into trouble by getting into stupid acts. Sometimes, they just roam around the place where they aren’t allowed. To control them we can use a device, which is specially designed for the collar of a cat. This device is Shock Collar for cats.

What is a cat shock collar?

Shock collar has a collar in which an electrical device is attached to it. This device delivers electric shocks to the neck of the animal. The cat shock collar has been in use for a long time. Shock collars werin the dogs for different introduced initially to trat purposes.

Moreover, the shock collars which were used earlier were of very high power. Now, shock collars are also available which can deliver the very low level of shocks.

How it works and theory behind it?

Shock collar works by using a transmitter which gets activated by different mean and sends the signal to pass an electric shock to your cat. Generally, shock collars come in three variants, and each variant has its own working principles. Here are the three variants of a shock collar.

1.Underground/non- visible sence containment collars

The collar gets activated when the pet who is bearing it tries to cross the predetermined area having an invisible wire. The invisible wire doesn`t carry any current, but it completes the loop with a circuit box that transmits the radio signal to the receiver collar.

2.Bark control collars

These collars are used when incessant noises are made by the pets. It is activated by the microphone and sends a signal to give shocks when the voice is more than the selected level.

3.Training collars or remote trainers

These are controlled by a remote and, it is handheld. These collars also come in the different variants which have different level functions.

Why use it?

Shock collars can be used to train the stubborn behavior of your cat and also to restrict them within the property. The shock collar can also be put on the other body parts, to train your cat. Its applications have been seen in many fields like in military, police and service training. It is also used for the behavioral modification and obedience training for the other animals too. Using a shock collar shows the results in less time.

Is It Safe To Use A Cat Shock Collar ?

Using a shock collar for your cat is safe when it is used carefully. You don`t need to over use it. There are different levels of the intensity of shocks which can be enforced to control any abnormality or incessant behavior of the cat.

The shock implied by the shock collar is safe up to the certain level only; otherwise, it may cause some allergic reaction or a panic reaction in your cat. Most of the time, the beeps from the shock collars are enough to take the control over the cat.

Things you should know before buying a cat shock collar :

Here are the few things you should be mindful of shock collars, before buying it for your cat.

  • Select the collar type

These shock collars come with an adjustable intensity. It has a feature of warning beep and has got various vibration modes. In this, you can use the warning beep to alarm your cat and let her know about the upcoming shock. Using the vibration modes, you can set frequencies of different range.

There are other collars like spray collars which don`t have any changing levels. So choose the type of collar you want for your cat.

  • The intensity of shock
    Most people buy the shock collar without being concern about the intensity of shock their pet can bear. Make sure that your cat can sustain the shock, and it doesn`t put her under some health hazard circumstances.
  • Use specific shock collars
    You don`t need to put the dogs or any other animals shock collar into the cat’s neck. Otherwise, the cat will go through a strong shock, which will eventually lead to a health abnormality. To get the attention and deter your cat, you need to give shock from the approved shock collar.
  • It works fast
    Many people have reported that by using the shock collar, their pets have been in control by giving only a few shocks. This also helped the owners to keep their pets within the property in their absence which gives them a relief to go anywhere.
  • The hidden fear and pain
    Sometimes, pet owners can’t ignore causing pain to their pet; the ability to control the shock is there though. The shock collar can be very dangerous to the pets, sometimes. It can give birth to fear. Some cats refuse to go outside the house due to its fear. It’s not sure that use of this collar will reinforce a positive behavior such as obeying a command or sitting patiently, in your cat.
  • In budget

These shock collars are cheaper to use and to train your cat rather than hiring a professional trainer. Shock collars are available in different ranges according to the varying features.

Alternative methods and products                                                                                                   To control the stubborn behavior of the cat or to deter it from some place, you can also use other tools to get the help. Apart from shock collars, you can use the cat spray control system like SSSCAT cat training aid. This system is capable of monitoring up to the 3 feet distance using the infrared sensors. The spray is odorless, stainless and doesn`t harm the cat. Moreover, it is an automated system to do its job, whenever it suspects its prey.

There are various methods and tools to improve the behavior of your cat. Using a shock collar won’t taint your relationship with your cat rather it can help to develop a good relationship with your cat during the training session or at home.

It doesn`t matter what tools you use to correct your cat, the ultimate aim is to help your cat from drifting her in the dangerous situations. You will get the positive result by using the shock collar by keeping the point mentioned above.

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