Trader Joe’s Cat Food Review

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Many questions need answers when it comes to choosing the best cat food supplies for your cat. Choosing the right ones can make your cat happier. Organic and natural foods are always best for your pets. Trader Joe’s pet foods are one of the best choices available online meeting all the quality requirements to keep your pet energetic and healthy. It is very hygienic and economically priced.

Trader Joe’s is 10 times cheaper than whole foods available in the market when comparing to the ingredients side by side. This low-cost wet cat food boasts premier ingredients, and there are no by-products, and it contains small amounts of grains, which is good for the well-being of your pet.


The Trader Joe’s cat food comes with full of protein sources including chicken, fish and dried eggs and more. Trader Joe’s food available in three varieties as follows:

  • Whole and natural cat food formula
  • Premium dry cat food with chicken and rice formula
  • Premium chicken meal formula.

Whole and natural cat food formula contain whole grains such as brown rice, oats and barley. These foods are nutritionally thick and free from wheat, corn, and soy. It has the mixture of fruits, veggies, flax seeds and healthy Omega-3 fatty acid.

Ingredient quality:

Unlike most supermarket brands, Trader Joe’s cat food contains no by-products, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives. Trader Joe’s also includes a broad range of minerals. The Trader Joe cat food has chicken, natural food formula, rice dinner and turkey with the flavor of ocean fish and animal liver.

The Trader Joe’s product saves your money. When buying this cat food in bulk, they are available in much lower price. This alone is a reason enough for so many people to go ahead and buy this product. It saves your time too. Trader Joe’s dry products will help maintain your cat’s dental health. This dry cat food is considerably less expensive than other canned foods.

Watch the video for ingredients explained:

No cookery is required:

Feeding this dry and wet cat food to your cats is easier. Put this food in a bowl, and you do not have to worry about the food spoiling. If you want to give an extra taste in your cat’s food, add a little cup of milk with Trader Joe’s cat foods.

No by-products:

Trader Joe’s chicken, turkey, and rice dinner food have no by-products. Not all brands contain top-notch ingredients, but this product has no by-products, added colors, and other artificial minerals. It includes high-quality foods like fish, chicken meat without any added animal by-products. That is the reason Traders Joe’s product recommended as the best product for your pet.

Free from allergies:

Pets usually have face allergies due to certain food products. Many times certain ingredients like artificial colors, preservatives and flavors pose a danger to your pet, as they can be the allergens causing allergies to the pets, in the meantime, you can find that it has many enrichments. However, the Trader Joe’s cat food has no negative ingredients that can hamper the health of your pet. Feeding these foods to your cat, it will definitely improve your pet’s health and extends life expectancy. It enhances the quality of life and keeps them happy.

Longer life:

The Trader Joe’s natural cat food formula and products may seem inexpensive compared to other products. They come in small quantity, but they have high levels of nutrients that help to keep companion animal health at an optimal level. It will contribute to staying your cats fit.


  • No by-products
  • No artificial flavors and colors, preservatives
  • No recalls
  • Inexpensive
  • Grain free
  • Allergy free


  • Contain carrageenan
  • Available only in Trader Joe’s stores



Trader Joe’s enjoy excellent customer feedback and can find in most of the retail pet shops and various online stores. It offers balanced food with all the essential ingredients to keep your pet healthy and energetic. Since the food is available in most of the pet stores and online, you will not have any problem to place the orders. It is one of the best pet food boasts of having premium quality and maintaining the price always at an affordable level.


Just like any other animal, even cats require a balanced diet. When cats given the right food, they add a few more years to live. Trader Joe’s is an excellent dry and wet feline food, main ingredients in this food is grain free. It is very healthy and easy to digest; this food contains some herbs and other ingredients that are very similar to what a cat would consume in the wild. It does not have any bad reviews, and there are no by-products, artificial ingredients in these foods. You can easily buy these foods from online stores. Trader Joe’s cat foods are best and cheap whether wet or dry, is both healthy and satisfying.

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  • Why doesn’t Trader Joe’s sale the blue can anymore? Where can I buy it know? I don’t want to get it on Amazon 2 bucks a can or more.Other state may have it….

  • I haven’t been able to find it anywhere either, Jo. I live in PA and my kitty loves that stuff. Haven’t seen it in weeks but sometimes the warehouse does run out/low and it takes a while for them to restock. I’m hoping that’s what happened and it will be back soon.


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