What Do You Know About Black Smoke Tabby Cat?

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Whenever thinking of a cat, you instantly think about some coatcolors and patterns that you’ve always seen in cats. However, in fact, there are a few unique coat colors out there that you might not know. The black smoke tabby cat is one of them when its hair is solid black, but its root of the hair is white. For this reason, we call it a “smoke” instead of a black tabby cat.

If you’re interested in finding out more about these special cats, then our today will be a great help!

What Is Black Smoke Tabby Cat?

If being asked what the most common cat coat is, then our answers are brown or black tabby, depending on where you live. And it does matter where the cats live. Some certain shades are apparently more common than others. Your tabby is the most common because that’s where the first cats come from. But if he is a black smoke tabby, then things will be different!

We thought that one of his parents probably owns a white undercoat. So, the kitten was born to be smoke. But it’s pretty hard to notice this difference as compared to the other solid-colored kittens. We only know that when these smokes have their white hair around their eyes or a paler belly.

As some pet owners claim, it could even take them a few months to know which cats are indeed smoke ones since their whole coat color is not seen at times. They only see them when their coat reaches two years of old. In other words, this undercoat will start to emerge within three weeks, and from 6 to 8 weeks, they will own a look that is marked with smears of color.

In a black smoke tabby cat, the silver is supposed to be a dominant allele (a variant form of genre). This results in a pigmentation change, as well as the length of the hair.

By looking closely at your cat’s tipped hair, you’ll see how it consists of the casual pigmentation while the bottom of the hairs seems to be lighter a lot in the appearance. It appears a pretty much like a silvery shade, which explains why we have the “smoke” phenotype. Smokes are said to be the solid version of all silver tabbies, and most of them are quite dramatic whenever they have to move.

Overall, your black smoke tabby cat is a black smoke having a solid black hair with white roots.

How Is “Smoke” Created?

Smoke is created by the mixture of the dominant Inhibitor gene with the recessive non-agouti gene. In genetics, ‘agouti’ means that every single hair shaft owns various colors. One particular shaft of the hair tends to own two colors at least. That’s why your black smoke tabby has a coat alternating between light and dark bands.

It’s the Inhibitor gene which will release the pale undercoat. The smoke is depicted as both light, medium, and dark based on the amount of the tipped color, also known as the veiling. Moreover, it also depends on how far that pale undercoat extends along the shaft of its hair.

In most smoke cats, their undercoat is variable from the white to bluish grey shade. For those having darker shades or the narrower pale hair bands, they might look self-colored. Also, smoke can be light a bit of color that it might resemble the shaded cat. These cats are genetically tabby, which means they’re not the solid color.

A few smoke coats, for instances, are seen as the overlaps, meaning that they won’t ever grow their silvery undercoat. This proves to be genetic smokes when getting bred. Cats will fall in love with the standards which naturally define the perfect amount of veiling for a display quality smoke. This variation is because of the modifier genes.

There’s something that you might not be aware of that smoke cats sometimes have the faint tabby markings. Young smoke kittens tend to look nearly solid in the shade except for a silver or clown lines where the agouti spots would emerge in a tabby. Those that bear clown lines growing more noticeable adult coats. But in mature kittens, clown lines would be disciplined.

How Rare Is Black Smoke Coat?

You have heard from several sources that Black Smoke coat was a rare shade in the general cat population. And it can be seen randomly because every color has to finally show up so that they can be bred into a cat breed. Take the Cornish Rex for example. Under that short fur are the patterns that appear rare and not as common as the other ripples you see in the coat.

We bet that you love this rare black smoke coat just because it’s not as popular as others. This smoke gene is dominant so that it’s impossible for the coat to be carried or covered under the DNA at all. It only happens when white hides it, and one of its parents have it. The black smoke coat won’t be anything like the dilute colors, such as cream or blue.

Besides, your black smoke tabby cat is claimed to display the ghost tabby’s markings, but then they fade out once reaching a year old. At this time, the adult coat will get in.


Bear in mind that no particular gene acts in isolation. There will be thousands of genes that are trusted to control each element of your kitten’s coat color, length, and texture at the same time. This is considered as the most fundamental explanation of such an interesting subject.

And if you’ve ever seen or owned a black smoke tabby cat, you would be probably amazed by its special beauty. That’s all about the pigment gene or the dominant allele that creates the hairs.

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