Why Does My Cat Gently Bite Me?

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Some cat owners seem to worry a lot when they are bitten by their own feline friend. Don’t worry because she just gives you a little of her love. In fact, this behavior is quite normal amongst animals as a way of showing their love to their beloved ones (children, friends, or owners).

In this article, we will give you more information about this, as well as help you answer your concern: “Why does my cat gently bite me?”

Why Does My Cat Gently Bite Me?

Each species has a different way of communication, so does the cat. If you raise a cat, you may realize that sometimes, she bites you on your hand, ears, heels or licks your note. but in a very gentle way. Don’t think of something wrong happening to her; she just tries to show her affection, emotion or demand of love. That’s how cats communicate to humans as well as their fellows.

Usually, the gentle bite of cats is not actually a real bite. It’s very light, and in most cases, don’t leave any trace on your skin although you may feel painful a bit.

In general, when a cat feels so exciting or overstimulated, she might bite you to express that feeling, or in some situations, like when you’re holding her too long and she wants to get out.

Cats only do this to those who they really love, with the purpose of wanting to receive more attention or to play with. To their fellow felines, they can do the same. They use gentle bites to show the love and the uncomfortable feelings to other close cats around them.

However, some studies have found that a gentle bite may be a real bite, but somehow, they control it in order not to hurt anyone.

What’s About An Aggressive Bite?

Unlike love bites, a real aggressive bite can be very painful. Such bite is usually deep and can spread diseases or bring bacteria into your bloodline or skin, leading to a serious infection. Therefore, an aggressive cat bite is very dangerous and needs to be avoided.

In general, cats are very aggressive when they were kittens or at the young ages, but there’re some cats which are aggressive naturally. The explanation may come from their instinct. Cats will practice their skills with their fellows, but to household cats, they don’t have any partners to play with, so they will choose humans as their “fellows” and play or bite aggressively.

Furthermore, an aggressive bite may be a signal that your cats have some problems with health or they are stressful. That’s when you cannot handle yourself and need help from the vets or animal behaviorists.

What Should You Do?

People have different feelings and opinions when being bitten by their lovely cats. Some feel it’s cute, while others may see it annoyed. But no matter how you feel, a light bite can become very aggressive if you encourage this behavior when being hurt. That’s why you need some adjustments to your cats’ behavior.


  • If your cats give you a quite violent bite, stop petting or cuddling them. Otherwise, you may make your cats misunderstand that you’re encouraging them to bite more and more. As a result, they will increase the intensity of their bites, which can lead to an injury.
  • On the other hand, always remember not to react badly to your cats when they give you a hurt bite. Violence might only make your cats angrier, not to mention that violence against animals is a banned action. 


  • For the best solution, give your cats some presents, such as cat treats, when they act nicely. This will gradually help them realize that they will be awarded when having good behaviors.
  • Help your cats entertain more using toys (wool balls, plastic toys, scratching post, etc.) or ignore them when they act badly. Once cats realize that you don’t want to play with them anymore, they will stop behaving badly.
  • Last but not least, you should watch out for some uncomfortable signals from your cats, most notably their body language (especially their tail). It’s time you must leave them alone.

First Aid for Cat’ Bites

Because of having sharp and small teeth, cats can easily injure their owners. Those small teeth can bring bacteria into your skin and bloodline, leading to infections. So, wounds by cat’s bites are usually dangerous. More seriously, if your cats get rabies, you may get it too.

When being bitten by a cat, you should wash the wound under the water for a few minutes to remove the bacteria. Then, do it again with soap. The combination of water and soap will do their best to eliminate bacteria, foreign objects and even rabies viruses. After that, apply a bandage and go to the health center to have a medical check.


In summary, it is normal if your cat gives you a gentle bite. They just want to communicate with you and show their affection. However, this expression can turn into aggression if you encourage them in a wrong way. You may get infections and dangerous diseases like rabies from your cats. That’s why knowing basic first aid for cat bites before going to the health center is really important.

Hopefully, this article can help you solve your concern: “Why does my cat gently bite me?”. If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. We will answer them as soon as we can. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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