Why Does My Cat Meow So Much?

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My cat has recently meowed many times during a day. For the first day, I do not care so much because you think that it is a natural habit of all cats. However, this happens in the next several days which I have to wonder why does my cat meow so much and how to get a cat stop meowing.

I contact and ask a veterinarian to find out the reasons and the solutions for these issues. Here are a few answers from the veterinarian that other cat owners should know.

Common reasons a cat ought to be meowing a lot

They want to raise their attention

He or she probably wants to play or they are bored. In this time, you should not respond every time they meow. You just give your attention when they are quiet. If your cat continues to meowing, you should walk away until they calm down.

However, you also should take your time to play with them. Playing with your cat also supports a great amount of exercise; especially for their well-being. At least, you could play with them once or twice a week. 

On the flip side, you also let your cats know the quiet behavior is important and nice by rewarding. Rewarding your cat for their calmness may help reduce the noises, but it still requires a long process to undertake.

They may get sick

In fact, meowing is a way a cat communicates to others. Sometimes, they try to tell you that they do not feel well. Cats are good breeds at hiding illness.

Meowing, making noise and ignoring foods could be warning signs of a disease that you need to pay attention.

These signals could be an overactive thyroid, kidney disease, and other health problems. If meowing is something new in your cats, then you will need to give them some medical tests.

They may get hungry

If the food bowl is empty, my cats will let me know to fill. Be sure to check their bowls all the time because sometimes you probably forget to feed them; especially when you are going to have a vacation. In case you have to leave home for a few days, you should contact someone to support you that taken care your cats.

They ought to get stressed

You might surprise that cats also get stressed. Like humans, cats also feel uncomfortable when they have to change new living environments, new animals, new people, etc. If your cats are meowing a lot during these changes, it would be they don’t like these new ones.

Because your cats cannot tell you, they keep their eyes on new changes which might upset them, and meowing is their emotional way to you. Before adding new animals to your house, you should consider the adaption level of your cats. Some can accept new friends while others do not prefer.

They feel uncomfortable

When your cats get older, their health absolutely might be decreased. They cannot see everything clearly, for example. Thus, you should open a light for them to find their litter boxes in the dark.

If your house has many steps, you will need to do some signals to support them to climb easily. Some cats probably have arthritis or obesity issue, so you should place their house near your bedroom or kitchen.

They want to attract each other

Like us, cats need to find their romantic partners. When a female cat or a male cat wants to attract another, they will use their language “meow” to let others pay attention to them. They are also getting in a heat to make another cat draw attention to them.

How to get a cat stop meowing?

To stop your cat from meowing, a plan should be made which is suitable for your cats as well as your personal living conditions and other kinds of problems.

When they have this issue, you need to find out the reasons and select appropriate situations. Do not punish them because you will have some side effects for the upcoming time. Instead, you should reward them when they are calm and quiet.

You also need to make them quietly and gently. If you do not how to do that, then you could ask the vet or experienced owners.

Also, you should not shout, spray or hit them to make them quiet in the long run because they might hate you and increase some bad behaviors.

In case you find out they only want to raise the attention, you should gently response them like “hey, I know that you just want some attention from me. I will play you in one hour later, okay?” Your cats ought to not understand your language but they can feel your tone, voice, and your body language. 

Play with your cats also helps you to understand their feeling and their characters. This will support you to have the right answers when they have a bad reason.

On the flip side, you should take them to the vet clinic to check their health problems on a regular basis. Some potential diseases will be treated at the early time and you will not have to make a big excuse later.

Do not forget to create healthy diets for them routinely. Avoid canned foods or any kinds of food that have some bad ingredients for their health. You enable to ask the vet some suitable foods and take some classes to know how to take care of cats.

You should also have some workout programs for cats and be sure to select the right exercises for them because the requirement of kittens is different from senior cats or adults. 


At this time, I have identified some reasons and solutions to help my cats stop meowing. Thanks to their meowing, I can understand more about my cat as well as other cats. You know, you need to take times to recognize and solve all issues when having a cat. Hope that other owners also find out the proper answers for their cats like me.

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