What Is The Body Temperature Of A Cat?
Quick Navigation What Is the Body Temperature of a Cat?Why Does a Cat’s Temperature Get Too High or Too Low?Low TemperatureHigh TemperatureHow to Take a Cat’s Temperature?The Best Care for Your Cat’s Body TemperatureConclusion Every species has its own normal temperature. For example, if our body temperature is lower or higher than 98.5 degrees Fahrenheit… (0 comment)

Best Kitty Caps Reviews and Buying Guide – Must Read Before Purchase
Quick Navigation What Are Kitty Caps and Why Your Cats Need Them?Top 8 Best Kitty Caps Reviews1.Soft Claws Red Cat Nail Caps2,Soft Claws Kitten Nail Caps3,JOYJULY Cat Soft Nail Caps4,Kitty Caps Nail Caps5,Roto Market Soft Caps6,Brostown Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps7,Eyourlife Soft Nail Caps8,Purrdy Paws Soft Nail CapsThings to Consider for Buying Best Kitty CapsMaterialPriceSome… (0 comment)

Is Baby Shampoo Safe For Cats?
IntroductionBaby skin is physically very sensitive. That’s why most companies of baby shampoo always try to use the most appropriate ingredients to protect babies from negative reactions. Similarly, cat skin is pretty sensitive, too. Therefore, many cat owners wonder “Is it fine to use baby shampoo to bathe cats?” or “Is baby shampoo safe for cats?”… (0 comment)

Home Treatments For Kitten Eye Infection
Eye infection (such as third eyelid showing or eye watering) is a popular ailment that cats can be diagnosed with, especially kittens that are highly susceptible to catching bacteria and viruses. Luckily, it is not a too complicated, dangerous disease that requires specialists’ attention. Getting a grip on simple home treatments for kitten eye infection… (0 comment)

Can I Use Frontline Plus For Dogs On Cats?
Frontline is a famous brand of flea treatment products for dogs and cats. Amongst many products the company has produced, Frontline Plus for Dogs is one of the most common names on the market. However, many cat owners wonder “Can I use Frontline Plus for Dogs on cats?”. So, in this post, we will help… (3 comments)

10 Benefits of Using A Self-Cleaning Litter Box
Self-cleaning litter boxes can be very helpful for people who have cats, especially if you’re not overly fond of the waste removal process that comes with being a pet owner. That being said, a high quality self-cleaning litter box can be a bit of an investment, especially if you’re on a budget. So to help… (0 comment)

Things To Know About Black Domestic Shorthair Cats
Among popular pets raised by humankind, cats are preferred by their cuteness, friendliness and a bit stubbornness. When talking about one of the most popular cat breeds in the US, domestic shorthaired cats appear in the list of top. This breed comes in various fur colors, but black domestic shorthair cats seem to be the… (0 comment)

My Cat Has Scabs On Her Neck? Reasons and Treatments
Cats enjoy keeping clean by grooming and bathing themselves. But they can’t reach those hard-to-reach places such as the top of the head or around the neck. As a result, those untouched areas become the ideal environment for fungus to thrive.If one day, some rough patches on the junction between your cat’s head and shoulder… (0 comment)