Maltese Yorkie Mix – Adorable and Friendly Hybrid Dog
Introduction Morkie is a hybrid of Yorkshire and Maltese. In recent years, it has become more and more popular and sought-after from all over the world. That is to say, people have eliminated undesirable traits and retained the good qualities of both parents. Maltese Yorkie mix is based on such principle. What’s more? Morkies are… (0 comment)

Husky Malamute Mix
The husky malamute mix commonly called as Alusky is a cross breed between the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky. Alusky has an appearance similar to the wolf which it has inherited from his parents. However, don’t judge the breed by its looks; you will be surprised by its playfulness, friendliness, and loyalty. It is a big… (0 comment)

Dachshund Husky Mix And Their Characteristics
The Dachshund husky mix is a cross between the husky and dachshund. This type of mixed breed is well-known to be more courageous, aggressive, independent, energetic, loyal, and lively and even more social when compared to other mix dog breeds. Although being a husky origin dog, it does not come up with high-level maintenance that… (0 comment)

American Akita vs. Japanese Akita –Know All About Them
Akita Japanese and Akita America are two different breeds, but they carry similar names in common, 'Akita' and have almost identical characteristics. Akita Japanese is also known as Akita Inus, and American Akita is commonly calling as Akita. These two have physical and personality differences. Let us know in depth about these individual breeds of… (0 comment)

A Brief On Papillon Mixed Breed
The Papillon mixed breed came from the spaniels and dated back to or even beyond pre-historic times. Scanning through the history, we can find Papillon portrayed in many artworks beyond 16 century, confirming the age of the breed and its human connection. This type becomes a favorite very soon, and you are bound to fall… (0 comment)

Get To Know The American Bulldog Pitbull Mix
​As the name suggests, American Bulldog Pitbull mix is a unique mix of American Bulldog with American Pit Bull and is commonly calling as Pitbull Bulldog Mix. The breed comes from powerful parents, and for the same reasons, it is an all-rounder dog. It has an excellent combination of characteristics inherited from its parents. Generally,… (0 comment)