Know All About, How Long Are Dogs Pregnant
 Dog lovers are too choosy when it comes to selecting a dog. Everyone likes some different breed of dog. If you ask them about choosing a companion for their dear canine, they choose their ‘favorite’ one. Nevertheless, do all dog lovers know how long the pregnancy period of a dog is? Here we will discuss… (0 comment)

The Best Dog Breed: German Shepherd Wolf Mix
The German Shepherd Wolf Mix is a mix of the German Shepherd and the Wolf. The German Shepherd has been around since 1899. It originated from Germany and bred initially as a village dog for herding purposes. Once people found out that these dogs were intelligent and had a keen sense of smell, they have… (6 comments)

Know All About Mastiff Breeds
Mastiff breeds are always a pleasant surprise.  If you are planning to buy a dog, and particularly thinking about owning a mastiff breeds dog, you should have some basic information about this incredible species. These giant dogs are adorable and have an interesting history associated with them. There are proofs of Mastiff large dogs existed… (0 comment)