Frontline vs Advantix: Which Is Better?
Ticks, fleas often nest on pets, bringing concerns to the pet lovers. Not only do they harm the pets, but they also have the potential to cause illness and contaminate our home. Consequently, dog worm treatment has always been a solution to resolve this dilemma. And again, we rely on medicine to do that!For flea-and-tick… (0 comment)

Can There Be A Flea Poop But No Fleas?
As a dog owner, you might get used to itchy, troublesome stuff like fleas or ticks. Today, we won’t talk about fleas, but we learn flea poop. Some people easily mistake these two parasites because they look very similar, while the others wonder if it’s possible for their pets to have flea poop but no fleas… (0 comment)

how to get rid of fleas on your dog ?
Your dogs have fleas? You try at some chemical flea removals, but they do not work effectively? If so, we recommend you to switch to another solution which is derived from nature. It’s called diatomaceous earth!In this post, we’ll particularly discuss about Safer Brand diatomaceous earth which is considered the best diatomaceous earth product on… (0 comment)