Breed Specific Legislation-Hitler for Dogs
Breed Specific Legislation is a response to paranoia, the result of which is for legislators to pass laws restricting, or banning certain dog breeds. Most often the target are the Bully breeds, dogs that are Pit Bulls (see below). Make no mistake in some areas hundreds of dogs, many of which were good family pets, have been… (0 comment)

Why is My Dog Itching?
Dogs scratch for many reasons, most scratching is a symptom of a larger problem. While most owners rush to treat the symptom few venture further and treat the actual cause of the itching. Knowing why a dog is scratching can help the owner make changes to have a healthier, and happier, pet.  Take the time… (0 comment)

How to Cure Hot Spots on a Dog
What are hot spots on dogs. Learn how to diagnose hot spots on dogs. Learn how to treat, cure, and prevent hot spots on dogs. How to cure hotspots. Why is my dog itching If your dog is itching a specific area of its skin, or has an area that is red and warm to… (0 comment)

The Six Most Dangerous Dogs
  This is not an Anti-Breed link, although some breeds are mentioned. It is a link to bring attention to many realistic factors involved in making a dog dangerous, and breed is one of them, a large dog is naturally able to do more harm than a small one. 1.American Pit Bull Terriers I know… (0 comment)

The Obama Dog Home
Sustainable Pet Design is pleased to introduce Summa Canum, The Obama Dog Home. Summa Canum (Latin for “Top Dog”), has been created not only to provide an appropriately sustainable and stylish home for the new leader of the free canine world, but to introduce eco-friendly practices and materials to the American people. PROJECT SUMMA CANUM … (0 comment)