Keeping Plecostomus (Sucker Fish)
The main reason most fish owners keep sucker fish is because they clean the sides of their tank. But plecostomus are interesting pets in their own right. Plecostomus are the algae eating sucker fish you see clinging to the sides of aquariums. The main reason most fish owners keep them is to have them clean… (0 comment)

How to Set Up a Tropical Fish Tank
A step by step simple to follow guide demonstrating the easiest way to set up an tropical freshwater fishtank. A freshwater fish tank houses tropical fish, this is not to be confused with a salt water fish tank which is much more difficult to set up. Setting up the tank can be done quite easily… (0 comment)

Top Five Aquarium Shrimp
Some of the best freshwater shrimp to keep in an aquarium. Ok, before we start, here is a little brief on keeping shrimp. Tankmates: Gregarious by nature, keep in groups (they are more confident and entertaining, and less stressed). Do not keep with aggressive fish such as puffers, loaches, crayfish etc. Temperature: Tropical freshwater shrimp… (0 comment)

Why The Canister Filter is The Best Aquarium Filter Available
If you are involved in service up a Freshwater Tank, you necessary to pay unhurried attention to the identify of filters you use. Umteen people set up aquariums for distinguishable purposes. Whatever are involved in surround it up for ornamental purposes. When you preserve a business with an vivarium occupying one face of the stratum,… (0 comment)