Feeding Your Cat When on Vacation – and Your Dog, Too
Humans have always had an instinct to find companionship. Ever since the dawn of civilization, people keep finding each other to build communities. Little by little, these communities became countries and nations. These groups later on became the foundations of our modern society. It is said before in old texts and sayings that humans cannot… (0 comment)

How Long Should A Dog Eat Puppy Food?
It goes without saying that providing enough nutrition for puppies is very necessary for their strong growth during the early ages. But puppies will become adults one day, and thus, they cannot keep eating puppy foods forever. Instead, they really need a change in their diet when hitting the point of being adults. That’s why… (0 comment)

Are Peaches Safe for Dogs?
For a long time, peaches have become a very popular fruit all around the world, especially in the tropical area. This fruit is beloved by many people due to its great taste, and many dogs love it, too. But are peaches safe for dogs? You can give your dogs this tasty fruit, but in some… (0 comment)

10 healthy food options for dogs
Dogs can’t eat each and every human food as it is not necessary that the food we eat is actually healthy for our pet’s diet. There are many food items which are good for humans but at the same time they are unhealthy for dogs, therefore, it is essential to list out the best healthy… (1 comment)

Can I Give My Cat Antibiotics?
IntroductionFor human beings, antibiotics play an important role in many treatments, but for cats or animals in general, they are doubted of getting bad effects from antibiotics. Antibiotics have special ability to be a barrier to bacteria development and avoid the infection. However, it does not mean that all of the antibiotics are good and can… (0 comment)

Is Asparagus Good For Dogs?
Asparagus is a kind of vegetable that is loved by many people due to its delicious taste and high nutritional value, and so do dogs. That’s why some pet owners are willing to share this veggie to their four-leg friends. But is asparagus good for dogs? Should dogs have asparagus in their daily diet? We… (0 comment)

Is Turkey Bad For Dogs? Which Parts Of Turkey Are Safe?
This article will reveal you some very important facts about turkey – an indispensable food in every Thanksgiving party. And you can imagine how a cooked, delicious, aromatic turkey can attract your dog in these days! However, there are some concerns amongst dog’s owners: Is turkey bad for dogs? Which parts of the turkey are… (1 comment)

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Shrimp?
Basically, the majority of all common foods for humans (such as meats, fishes, eggs, vegetables, bread, rice, noodles, etc.) are edible to dogs. These foods are undoubtedly healthy (some are pricey); however, just as with humans, they need to be processed well prior to being fed to the canine fellows.The same goes with shrimp. No… (0 comment)