Can Dogs Have Dried Cranberries?
Quick Navigation What Are Cranberries?Can Dogs Have Dried Cranberries?Some Alternatives of Cranberries for DogsRaw CranberriesPure Cranberry JuiceOther Fruits and VegetablesConclusion Dried cranberries are known as a nutritious fruit which contains many natural essentials though they have been added more sugar than their fresh form. However, many people prefer dried cranberries to the fresh ones because… (0 comment)

Marrow Bones For Dogs – Should You?
Some people believe that marrow bones, which are rich in nutrients and safe enough for chewing hours and hours as a toy, are good for their dogs. Many studies proved that chewing bones, such as marrow bones or ham bones, improve dental health, remove tartar, keep gums strong and healthy. However, there are some factors… (0 comment)

Purina ONE vs Purina Pro Plan: Which Is Better?
IntroductionPurina is a leading pet food supplier on the market recently. With an expert team of up to 350 nutritionists, scientists and veterinarians, Purina makes a wide collection of different diets for different purposes. So, many buyers are confused to choose the one for their dogs.In this post, we will make a comparison between Purina… (1 comment)

Best Soft Dog Food Top Picks and Reviews 2017
IntroductionNutritional food mostly determines the growth and health of your pet. The care needs to be meticulous and quite troublesome, requiring you to have perseverance as well as the investment of effort and money. Nutrition for dogs must be provided with the most careful and appropriate, avoiding errors that will affect the pets’ digestive system because… (0 comment)

Best Cat Food for Urinary Health
Improper urinary tract functions are among the most common health issues of cats. There are too many questions that cat owners have to ask about treating their cat’s urinary problems. What brand should they choose? What is exactly in special food for urinary health? What to consider for every trip to the cat shop?If you’re… (0 comment)

What Are White Flat Worms In Dog Poop?
IntroductionDoes your furry friend have worms in his poop? Have you noticed what sort of worms they have? Well, it’s common to find out some worms in dog stool after deworming. However, it’s totally not if theworms appear densely and unusually.Amongstdifferent types of worms in dog poop as well as in dog’s body, flat white… (2 comments)

Quick Navigation A quick explanation of picky eaters to choose the best tasting dog food for picky eatersPicky eaters will become a medical problem when…Some certain tips to inspire a picky eater to improve healthier eating habit1. Begin early – do not wait for tomorrow2. Avoid feeding on the table3. Do not feed human food… (1 comment)