How to Deal with Mobility Problems in Cats
The number of cats that suffer from mobility problems is higher than you might think, with 80% of felines over the age of 12 coping with arthritis. Joint problems occur when the cartilage within them begins to wear down faster than it can be restored. And when the cartilage begins to disappear joints swell and… (0 comment)

5 Cool Gifts For Pet Lovers Your Friends Will Love To Have
Choosing gifts for pet lovers isn’t tough as you might think. On the contrary, this task will become much easier with our recommendations below.​In your list of friends, there’s always at least some individuals who pay great love and attention to dogs, cats or other pets. They’re pet lovers! So why don’t you offer these… (0 comment)

Why You Should Put Your Pet in a Stroller?
 You definitely have a stroller for your baby. But have you ever heard about a kind of stroller which is used for pets? If you haven’t, you should know about it. A pet stroller will bring you lots of protection not only for pets themselves but you are as well. A stroller for pets sounds… (0 comment)

Is Baby Shampoo Safe For Cats?
IntroductionBaby skin is physically very sensitive. That’s why most companies of baby shampoo always try to use the most appropriate ingredients to protect babies from negative reactions. Similarly, cat skin is pretty sensitive, too. Therefore, many cat owners wonder “Is it fine to use baby shampoo to bathe cats?” or “Is baby shampoo safe for cats?”… (0 comment)

Why Won’t My Cat Leave Me Alone?
Why won’t my cat leave me alone? Imagine that you’re walking around, but then your little feline friend follows you around, too. It’s sometimes frustrating and hard to work at home when he sticks to you the whole time. In this case, you might place a tall cat gate to “imprison” your cats, but we… (1 comment)

How To Remove Set In Urine Stains From Carpets
IntroductionThere are a lot of activities happening around home carpets where everyone tends to gather and have fun. This is the reason why carpets are the subject to heavy soiling. You can have a drink and spill some liquid on the carpet without noticing it. Your pets can urinate the carpet multiple times to mark… (0 comment)

How To Eliminate Urine Odor – Easy Tips for Thorough Cleaning
IntroductionThis must be the most frequently asked question in cat owner’s world since people made cats domestic. Fortunately, there have been numerous creative and useful solutions to this question.Today we want to show new cat parents some easy and quick guides on how to eliminate urine odor. For those who are experts in this field,… (0 comment)