Exotic and Unusual Pets: Hedgehogs
Hedgehogs have a serious cuteness factor and are gaining popularity as pets. However, these animals do not make the best pets for everyone. These little guys are mammals but are not rodents, as many people think. They are insectivores, which pretty much means they eat bugs. There are several varieties of Hedgehogs, from European to… (0 comment)

Five of The Coolest and Easiest Exotic Pets for Kids
Kids love Exotic pets. Here are five of the simplest and coolest pets to get them started. Kids love pets. There are no two ways about it. Parents are often concerned however for the pets well being when being given to a child. Making sure they get the right care, are handled well, fed, watered… (0 comment)

Build an Easy Hen House and Chicken Coop
A hen house, also know as a chicken coop is built specifically to provide shelter for chickens. If you are planning to keep chickens or already own some, ensure that your hen house is secure enough to protect your chickens from predators and provides a comfortable environment for the chickens to lay eggs and rest.… (0 comment)

Fish Profile: Oscar
Information about this Amazon River cichlid. The Oscar (astronotus ocellatus) is a member of a family of fish called cichlids.  Also called velvet cichlids, marble cichlids or tiger Oscars, in nature they are primarily found along the Amazon River Basin.  The Oscar is native to several countries in South America, including Peru and Brazil, though… (0 comment)

The 9 Unique Horse Breeds
A horse is a horse, of course, but check out these unusual breeds of horses and find out what makes them different. 1.Appaloosa This breed is best known for its’ unusual coloring. There are many spotted patterns, shown is an Appaloosa with blanket pattern, the photo is from Wikimdia. Appaloosas generally also have thin manes… (0 comment)

Tips on Buying a Horse or Pony
A horse or pony is a big expense, buying a “used” live animal is a bigger risk than buying a used car. Follow this guide to avoid mistakes. What are you looking for? Decide early on what you want the horse for. Are you just looking for a pleasure horse for riding on the trails,… (1 comment)

How to Move Your Pet to a New Home
Moving to a new home can be very upsetting for pets. Dogs and cats can become very anxious in that new home you have purchased. Dogs and cats show their anxiety by cowering in corners, urinating inside the new house, hiding in a variety of places, and even spend time looking for a way to… (0 comment)

Exotic and Unusual Pets: Rats
Once feared, Rats are gaining popularity as house pets. Learn more about care for a pet rat. Rodents, often feared, are gaining popularity as pets. Domestic rats are the result of selective breeding of Norway Rats. They are short-lived, with an average lifespan of 2 – 4 years. One of the advantages of rats is,… (0 comment)