Exotic and Unusual Pets: Ferrets
They are cute, but Ferrets are not a simple pet for an inexperienced owner. If not taken care of properly a pet ferret will not be happy and may be destructive. General Information This is part of my “Unusual Pets” series. It is not a promotion of ferrets above other types of pets. The purpose… (0 comment)

10 Dangerous Pet Products
Many consumers are not even aware that the pet stores do sell dangerous pet products. These commonly sold items should be avoided when shopping for pet supplies and food. Some have been linked to pet deaths. Why take the risk? It might surprise you to know that many products sold in pet shops are actually… (0 comment)

How to Catch and Raise Crawdads (Crayfish)
Crawdads are small, lobster-like crustaceans that can be found in most freshwater sources across the United States. They are opportunistic scavengers, territorial, mildly aggressive, and the favorite snack of painted turtles. Most people use them as bait, or as food for their pet turtles. Some fish owners us them to help keep their tanks clean,… (0 comment)

Top Five Aquarium Shrimp
Some of the best freshwater shrimp to keep in an aquarium. Ok, before we start, here is a little brief on keeping shrimp. Tankmates: Gregarious by nature, keep in groups (they are more confident and entertaining, and less stressed). Do not keep with aggressive fish such as puffers, loaches, crayfish etc. Temperature: Tropical freshwater shrimp… (0 comment)

Alpacas: Questions and Answers
My Husband and I breed alpacas in Northern NSW Australia. We recently held an alpaca information and sale day and I put together a question and answer sheet of all the questions I have been asked about keeping alpacas over the years. I hope this list might be useful to people who are considering keeping… (0 comment)

12 Wonderfully Unusual Dog Houses
You’ve got the best dog in the world. Why not give your pet a home great enough for his excellency? Everyone who has a dog knows that they want to get their pup the best that they can afford. They want their little doggie to stand out in a crowd. Here are a set of… (1 comment)

What is in Your Dog’s Food?
You might think your dog is eating good food, but it may not be. Here is an easy to read guide pointing out good and bad ingredients. While cats are true carnivores, dogs do not need as much meat in their food. Many commercially available dog foods use a lot of filler. As a result… (0 comment)

free online veterinarian help
Many people, in effort to save money, often turn to the Internet for free veterinary advice. You will often see the comment in forums “I cannot afford to take my pet to the veterinarian…. Please help.”. My immediate response is “If you can afford a computer and Internet, you can afford to go to a… (0 comment)