I tend to be very protective of my pet. She is the best pet that I could have ever had. She has got a lovely pair of eyes, and her super soft coat is irresistible. Yes, I am talking about my pet cat- Maria. I may be busy with my life, but at the meantime,… (1 comment)

Kibble and bits Review
As a proud mother of my growing canine family, I am particular before buying any food for my pet dog. I try and do a thorough research before buying food for them. No doubt, it should be wholesome providing proper nutrition and health. My pet dog Daisy and her two puppies are the apple of… (0 comment)

quote-left Summary Review:It is a plant based dry dog food prepared by using a moderate amount of poultry by products, chicken, fish, meat and bone meals as the primary source of animal protein. The probiotics help in digestion. Still, it is just like many other dog foods available in the market. The lack of any… (0 comment)

Grain Presence: 100% NilGluten Level: NilIngredients: Protein – 27%, Mean fat – 15%, carbohydrates -50% Summary Review:Nature's Domain Dog Food is manufacturing in the US, and the manufacturer confirms it has no Chinese ingredient. It is 100% grain-free and gluten-free so that you can make the transition to this product slowly. I am very protective… (1 comment)

My cat is a fussy eater. He won’t eat just about anything that I offer. The food that he eats must taste good, but I am worried whether his tasty food includes all the necessary nutrients he needs for his health. While browsing through different cat foods, I stumbled upon Wild Calling Cat Food reviews… (0 comment)

Hundreds of cat foods are available in the market, but not everybody looks into feline nutrition like the way Whole Earth Farms Cat food does. Even when your cat is a tad bit finicky about its food, still it won’t make any fuss during the meal time, if you are serving cat food from Whole… (0 comment)

When you bring a new pet into your home, the first few months could be hard for you. Pets take a long time to adjust, and they make a mess everywhere. No matter how cute you think your feline is, dealing with cat litter all over the house can be very frustrating and hence you… (2 comments)