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How Can You Make A Dog Vomit Safely With Hydrogen Peroxide?

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Dogs are the most innocent creatures somewhat like little babies and required all the love and attention. Their looks are deceptive because of appearance wise they look mighty and frivolous but at heart, they are loving and caring. They are always exploring and on the lookout of some mischief. My dog Tiger is too of the same character.

Eatable- but not for your pet dog

Dogs in their mission of exploring at times chew unwanted things that are harmful to them but not to human beings. We should first understand the different eatables that are detrimental to canine and try to avoid it from them.  You should not give chocolates, milk, cheese, onion, garlic, bacon, and yeast dough, the core of fruits like apple, pear, grapes, and raisin, avocado some houseplants like Aloe Vera, etc.

a dog vomit safely

Some of the harmful things are such as medicines, painkillers, corrosives, oven or toilet cleaners and hydrocarbons or petroleum distillates like motor oils or kerosene, etc. Hence, make sure not to keep these things in your dog’s proximity.  For more information on substances that are harmful to your dog including food items, it is helpful to check on some authentic sites.

Despite the precautions taken, you may have to face certain unavoidable situations when your dog consumed things that your dog should not and create chaos. In these conditions, it is strictly advisable not to experiment with your pet. You should immediately consult a veterinary doctor or an animal expert in poison control.

Conditions when not to induce vomiting

  1. When they have swallowed petroleum products or corrosives, you should not cause your dog for vomiting. Because such items will cause burning, and vomit inducing may be harmful to your dog. Vomit inducing could damage the esophagus of your dog if it had corrosive chemicals. Similarly, if your dog had petroleum products and if you induce vomiting, that can sneak to the lungs and cause severe aspiration pneumonia.
  2. When he is already vomiting, increasing it will worsen the condition.
  3. When he has lost consciousness or is feeling weak in getting up. The dog might in these circumstances inhale vomit leading to a problem in breathing.
  4. After two hours of consumption of toxic items, it may probably digest, and you do not have to induce vomiting. Inducing vomiting will not clear the toxic substance from the stomach. So vomiting will not be effective.

Avoid the following vomit inducing techniques:

  • Mustard or salt, which causes a high level of sodium intake
  • Syrup of IPEC [due to its various side effects]
  • Physically putting the finger in the throat

What are the conditions for inducing a dog to vomit?

  • When the dog has swallowed antifreeze or poisonous substance within the last hour or ingestion of chocolates or grapes
  • When the dog is healthy and is not at risk of inhaling vomit into his lungs
  • When he is not showing any signs of poisoning or is asymptomatic
  • Consult a veterinary doctor, if you want to induce your dog for vomiting. To induce vomiting use only hydrogen peroxide and is the only recommended inducer.

The right way to use hydrogen peroxide to induce safe vomiting in dogs

If you observe that, your pet dog is in trouble, and he cannot speak it out, but you can understand by his gestures that something is troubling him. When the dog is in trouble, he might look up to the person whom he trusts the most. Therefore, it is not only the love for the dog but also a sense of responsibility for the owner towards his pet. The following are the points; you need to take care of while using hydrogen peroxide to induce safe vomiting in dogs.

  • To start with, you can try feeding the dog a small meal, because this can sometimes help the dog to vomit.
  • It is always advisable to consult a veterinary doctor or animal expert in poison control before administering hydrogen peroxide.
  • You can give non-expired 3% hydrogen peroxide 5ml to 45ml depending on the weight of the dog. The recommended dosage of hydrogen peroxide is one teaspoon (5ml) for every 10 pounds of the weight of the dog. The maximum amount at any single time you can give is 45 ml. Do not exceed the dosage. It will be available in any pharmacy stores.
  • You can administer it orally by using a syringe without a needle. You can also try giving it by mixing with vanilla ice cream or honey.
  • This remedy taste nasty and so the pet should be coerced to ingest it.
  • If the pet does not vomit within 15 minutes of giving hydrogen peroxide, then you can try with another dose of a similar quantity.
  • It is advisable to walk with the dog for making the hydrogen peroxide work better.
  • If even after administering the second dose, the dog does not vomit, then you should take the dog to a veterinary doctor.
  • Remember the vet has much better medicines like apomorphine, which is available by prescription and only administered by a vet.
  • Do not forget to save the vomitus for the vet to examine the cause. A visit to the vet after induced vomiting by hydrogen peroxide is necessary.

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The well-being of the pet is the sole responsibility of its owner. The dog looks up to its owner with faith and trust. You must understand this, and you should never allow shattering the confidence of your dog at any cost.  As the master of your dog, you should keep aware of your pet’s needs, medication, and various allergic reactions. If your dog is already throwing up, then never try to induce a dog for vomiting because that can worsen its condition. If the condition persists, do not engage in further experiments, but take him to a veterinary doctor.

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