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4 Things To Consider When Getting A German Shepherd Puppy

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The German Shepherd is a breed loved the world over and with good reason. It is loyal, trainable, and looks fantastic. The dogs are excellent companions and can take up roles as security canines or even in social services.

If you want a German Shepherd that you can train, it would be wise to buy a puppy. It is easier to teach the young pup than an adult dog. Some companies do have strong, healthy German Shepherd puppies for sale and they also do sell them online. As an interested buyer, you should consider the following tips when planning to buy a German Shepherd pup.

1.Buy From A Reputable Seller

When buying a puppy, know that you have no guarantee of getting a 100% good pedigree. Nevertheless, you better your chances of getting a good one if you opt to buy the German Shepherd puppy from a reputable canine breeding company. Such businesses many in high-quality breeding standards and technology to ensure their dogs are active and healthy. A healthy puppy is bound to grow with little to no complications. Most of the reputable companies are certified and subjected to routine standard checks for the renewal of their licenses.

2.Assess The Puppy's Health

In-breeding and other poor breeding methods can result in abnormalities such as deformities. It is wise to have such concerns when selecting a German Shepherd puppy. Assess its overall physical health, from the teeth, eyes, and tongue, to the fur, limbs and other parts. Let a vet do this for you before you buy the pup more so if you are new to dogs or pets in general. Check out this German Shepherd growth chart to get an idea of apt size. You also may want to consider getting assistance from a professional who is conversant with the buying processes.

3.Request For Medical Exams

Dog breeders that know what buyer expect in the dogs they buy will subject their animals, from the puppies to the full grown dogs, to routine medical checks which are done by a qualified vet to certify its health. The companies can also arrange for the puppy rechecked before you make the final payment. Think twice about any breeders that are reluctant of organizing for the health examination; such companies may not offer the best German Shepherds. It would be heartbreaking to buy a puppy and fall in love with it while training it only for it to suffer under your care soon after you purchased the dog. Approach businesses with a reputation for excellent dog breeding, and you will avoid such problems.

4.Compare Prices

Cost is the other significant indicator of the type of breeders you are dealing with - next to getting a strong and healthy puppy. If the breeders are too cheap, know there are compromises in what they are offering. On the other hand, the company is not a fair breeder if its prices are too high. Source different quotes to have an idea of the average costs of a young German Shepherd and remember to pick a puppy that offers value for money.

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