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American Bulldog Pitbull Mix – Bullypit

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The animal lovers all around the world always look for wonderful dog breeds. However, it could be a hard task to find out all the great features in only onekind of pooch. Luckily, a crossbreeding one can inherit all the talents and properties from its ancestors.

American bulldog and pitbull are both robust, medium-sized pooches that are famous for being hard-working and high loyalty. But what about a mix of these dogs, so-called American bulldog pitbull mix? Let’s take a close look to learn more about this interesting mixed breed!

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American Bulldog


American bulldog is originated from the English bulldog or Britishbulldog. This is a fighting dog (also known as a hunting and guard dog) that is quite gentle with their relatives and extremely aggressive with strangers.


Photo credit: Tomas Nelsing

BothAmerican bulldog and English bulldog have a very muscular body with the weight of about 59-128 pounds (27-58 kg) and the height of 19-28 inches (50-71 cm).They have a big head with strong jaws, and their ears can furl or unfurl flexibly.The coat is short and soft in various colors, commonlygray, black and white.


Bulldogs are aggressive, brave, determined and hard to open with strangers. They are also very confident, courageous and protective. Moreover, they’re known as a loyal breed that can die to save their owner in any dangerous situations.

Since bulldogs are very active, they love playing outdoors and participating in physical activities to feel good and avoid being bored.


Bulldogs have the lifespan from 10 to 16 years, which is considered as a healthy breed. However, they have some common genetic problems such as neurological disorders, swelling or changes in retinal cells, kidney and thyroid disorders, hip dysplasia (most likely to occur in adults), bone cancer and some eye diseases.



Pitbull appeared in the early 19th century in England, Ireland, and Scotland. The breed comes from Bulldogs and Terriers to support for the purpose of playing the game "bullfighting" between the dogs and bulls. Then, it popularly immigrated in Europe and North America.


Pitbulls have a long, solid, muscular and robust body, sometimes quite fierce. They have the height of 14-24 inches (35-60 cm) and the weight of 22-77 pounds (10-35 kg). They have sharp teeth, short coat, short tail and small ears which locate high on the flat head.

In general, pitbulls look rather ferocious with bloody eyes in the felon form. Due to the mix of different lines, this breed has many different colors.


Pitbullsare independent, courageous, tenacious and confident. In spite of the fierce appearance, they are very loyal and obedient to their master. If any competitors or strangers hurt their master or simply penetrate into their territory, they will attack until the enemy is dead.

With such aggressive characters, Pitbull needs to be trained from the young to control the combative nature.


Pitbullshave an average life expectancy of 12-14 years. Although they are healthy and rarely sick, they can be attracted by some diseases such as hip dysplasia, eye pains and joint pains. Because their hair is too short, they can also get some skin problems.

They are very active and agile, and therefore, they need to be exercised daily with activities as strong as possible. Otherwise, they will get bored, which leads to destructive acts. Despite being very strong, Pitbulls need a warm shelter, or else they can get a cold in the winter.

Bullypit – The Mixed Result of Bulldog and Pitbull

Bullypit Overview


Bullypit is a hybrid dog coming from cross-breeding a bulldog and a pitbull.It’s a new breed that gather the essence of two genes to become a perfect one. Bullypit was first introduced in the US in the 1990s, and now, it becomes more and more popular.


As adults, the height and weight of a Bullypit fluctuate between 13-21 inches (33-53 cm) and 68-120 pounds (31-54 kg). These dogs have a larger and bulkier head than ofthe pitbulls, as well as wide forehead, muscular cheeks and high ears on the head. Their eye color varies quite widely, but never is white.

The lower jaw is strong. The lips are tight and equal. The neck rather travels down with strong shoulders and short back. Bullypit has the powerful frame, wide spreading front legs, deep and broad breasts, and short tails.


Contrary to their brutal ancestors, Bullypit is gentle, friendly, peaceful and very obedient. They are confident in standing with other dogs but never act aggressively. People try to select good physical characteristics, limit the frightening nature of the pitbull and replace by the unruffled and level-headed character.


Bullypits have the lifespan of 10 to 15 years.Because of being energetic, they like participating in outdoor activities several times a day. They only need to be provided with adequate nutrition to grow well. However, like pitbulls, cold weatheris not suitable for bullypits.

Pros and Cons of Bullypit


  • Very loyal to the master. Sometimes, be eager to please their master.
  • Gentle, polite and friendly to other dogs and strange people.
  • Love playing outdoors and with kids.
  • Strong and muscular body.


  • Can get destructive when being bored
  • Need to be trained and socialized as soon as their childhood
  • Not suitable for the cold, wet weather

Extra Information about Bullypit

How much brushing and bathing does a bullypit needs?

It is not necessary to bath it frequently, only once a month is enough. Bathing many times every day might dry the skin and lose the natural oils from his coat. It is alsoessential to groom frequently to eliminate dead hair, which helps to produce natural oils for a clean and healthy coat, stimulate the skin surface and exfoliate dead skin cells.

Additionally, his teeth should be brushed two or three times per week; his ears should be checked and wiped clearly once a week. You alsoneed to clip the nails if he gets too long.

Should you let a bullypit play with your children and other animals?

Some people are often reserved with all the pitbulls. On the other hand, bullypits arevery friendly and close to kids. They’re playful, energetic, sweet and affectionate around the kids, too. They are able to withstand high pains, so if your children have a joke with them by pulling their ears or tails, this will not make them resentful like other dogs.

Moreover, pullypits have a deep understanding of the pack hierarchy. So, they will be ready to protect your kids from any risk if it knows the kids rank higher than them. They are also regarded as aggressive one because of being very protective and loyal, so can prevent potential criminals from harming any child.

How much exercise does a bullypit need?

Bullypitsare a kind of fitness fanatic thatloves going outdoors to do exercises. They need to be practiced at least 45 minutes per day tomaintain the nice shape and have an exit for releasing mental and physical energy. Their favorites are swimming, running, jumping, walking, etc. However, you only need to give them the gentle, moderate training to keep them healthy, agile and rhythmic.

Does a bullypit learn quickly?

Bullypitsare smart and willing to be trained by a master they respect. They tend to be steady and self-confident, so you don’t have to cut down the training. They are very comfortable and eager to please to be trained to protect you and your family.

You need to be steadfast and positive in training and start from all family members. No one can sneakily let them jump up on desks if they’re in the home alone.


Different dogs possess different traits including the goods and the bads. Bullypits is such a great dog breed. During the breeding process, they were removed from Pitbull’s aggressive behaviors to become gentle and peaceful. They’re also very lovely, brave, easy-going and extremely friendly.

Hopefully, this post gives you enough information about American bulldog,pitbull and especially American bulldog pitbull mix. Thank you for reading!

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