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Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix

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Are you looking for a companion cum pet? The Australian shepherd corgi mix, also known as the Augie’s maybe the perfect choice. They are not only friendly, intelligent and faithful but also highly admired as a companion.

Here’s a brief sketch on this friendly pet that you are bound to fall in love at the very first sight.


The Miniature Australian Shepherd and Pembroke Welsh Corgi amalgam are also known as the Aussie-Corgi. This Aussie-corgi is otherwise popularly calling as the Australian shepherd corgi mix. The combination of it was purposed to get a 50-50 mixture of both the breeds. Though the date of origin is not sure, the common assumption is that the mixture may have carried to Wales in the 11th century. Initially, this breed was prevalent among the cattle herders due to its agility and low height. The Augie’s were nurtured and grown in the United States towards the end of the 18th century and not Australia as people might be misguided due to its name. The general size is 10 to 13 inches with a weight of about 20 to 30 pounds. The life expectancy is 10 to 15 years maximum. The legs are noticeably short in comparison to the body. They can be in a wide variety of colors with or without markings. Its eyes commonly feature in assorted color complimented with a compulsory black nose. The prime intention of this combination was to devise an energetic, playful and purposeful breed that will rightly and perfectly fit in among the eminent and acclaimed dog-clubs.

The Aussie-Corgi's are affable and attentive dogs with a mighty herding gut feeling. They are medium-sized having powerful legs with a long, condensed and tight body that is slightly flung over. In contrast to their Corgi ancestors, they commonly have long legs and a short posterior. They suit both as herding cattle and friendly companions. They are easy-going with children, animals, and humankind. The only obstacle is restricting them inside a condo because it is highly derogative for their stamina and strength. Their rate of shedding, barking impulse and high spirit impedes life of this breed inside an apartment.

Training, Grooming, and Maintenance:

Scrubbing, bathing, and rinsing are not a daily requirement for this dog. It may be done once in two months. However brushing the coat is mandatory else the fur may tangle and twine creating a huge hair shedding problem over the entire house. Maximum attention is to be paid towards the fur as the Aussie-Corgi feather tangles too easily and has a huge hair shedding issues, particularly during the weather changing seasons. Like all dogs, proper and regular cleaning of ears, teeth, and nails is necessary on a daily basis.

The Australian shepherd corgi mix is an ingenious hybrid with an astute and creative disposition. With proper training and guidance, these canines turn out to be exceptional pets to humankind. They can be instructed to be social and friendly. However, they do have an aversion towards total strangers and may bark out loud.

They are very popular among children and very soon grow a fondness towards them. Right training should have to provide from the primary stage of these canines. Supervision is essential for the safety other animals in the household. Due to the herding instinct; these animals tend to run about anything that moves on the ground. They are stubborn and naturally headstrong, but with decent grooming, they can be disciplined and contained easily.

Positive sides:

The positive traits of these canines are undoubtedly the most sought after among all the mixed breeds. It is the best for novice dog owners for their easy-going and not too difficult to handle traits. The Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix don't mind too much of scolding and shouting and will come back easy after a tough training. They are "low-sensitivity" dogs. If you have a big family with a lot of chaos going on and still long for a dog-pet, this one will rightly fit in. These dogs can handle household with utter confusion, and even loud commands won't disturb them. They are tolerant of both hot and cold weather.


The Australian shepherd corgi mix is a competitive sports dog that needs a lot of love, care, and admiration. They will stand out from the crowd for its profound and aristocratic looks. The Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix have achieved the title as "faithful companions" and labeled as a guide dog, assistance dog, and police dog for examination and salvage duties.

You give him a call. He will come wagging his tail with an elegant, athletic posture glaring at you with his stern eyes giving you the instinct “Command!!! I am ready.”

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