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Blue Heeler Border Collie Mix : Information and Pictures

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The Blue Heeler-Border collie mix is also known as Australian Cattle Dogs, Australian Heelers, and Queensland Heelers and we have the first breed traits dating back to 1840s. In Australia, George Elliot first started fusing various canines like the Collier and other associates with their native type. It was a huge success, as this breed justified its acumen with smartness, sensitivity, judgment, and fortitude. The breed eventually became notable to many especially among the ranchers and cowboys for its sheer intellect and insight.

The Blue Heeler Border collie mix in the course of time became the cattle herder. Its weight is 30 to 40 pounds and grows up to a size of 15 to 20 inches.

5.17.10, still don't really know what she is! BC/Heeler, kelpie, koolie????

Disposition and personality traits of a Blue Heeler Border collie mix

The Blue Heeler Border collie mix is best known for its playful nature. They are full of life, active spirited and frisky. These dogs are ideal for domestic household dogs and can associate intelligently with cattle breeders, huntsman, and sportsman.

They are diligent, defensive and very attentive.
The Blue Heelers are generally a domestic for singletons. However, they can easily accommodate with other types like any other herdsman dog. Their active disposition gives them an edge over the others. It is unique in its own ways.
They are not into too much barking and shouting with unknown guests and intruders. Yet, they are defensive about their clan and household members. You don't need to pamper them too much neither do they ask for the same. They are watchful, and this nature makes them the best guards.

In size, they grow up to 20 inches height. The Blue Heeler-Border collie mix is muscular, robust and stable dogs. They have a bushy curled tail and hangs out loose. The legs are strong, and the head is a full round. The ears are barbed, and the neck is straight and upright.

The Blue Heeler Border collie mix craves for routine physical exercise and mind provocation than any other breed of the type. Its intelligence can be summed up as the reason behind it. Initially, the breed was principally adopted by shepherds and herdsmen for livestock management. However, in recent times the race is becoming well-known and prominent as an aide to the household.

Training of Blue Heeler Border collie mix

Training of Blue Heeler Border collie mix is not at all difficult. Its intelligence and smartness make its unique among its entire breed. You must remember that all animals love being pampered and keep no stone unturned to satisfy its keeper. All animals love to treated with kindness and tenderness. And this breed is no exception. Too much dominance and control might give negative results. New methods of coaching and training may be thought of if good words and commands they ignore. You will be surprised to see the reflections when you heap the dog with praise and adoration.

Teach good things. Teach them that biting shoe heels is awry. Training must be given to demarcate the attitude between domestic type and cattle herder. The training sessions for Blue Heeler-Border collie mix should have to conduct with patience and diligence. You can motivate them with balls, toys, and food. They should be repeated and short. Lots of videos are available on YouTube and Facebook regarding the training sessions. The basic start-ups may be it, stay, come, and heel.

Common health issues of Blue Heeler Border collie mix

Some of their common health issues are like:

  • heart
    Hip Dysplasia
  • heart
    Problems with their eyes
  • heart

Other than these there are no major health concerns. Its average life is 10 to 15 years.


Now, after a detailed discussion on the Blue Heeler Border collie mix, you must have had a clear idea what are the conventional traits in the breed. If your lookout for a dog is the astute, brainy, smart and playful type; then this breed might be the best option for you.
Make sure that your Blue Heeler Border collie mix has a clean and hygienic environment to grow. A quality diet and lots of care are the prime requirements. There is no doubt that you shall intensely love your pet on the first sight due to its soothing colors and notably loving attitude. Make sure that they are occupied with something so that their energy can divert to something positive and worthy. Remember they are part of your family and you should treat them as one.

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