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Boxer Beagle Mix Puppy – Can It Better Than Its Parents?

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For dog lovers, brilliant dog breeds are what they always try to find. But each breed has its own good and bad characteristics. Therefore, a new method called crossbred appears to solve the breed shortcoming problems. Thanks to this, new hybrid breeds that inherit nearly all of the talents from their previous generations can be born.

In this post, we talk about a special mix of Boxer and Beagle. Both of these breeds are mischievous and playful, but with their contrast appearance, how the Boxer Beagle mix puppy will look like? Keep reading to find out!



Photo credit: Paul Roberts 

The origin of Beagle is unknown, but it’s believed to have originated in the Romans in the 19th century. This breed can be bred between Harrier and Talbot, and some other British breeders. These hounds are made in small sizes to hunt animals such as rabbits and foxes.

They were then imported to the United States where American breeders began breeding to improve their appearance to be smaller. They became very popular in the 1940s and 1950s.


Beagle is small but very healthy with a height of 13-16 inches and a weight of 19-24 lbs. They have a straight, square muzzle with straight and strong legs. Their nostrils are wide enough for sniffing, while their wide ears close to the sides of their heads.

Beagle has a straight, upright tail. Its identifier is the white tip of the tail with a short, coarse coat that is easy to tuck in bushes. The coat has a variety of colors, usually black, yellowish brown, dark yellow, and white.


Beagle dogs are cheerful, active, and quite sweet, especially for children. They know how to entertain and make fun of others. They are also very obedient and sometimes naughty lovingly. The aggressive nature of this pet will suit those who like openness and fun.


They have an average lifespan of 12-15 years. They are very healthy; however, they are more likely to have health problems such as cholecystitis, glaucoma, epilepsy, central progressive retinal atrophy (CPRA), hypothyroidism, and cataracts. Therefore, an eye examination should be periodical.

Luckily, Beagles are highly resistant, so it is not difficult to take care of them with the right food, like the Natural Balance dog food for example.



Boxer is a German-born dog. The breed was originally bred from two German breeds, Bullenbeiszer and Barenbeiszer, which were further added to the Bulldog. The Bullenbeisser was born and used to hunt bison, pull the car, and so on.

In 2005, they were recognized by the American Kennel Club and ranked 7 out of 155 recognized AKC-protected breeds.


Boxer dogs have a strong and lean body with muscular and strong muscles, which is pretty much like Bullypit – the mixed result of Bulldog and Pitbull).

Besides, Boxer dogs are 21-25 inches in height and 53-70 pounds in weight. They have a well-balanced head, a face with no wrinkle, large nostrils. Their ears are quite large and upright with a cut tail. The short, sleek coat is usually yellowish brown, reddish brown, brindle. But chest, abdomen, and feet are always white.


Boxer dogs bring alert and cautious instincts. Yet the character is also very friendly, cheerful, affectionate, and loyal. They are close to the owner and love the children. Boxer pets have a habit of jumping on their loved ones in order to show their affection.

They are very hyperactive, curious and playful, especially interested in participating in races. They are very smart, but they are also quite stubborn. If well trained, they will be very friendly with other dogs and pets.


Boxers, like the name of them, are very healthy and not prone to health problems. Their average lifespan is around 11-14 years. These animals are not adapted to hot and cold weather, which will affect their health.

Some Boxer puppies also tend to get stomachs, skin, and heart problems. You need to pay special attention to their diet as it greatly affects their stomach health. And don’t forget to apply proper flea treatments if your dog gets harmful fleas.

Bogle – The Mixed Result of Boxer and Beagle


The Bogle (also called Boggle) is originated from Beagle and Boxer mix from the USA. The smart and clever nature has become a great companion, making it highly preferable amongst pet lovers.


Boxer Beagle mix puppy has a strong and muscular body with drooping ears, deep and big cheeks, wide forehead, and lovely face. Their coat is dense, smooth and sleek with low shedding. The color is diverse in black, white, brown, or any combination of these. Viewed as a medium-sized pooch, they are about 50-60 pounds in weight and 23-25 inches in height.


Bogle dogs are fun, playful, emotional, curious, and very active. They are very intelligent, eager to learn new things but can be quite stubborn. They are also quite funny in their antics and bring you laughter for leisure time.

However, they are very aggressive due to the Boxer blood. Therefore, teaching should be carried out thoroughly and comprehensively from the young age. The habit of jumping on the visitor to show joy is sometimes inconvenient, so it is necessary to train them, too.

Boxer beagle mix puppy owns sharp noses (check if your dog has pink spots on nose) and natural instincts on tracking and hounding. This makes them excellent police dogs due to their possibility to detect drugs. Therefore, they are widely used in the work of the military and the police.


Bogle dogs tend towards obesity, so their diet and weight must be close in control. Their average lifespan is around 12-15 years. It is a kind of energetic dog with the high tolerance, so 45-60 minute walks each day are enough.

Pros and Cons of Bogle


  • check
    They own features of an active and smart dog breed.
  • check
    They are friendly to the kids.
  • check
    They own an eye-catching, robust appearance.
  • check
    They stay very healthy and strong.
  • check
    They are highly loyal to their owner.
  • check
    They have a long lifespan.


  • They tend towards obesity.
  • The habit of jumping on people to show joy is sometimes inconvenient.
  • Attention is paid because of their stubborn nature.
  • They are very sensitive to strangers.
  • Teaching has to be carried out thoroughly and comprehensively from the young age.

Some Extra Points

How much maintenance should you pay for your dog?

Bogle’s hair is short and smooth, with little hair loss, so it's easy to care for. Typically, clean the ears every week as they can get infected with ear infections, brush their teeth daily, cut off the toenails, and bathe when needed with sensitive dog soap.

Is Bogle easy to train?

Because of being a smart dog, a Bogle will immediately understand commands and behaviors when properly trained. However, the puppy won’t be good at listening to if treated harshly, so patience is required during practice. Always use slip when walking with them; otherwise, it will be at risk in case of his disappearance as Bogle chases after the small animals he encounters on the road.

Like most breeds, owners need to start training as soon as they bring them home. If removing slip, you can call them back easily. Set the rules, keep it simple and consistent. Boggles are stubborn and always challenge the master, so be calm and steady in training.

Is Boggle suitable for playing with children?

In terms of the way, the breed is dog-friendly, playful, curious, and hyperactive. They especially love playing with children. However, the children are only allowed to play with them when adults follow to ensure the safety. Though Boggle is quite gentle, it is very sensitive to strangers.


In summary, the hybrid between these two breeds brings more good characters from the parents than bad ones. To eliminate the chance of getting bad features as much as possible, the designer should invest in careful selection and research.

Hopefully, this useful post provides you with a close look at the Boxer Beagle mix puppy. Thank you for reading!

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