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Boy Dog Names – How To Call Your Dog In A Cute Yet Manly Way

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Your furry friend deserves a both lovely and distinctive name which can facilitate communication between you and your dog. There is a series of references for pet owners to choose from during the naming process. And for male dogs, we have some great suggestions for boy dog names that you should take a look at.

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It goes without saying that naming a boy dog is of the same importance as selecting one to bring up. Your dog will live with that name for a lifetime, so it is worth careful consideration. A sound name is supposed to facilitate communication between you and your furry friend while enhancing his responsiveness to your commands. However, considering a wide range of boy dog names available, it is sometimes difficult for pet owners to make the final decision.

Take a quick look at some following tips, and you can find your answer.

How to Choose a Name for Boy Dogs

Use Short Names

Go for a name that your pet can easily recognize. Boy dogs find it much easier to detect long vowels and hard consonants, so names such as “Lucky”, “Benny” are highly recommended. The case is also true with one or two-syllable names.

However, avoid names with sounds similar to commands such as No, Stay, Sit, and so on. Dogs may run into trouble differentiating among similar sounding words. Therefore, it is likely to cost them some more time to respond to your calling. For example, “Joe” is much related to “No”.

Also, choose a name you find no embarrassment to speak out in public, and refraining from using too common names that may provoke confusion among dogs of the same name.

In the event of choosing a long name, make sure to keep the shortened version.

Let Him Decide on His Own Name

Among ways to choose a boy dog’s name, spending time playing with him both indoors and outdoors stands out as a reasonable way. While playing with dogs one on one, they are inclined to reveal interesting personality quirks, which can be based on to devise a good name. For example, a dog capable of jumping high to catch a Frisbee may be satisfied with the name “Jumper”.

Follow Famous Dogs’ Names

Over the years, there have always been famous dogs of specific breeds, and it is increasingly popular to select the same name for pets of the same breed. Take Terrier mixes as an example. After the movie about a hybrid dog (a mix of Miniature Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, and Schnauzer) named Benji was broadcast, a large majority of this breed’s owners opted for the same name. Some other names of this kind are “Colin”, “Fitz”, “Kingston”, and “Norman”.

Look Back on History

It is not uncommon for one to name his or her dogs after a famous figure in history. This can be seen as a way of paying respect to the heroes of the past. For instance, it makes sense to name a boy dog after gods from different pantheons, including Anubis, Apollo, etc. The name “Anubis” is particularly popular among pet owners because Anubis is the jackal-headed god among the Egyptian pantheon, and no wonder jackals are canines.

Refer to Your Pet’s Breed and Heritage

On the basis of his origin, you can turn to various online resources for names from different countries. A German shepherd may go on well with a German name, whereas a French name may be fit for a French Poodle.

Use Human Names

In some cases, boy dogs can be named after human’s names such as “Oliver”, “Duke”, “Jimmie” and “Cooper”. Out of them, “Cooper” is actually a Scottish name, which refers to barrel and cask makers or dealers.

Look at His Appearance

Features, such as the coat color and texture, can be taken as suggestions for dog names. “Jet” may be fit for a black dog, while a long thick-coated one can be called “Woolie”.

Search for Group Association

Another feasible way to name a boy dog is to relate it to the group the breed belongs to. If it is classified as the hunting breed, it is advisable to pick a name on the basis of the animal it hunts, for example “Eagle” and “Buck”.

Suggestions for Boy Dog Names

For Strong Dogs: Some names that can indicate the strength of large dog breeds, such as German Shepherd or Pitbull, are “Arnold”, “Clark”, “Hagrid”, “Tarzan”, etc.

For Big Dogs: You may want to give your larger-than-average furry friend a special name to emphasize his extraordinary size. In this case, names such as “Andre”, “Brawny”, and “Hogan” may be good options.

For Small Dogs: On the other hand, if your puppy belongs to a small breed, such as Teddy Bear. And his body size is confined to a compact package, his adorable size should be revealed through his name, such as “Cheerio”, “Jerry”, “Simon”, Squirt”, etc.

For Handsome Dogs: It may be lots of fun to name your dog after his charming looking. The source of inspiration can come from good-looking fictional characters or dreamy male celebrities. Some appropriate names are “Bond”, “Edward”, “Eric”, “Smith”, etc.

For Cute Dogs: Their names needn’t be sickeningly sweet to match with their cute appearance. Instead, they are simply cute human names taken from characters in favorite movies or children’s books, which are “Cubby”, “Elliott”, “Minion”, “Piglet”, etc.

For Cool Dogs: Who doesn’t love a wonderfully cool dog with an equally cool name? Check out these names that remind us of cool characters: “Damon”, “Garth”, “Malfoy”, “Stefan”, etc.

Funny Names: If you have a sense of humor, then you may want to pick a funny name for your lovely pet. In this sense, your large dog might be named “Little John” while in contrast, a dog of tiny size goes with “Bruiser” which is the Chihuahua shown in the movie “Legally Blonde”. Or else, names of funny fictional characters such as “Acorn”, “Herman” and “Peanut” can be taken into account as well.

Unique Names: Do you want to make your boy dog stand out from the rest just by his name? Then names of famous landmarks can be your choice. “Austin”, “Bristol”, “Dallas”, “Sioux” are some names on the list.

Popular Names: If you tend to follow the crowd, then a common name that stands the test of time might be your preference. For years, names “Buddy”, “Max”, and “Hooch” are among those most favored names used by pet owners.


Considered as a family member, your furry friend deserves a both lovely and distinctive name. There is a series of references for pet owners to choose from during the naming process. Whatever boy dog names you go with, remember to use the name frequently to familiarize your newly-adopted boy dog with it. This clearly plays an important role in the training process in the sense that you can quickly bond with your companion since early days. 

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