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Bulldog Pug Mix – The Pet You Would Love To Have

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Are you in search of a small pet that you can have? Yes, if you are in such a search then the best option is to have a Bulldog pug mix. You will love to have this miniature bulldog in your house as it is calm and gentle in nature. Let us know some facts about this dog so that you can have proper care of it.

photo by: pawbuzz.com

The peculiar breed of Bulldog pug mix

Bulldog pug mix is a cross between the bulldog and the pug. Though it is not a pure breed dog, you will love to have the pet due to its cuteness. As it is a miniature version of a bulldog, you will not have all the traits visible in it, but they have a strong body with a broad shoulder. This nature of a dog is generally bred to catch bulls, but its natural calmness and gentle behaviors have made it considered as a pet in households. The average life expectancy of the dog is 10 years.

How does the dog look like?

The body of the dog is sturdy and has a broad shoulder with a prominent head. There are many colors which you can have for your pet. The general colors that you can have are white, brindle, fawn, red or patched. The height that you can expect is about 12 to 14 inches and the weight between 30 to 40 lbs.

The temperament that you can expect

The calm and composed character is what you can expect from the Bulldog pug mix, which makes as a lovely home pet animal. It also loves to be amongst humans and will be the most significant play partner of your children. It does not require much attention and is an ideal pet.

The health problem your pet might face

These dogs commonly face some particular health problems. They suffer from breathing problem, and in most cases required a Caesarean section. Another common issue is about their skin. It has sensitive skin, which may become itchy and irritable. You must take proper care so that their skin remains smooth and clean. They have excess skin, so they heat up quickly. So, it is not prudent that you leave your pet outside if you stay in a hot climate. These dogs are notorious for their weak joints, so you have to be careful so that they do not slip on wet surfaces and hurt them.

The grooming required for your pet

They have short fur coat, so brushing them once a week is sufficient. As the skin is soft, you need to use a rubble bristle brush so that the skin is not hurt or irritated. It is advisable to carry a spray bottle with water in it when you take your dog outside. Occasional spraying water will give protection from heat and give them the needed comfort. Take adequate precaution when you give a bath to the dog, as they have sensitive ears. So when you bath them, it is good if you can place cotton balls in their ears.

The proper training is imperative

It required regular training from the very early stage on a daily basis followed by rewards, positive-reinforcement and a lot of endurance. There is a reason for this nature of training. The bred takes up some characteristics from the pug and the bulldog which is the reason for having such kind of training. It is best to start the training process early so that you have a socialized dog. No particular nature of training is essential, but a general training is enough to keep the dog under control.

How best can they be your pet?

It can be your ideal pet. It will be the one whom your children will love to play around. It is not only gentle with your kids but also with other pets that you may have in your house.

The negative traits that may be problematic 

There are certain aspects which may be problematic to you. Health is a negative trait of this nature of dogs. You should take proper care of them so that no health problem arises. Constant shedding may also be a problematic trait. The sounds that they make and the stubbornness may also be problematic to some.
So, what you do you think about having Bulldog pug mix at your house. Do not be confused you can definitely have one who will be your loving pet. The calmness and the gentle behaviors will make them your adored family member. 

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