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Catahoula Lab Mix – A Great Dog Breed For Families

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Depending on purposes and functions, the designer selects dominant characteristics and removes inappropriate ones from two different breeds to create a new, desired breed. And Labahoula – a mix of Labrador and Catahoula – is created well that way. With the inheritance of good features from both parents, Catahoula Lab Mix possesses the gentle, loving nature and the courageous, protective will. What about other great things? Let's find out!


Catahoula is strong and distinctive, making it an extremely nimble, agile hunter, though not as large as other hunting dogs. The smart and clever nature has become its great distinction.


Catahoula is a hunting dog originated from North America and used for protecting livestock and houses, especially guarding the attack of leopards and lions. They can climb trees to hunt very well. Their names are named after the Catahoula region of Louisiana, USA.


They have long back legs and backs in various sizes, ranging from 20 to 26 inches and weighing from 49 to 88 lbs. In addition to a rather pointed face, relatively large ears are drooping with a facial proportion. The tail is long, small and perked up.

The coat is short and thick with many different colors such as brindle, leopard, white, blue, gray, reddish, yellowish.


Catahoula is intelligent, vivacious, independent and friendly, especially for young children. Because of their fluent nature, they love to play with children. They are also very emotional; they don’t like to be alone and will grow up if living with the herd. Catahoula is so loud and active that some of them rob objects to chew, thus, practicing the rules for them to adhere.


With an average life expectancy of 10-14 years, they are relatively healthy and have only problems with hip dysplasia, deafness, and some eye problems.


Labrador is often briefly called Lab. They are considered one of the most popular hunting breeds in the United States over decades.


Labrador’s ancestors are Newfoundland in Canada. The Labrador was used by local fishermen to pull nets into the river near the shore. Later, the British brought them back to the farm and discovered their great potentialities.  


Labrador is a sturdy type with a long, short, and hard, easy-care coat with the average height of 20 to 24 inches and the weight of 60-75 lbs.

Their hair is almost straight, without any ripple with the common colors such as black, yellow, and chocolate. They have a broad head, thick nose, and sharp jaw. The muzzle is broad with a very strong neck, reddish brown eyes that look smart. Moreover, the bone structure in the limbs is very strong.


Labrador is very smart, so the training and the acquisition of commands are very good. You should not be too stringent about chaining them because it's easy to get stressed out. They love kids, so be sure to let them play with them all day without worrying about what's going on.

With a great ability to swim, they are ranked among the best swimmers. Many other possibilities include police dogs for drug discovery, leading the blind, looking for search and rescue, and even pulling the car.


Labrador’s age ranges about 10-12 years. They are very healthy with no specific diseases. But like all breeds, Labrador sometimes gets hip fractures, bloating, and stomach twists.

Labahoula – The Mixed Result of Catahoula and Lab


Labahoula is known as a new hybrid which has appeared in the earth since the 1980s. In spite of their recent history, the parents have existed for a long time. Regarded as a strong-willed and powerful breed, this one is a mix of Labrador and Catahoula.


The first notable traits are big, powerful, and eye-catching appearance, which always attracts the attention of many peoples. They have the height of 21 inches and the weight of 95 lbs. Any of them tends to be a broad wedge-shaped head with long muzzles.

Coming from two very distinguished features makes them striking more than ever. Their eyes have a different range of colors including hazel, amber and blue. An unmissed feature is their patchy, leopard coat adorned with dark blue, black or dark brown. Also, their coats are short and close to the skin.


Bring the features of a well-tempered hybrid, Labahoula plays gently and friendly with kids, they don’t like to be left from family activities. However, they always keep watchful eyes on strangers, associated with a defensive character, turning him into an excellent potential watchdog.

In addition, Labahoula will socialize with others pets if raised alongside them. An instinctive reaction is to drive away smaller ones (like cats). They become hostile towards other dogs.


This mix tends to catch some illnesses or diseases impacted by the congenital disease. It is essential to give them at least 90 minutes or more to take part in daily activities. They are often fond of long runs, field work, hiking, swimming.

Pros and Cons of Labahoula


  • check
    They are a well-tempered, protective hybrid.
  • check
    They are gentle, playful and friendly to the children.
  • check
    They own the eye-catching, loving, powerful appearance.
  • check
    They are very healthy.
  • check
    They are very loyal to the master.


  • They are likely to attack other strangers or small pets.
  • They don’t like to be left out of family activities, so the requirements of care and attention are important to them.
  • Sometimes, they rob objects to chew.

Some Extra Points

How much maintenance should you pay?

Labahoula needs a low maintenance. It does not belong to be hypoallergenic kind as well as heavy droolers. You only need to brush their coat with a de-shedding tool in the summer. More importantly, brushing their teeth a few time per week with an eye to keeping from dental diseases. However, this breed doesn’t want to bath weekly or groom regularly.

Should you let a Labahoula play with your kids and other pets?

You can let them play with kids comfortably. They are regarded as an even-tempered dog, having the thirsty of craving a human companion. In addition, they are fascinated by the games of owner family.

However, they easily become aggressive to the strangers or small pets if those ones are not raised alongvside them. So, take care of your dog to avoid harming others.

Does a Labahoula train quickly?

Training this hybrid is rather easy. Because of originating from both intelligent breeds, like retrievers and herders, he is inherently taken direction well. That is to say, their mind together with the patient repetition will make good results.

You can look for a professional trainer to support them, but in case you would like to train them, give rewards or treats to get the best results as possible.


On the whole, Labahoula processes good characters from both parents. However, not all hybrid dogs produce such good luck, which requires the designer to invest in careful research and selection to avoid the bad.

Through this useful post, we hope we’ve provided you with a closer look at the Catahoula Lab mix. Thank you for reading!

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