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Corgi Husky Mix – The Irresistible Little Cuties For Active People

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Meta: You might know the adorable Corgi dog breed is famous for its cute, short stature. But do you know it is also their dominant trait? And that no matter what other dog breeds they are going to be paired off with, this trait is exhibited. So, wouldn’t you curious to see what a Corgi’s pups look like if their other parent is a Husky?

First question: What special traits in your future dog that you’re looking for? Could it be friendly, outgoing, social, but also it has to be management-sized, beautiful, and unique?

Next question: Do you prefer a Corgi or a Husky? Or a package of both if you’re having a hard time choosing one over the other? And no, we kid you not! There’s actually a Corgi Husky mix that can meet your characteristic requirements and solve your dilemma simultaneously. If you still find this hard to believe, let’s have a tour and check out the following information, then decide it yourself.

What Kind of Dog Is This?

The resulting puppies of a Corgi and a Husky don’t have a consensus name yet. But you can call them Husgi, Corgski, Horgi, or Siborgi.

Husgi is a sweet cross between a Siberian Husky – a sledding dog, and a Corgi of Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh type – a herding dog. So technically, Husgi pups are mini Huskies (i.e., Husky-like appearance with the height of a Corgi,) with temperament traits and hilarious habits inherited from both parents.

The Corgi Husky mix has been spreading joy, love, and cuteness around the world for over 25 years. They’re one of the most favored designer dogs in Earth, together with the Dachshund Husky mix (Husky again, but this time, Dachshund is chosen for crossbreed).

And yet, unlike their purebred parents the Corgi and Siberian Husky, Husgis have yet to be recognized by the ACK as a new, official dog breed.

Prominent Traits of Corgi Husky Mix

Let’s see what the lovely parents could pass on to their endearing little pups.

Life Expectancy

Huskies’ lifespan is roughly 12-15 years, while Corgis can live 12-14 years.

Good thing is that, while Husgis take after their Corgi parent’s size, in light of longevity, Husgis receive the lifespan from their Husky lineage. Not to mention, Husgis are medium-sized dogs that always tend to have a longer lifespan than large dogs.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about you and your beloved Husgi will be parted any time soon. For you and the squat princess can have 12-15 years together.

Outer Look

The Corgi has rounded head, erect ears, and two pairs of trademark short legs underneath a medium-sized body. Whereas the Husky, being the type of working dog born to pull heavy sleds in the snow, is granted a much larger body and even much longer legs than the Corgi. But they still have erect ears like the Corgi. So, if nothing else, expect this particular trait in your future Husgi.

If your Husgi is the first mixed generation, it’s harder to predict her exact appearance. But all in all, she will most likely look like a Husky in almost every way, except for two pairs of legs, of course.

That means she’ll have erect ears, rounded head, almond-shaped eyes of black or chocolate color, short but sturdy stature, and a curled tail. Sometimes, Husgis are said to look very much like the German Shephergi (a cross between a German Shepherd and a Corgi).

Body Measurements

The weights of a grown Corgi and Husky are 30 pounds and 35-60 pounds, respectively. And the former’s height is 10-13 inches, while that of the latter is 18-24 inches.

In this case, whoever the dam is, the Husgi pups still tend to inherit the Corgi’s size. That means your dearie Husgi can reach 13-15 inches when she’s all grown up and weigh about 25-50 pounds (note that the healthy weight is between 20-25 pounds). So, Husgi is a medium-sized dog, which is similar to its hybrid ‘brother’ – the Husky Chihuahua mix.


The Husgi has thick, waterproof, double coat, which is just obvious because that’s what both of their parents have in common. The strands of hair may be long or medium-length, depending on the Husgi’s genetics, which parents it takes after more.

Another trait both founding breeds share is the shedding. Corgis and Huskies shed profusely due to the nature of their coats. So don’t be surprised if your Husgi is a heavy shedder, too.

Colors and Patterns

Nobody can foretell the coat colors of mixed puppies. It could be harmoniously mixed or be clearly taken after one parent only.

For instance, the coat of your future Husgi pup may resemble a Husky’s black, agouti, or grey color; or it can look like the tan coat of her Corgi parent. There’re other shades the pup may inherit such as dark brown, red, sable, orange, brindle, cream, and even blue or white.

The white color exhibited is the result of inheriting the Husky “mask”. So the white Husgis are probably gifted with white markings features of both their dam and sire.


This aspect is a bit more unpredictable in the case of mix-breed pups. So your Husgi’s disposition will be a mix of her Corgi and Husky parents’ dispositions.


These dogs love people, children in particular, and can make great family dogs. Husgis like and can cohabit harmoniously well with other pets, provided that they’re properly socialized since puppyhood. Because of this trait, you may as well call your dog a pack animal.

Guardian of the Household

Though the Corgi is too friendly to be a proper watchdog, their hybrid offspring with the Husky can make decent guards if appropriately trained (they’re highly alert and could incessantly bark the thief’s ears off!)


Since both parents are energetic pedigrees, the Corgi Husky mix also needs daily exercises or games to burn off their excess energy.

Your Husgi pooch doesn’t tolerate being cooped up or isolated. These depressive situations will urge her to develop destructive behaviors unless you find her energy the right outlet.


Corgi Husky Mix can adapt excellently quick to any living space, as long as they’re provided with enough daily exercise. The small problem is that, even though they can survive just fine in any kind of climate, Husgis prefer cold climates to the hot ones.

So if it’s much warmer where you and your dog live, make sure that she’ll be comfortable all year round, especially during the hot seasons.


With those they regard as family, Husgis are loyal, gentle, and eager to please – a trait that will come in handy when you get to train her.

However, as they are highly smart, Husgis can show their Husky side at times and be very stubborn. Sometimes they can learn to escape, too, if the boredom becomes overmuch.

Other times, when her Corgi side emerges, your dog may playfully embrace her herding nature and go corralling other animals, you included.

So it’s not actually all sunshine and rainbows training them. You need to consistently take firm actions because she’ll only obey and submit to owner with strong leadership.

General Care for a Corgi Husky Mix


Because of its shedding nature, every double coat demands frequent grooming. So your sunshine Husgi will be a bit overwhelming at times, especially during the shedding seasons.

You’re to brush her thrice a week (or at least once a week) on normal days. During those particular periods of the year, expect the “blows” and hair to stick everywhere on your clothes, sofa, and other stuff if you don’t groom her daily.

Remember that the Corgi Husky mix is not a hypoallergenic dog. So, no matter how much you groom, the shedding will only be lessened, not completely eliminated. It’s best that you have a brush in one hand and a durable vacuum in the other.

Bathing, Cleansing, and Trimming

Contrary to grooming, Husgis only need bathing once a week or whenever the coat is dirty. Still, washing your Corgi Husky mix can be a pain too.

As was mentioned above, Husgis inherit the shedding double coat, and it’s a water-resistant coat, at that. So not only your hands will get caught in lots of fallen hair, it’ll take quite a while before you can soak and soap your dog up. Then it’ll take some more time before you can get her wet again to rinse her thoroughly. The same holds true still, when you have to dry her coat after that. For the best way to bathe a dog, you can check out this post.

But since you’re at it, remember to wash and wipe your dog’s ears clean. Unlike the bathing (and more like the grooming), you should do this task daily.

Don’t forget that small dogs are also prone to have dental problems. So it’s advisable to brush your Husgi’s teeth 3 times every week.

Adding to all of these hygienic sessions is the nail trimming. You should cut or trim your cutie ball’s nails before they are too long. (The hint is to take the click-clack sounds as the telltale alarm).


To keep your energetic Husgi happy and healthy always, a daily long walk outdoors in the morning or evening will do. As long as you can make time and play with her, it’s okay if you don’t take her out every day.

And if you’re in the park but don’t have the energy to join her, let her take a “leash break” and enjoy herself by running and playing with her dog fellows.


Weight gain tendency is one of the drawbacks your Husgi will inherit from both of her parents. And four short legs prop up a long, stout body won’t help the situation at all. As these traits imply that the possibilities of your pooch having spinal and back problems are high.

This is exactly why you must take care of what to feed her and the quantity of each portion, lest the excess weight worsens the situation. Also, don’t let your Husgi do heavy jumping exercises (or hop on or off surfaces that are higher than her), to keep her from further back damages.

That aside, other genetic diseases these crossbreed pups may receive including obesity (no surprise here!), hip dysplasia, eye problems, skin problems, PDA, DM, epilepsy, and Von Willebrand’s Disease.

How Much for a Corgi Husky Mix?

As is the case of designer dogs, puppies of Corgi Husky mix aren’t cheap at all. The price for one Husgi pup can normally range from $300 to $700, and even up to over $1,000 – depending on the pedigrees of its parents. All entailed costs excluded, that is.

Otherwise, you’ll have to add the average fees of periodical health care ($485 to $600), insurance and registering, shipping charges, supplies and the like.

Not to mention that even though the Corgi Husky mix is sought after by many, they’re still not a common dog type. So it won’t be easy if you want to find one.

Since purchasing one in a puppy mill is definitely off the table, the best way to have one Husgi is to contact with a prestige breeder.


Do you believe it now, now that all the information is presented, that there’s actually a darling pooch mix that may be a perfect match for you?

Ever since they first walked this Earth 25 years ago, the Corgi Husky mix has won over the hearts of dog parents worldwide. (But really, who wouldn’t be wooed by such friendly attitude and adorable appearance?) And now, one of them could win yours too, if you’ll allow it.

It may be a lot of works to do, but whenever you’re ready, give her and yourself a chance to be each other best buddy in this short life, lest you regret it later that you’ve bypassed a particularly beautiful, joyful, Husgi-shaped sun.

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